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  1. hello, I am using the kill bonus plugin in the link, but I have a problem. When you kill the enemy, it doesn't give +10 hp. It gives +20hp. I want it to be 10 Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (kill_bonus.sma - 2.1 KB) Przeczytaj cały wpis
  2. A Professional Scripter And Coder , Offering Install Any Server Correctly With Database , Mysql . The guarantee that server work in 12h - 24h max . ALL VERSIONS IS AVAILABLE !!! 1.Public 2.CSDM 3.CS:GO ( All Versions 1.2 to 1.9.2 ) 4.Zombie ( All Versions 1.0 to 6.1 ) 5.PaintBall 6.DeathRun 7.GunGame 8.DeathRace 9.Soccer [Football] 10.Surf 11.BunnyHop Mod 12.JailBreak 13.SuperHero 14.-Kreedz 15.Knife Mod 16.Warcarft 3 17-Basebuilder And more .... For Contacts :- Discord : CAN#4148 Przeczytaj cały wpis
  3. Introduction:A plugin whcih make L4D2 has the kill info like cs. Look at the attachment of picture you will know the final effect. Feature:show the current player/max player on the top of left. show your server host name in the middle of the top. player will be list in the left side of the hud base on how many special they kill. player in left side will blink when they dead. kill list like cs in the right top whcih will show who dead and what the weapon is and is headshot or kill behind wall. Cvar:"l4d2_max_player_list" = how much player can be list in the left side of hud. max is 8. How to use:just download the plugin and the inc file, move then to the plugins folder and scripting/include floder. download the .sp and the inc file, compile it on your own sourcemod and move the inc file to scripting/include floder. Note: becasuse ems hud position is base on the size of your game screen. i make this plugin in 1600*900 so if you playe the game under this size the hud will get narrow and couldn't show the entire info. Specials Thank:sorall who provides the inc of hud which can use the whole slot of ems hud. Attached Thumbnails Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (Public_HUD.sp - 12.1 KB) Public_HUD.smx (8.5 KB) (5.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  4. I'm looking for a plugin that will work in half life 1 when we press the letter k, where only admins can speak aloud Przeczytaj cały wpis
  5. I'm looking for a plugin similar to Warmod in CS GO, but for amxmodx cstrike . What do you recommend? I just need something to handle the basic stuff (display round stats, knife round to choose the map, swap teams at half time etc.) I plan to edit it to fit my needs so if it's not a giant plugin like AMX match deluxe, it will probably be easier. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  6. Simple request, i hope. Cancel bot/human player defuse when get hit by bullets,bomb,knife etc. any damage. So the ct has to start defusing all over, given its still alive :twisted: Przeczytaj cały wpis
  7. Hi, i am using this plugin. It makes c4 explode if you defuse without kit, with a configurable chance of happening. It doesnt feel the 50% chance i gave it is working, since this rarely happens when someone try to defuse without kit. Can someone check if it works correctly? Can it be optimized somehow, and keep in mind bots from zero? HTML Code: /* Plugin generated by AMXX-Studio */ // Defuse Mistake 1.4 for Counter-strike and Condition Zero by Redshift187 // // This is my first plugin. I would like to thank VEN for the code on when the bomb defusing was // cancelled and how to properly trigger the explosion, Hebusletroll for snippets I borrowed from // Time To Defuse, SweatyBanana for snippets I borrowed from Random Bomb Timer, The Specialist for // snippets I borrowed from Cut The Right Wire and Cheap Suit for snippets I borrowed from C4 Timer. // // Feel free to use any of this code in your own plugin, as long as you mention me. // If you have any questions about what any of it does, feel free to ask (I'll do my best). // // The idea behind this plugin is that persons trying to defuse without a kit might make a mistake // and detonate the bomb early. // // This plugin will pick a random number between 1 and dfmis_odds X 8. This will give a possibility // of dfmis_odds percent chance that the number is less than the time to defuse without a kit. If // you are defusing without a kit, the bomb will explode the random number of seconds into the // defuse. If you stop and restart the defuse, the random number is chosen again (just to make you // second guess yourself! <evil grin>). // // Use: // // dfmis_odds (1 - 100) - default 10, sets the odds that the bomb will detonate during defuse // set to 0 to disable // // Changelog: // 1.4 Odds calculation mistake... it was always 100%. // 1.3 Fixed odds calculation. Now it really is percent chance. // Removed engine in favour of fakemeta. // 1.2 Removed the chance that the mistake will happen within 1 second of defusing. // Sometimes the explosion would happen immediately after defusing. // 1.1 Updates suggested by Emp` // #include <amxmodx> #include <fakemeta> #define PLUGIN "Defuse Mistake" #define VERSION "1.4" #define AUTHOR "Redshift187" #define TASK_ID 86 #define TASK_ID2 69 #define NO_KIT_TIME 9 #define CHANCE 100 #define MAX_NAME_LENGTH 31 new g_pRisk // Initialize plugin public plugin_init() { register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR) // Get the odds CVAR g_pRisk = register_cvar("dfmis_odds", "10") // Check if the map has a bombsite entity in it if(engfunc(EngFunc_FindEntityByString, -1, "classname", "func_bomb_target") > 0) { register_logevent("bomb_defuse_no_kit", 3, "2=Begin_Bomb_Defuse_Without_Kit") register_event("BarTime", "bomb_defuse_cancelled", "b", "1=0") register_logevent("normal_detonation", 6, "3=Target_Bombed") } return PLUGIN_CONTINUE } // Stopped defusing public bomb_defuse_cancelled() { // Cancel the task (timer) remove_task(TASK_ID) return PLUGIN_CONTINUE } public normal_detonation() { // Cancel the task (timer) remove_task(TASK_ID) return PLUGIN_CONTINUE } // Defusing without a kit public bomb_defuse_no_kit() { new id = get_loguser_index() new risk = get_pcvar_num(g_pRisk) // Check risk if (risk >= 1) { // Convert dfmis_odds to a percent new percent = CHANCE / min(risk, CHANCE) * NO_KIT_TIME // Get a random number between 1 and dfmis_odds new mistake = random_num(1, percent) // Check that the random time was less than it will take to defuse if (mistake <= (NO_KIT_TIME)) { new g_args[1] g_args[0] = id // Set a task (timer) for the random number of seconds set_task(float(mistake), "bomb_explosion", TASK_ID, g_args, 1) } } return PLUGIN_CONTINUE } // detonate C4 public bomb_explosion(args[]) { new bombent = engfunc(EngFunc_FindEntityByString, -1, "model", "models/w_c4.mdl") set_pdata_float(bombent, 100, get_gametime()); set_task(3.0, "display_msg", TASK_ID2, args, 1) return PLUGIN_CONTINUE } public display_msg(args[]) { new message[128] new def_name[MAX_NAME_LENGTH + 1] get_user_name(args[0], def_name, MAX_NAME_LENGTH) formatex(message, 127, "Looks like %s cut the wrong wire", def_name) set_hudmessage(255, 100, 0, -1.0, 0.40, 0, 6.0, 24.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0) show_dhudmessage(0, message) return PLUGIN_CONTINUE } // function to get user index from log events public get_loguser_index() { new loguser[80], name[32] read_logargv(0, loguser, 79) parse_loguser(loguser, name, 31) return get_user_index(name) } /* AMXX-Studio Notes - DO NOT MODIFY BELOW HERE *{\\ rtf1\\ ansi\\ deff0{\\ fonttbl{\\ f0\\ fnil Tahoma;}}\n\\ viewkind4\\ uc1\\ pard\\ lang1033\\ f0\\ fs16 \n\\ par } */ Przeczytaj cały wpis
  8. Most of the code for this plugin is fetched from(BloodyBlade's version)[L4D2] Realism Penetration Fix (v1.3 bugfix, 2014 Oct 5) The code used to block the wound is from(Toranks's version)[L4D2] Nerf Damage To Commons [v1.0.8 | 03-March-2021] These two plugins will conflict, moreover, to avoid complex programming, I separate the functionality I need from these two plugins. So with this plugin. What will this plugin do? This mod prevents Magnum from penetrating common Infested and tearing apart the first target it hits, just like the M60. Cvar: cfg file in "../left4dead2/cfg/sourcemod/l4d2_realismMagnum.cfg" PHP Code: // This file was auto-generated by SourceMod (v1.11.0.6906) // ConVars for plugin "l4d2_realismMagnum.smx" // Enable this plugins? // 0 = Disable, 1 = Enable // - // Default: "1" l4d2_RealismMagnum_Enabled "1" // Block Magnum from penetrating the first common infection? // 0 = No, 1 = Yes, 2 = only Block in realism // - // Default: "1" l4d2_RealismMagnum_blockpenet "1" // Magnum will tore common infection to pieces? // 0 = Disable, 1 = Enable, 2 = Only enable in realism // - // Default: "1" l4d2_RealismMagnum_tore "1" Change logs: Code: 1.0 (26-Nov-2022) - Initial release. Install: 1.Click "Get Plugin" and put the *.smx file in "../addons/sourcemod/plugins". Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_realismMagnum.sp - 5.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. I posted the plugin in the wrong place Przeczytaj cały wpis
  10. This plugin is a fork of Alienmario's HL2DM Customguns plugin to work in Team Fortress 2. It adds support for additional weapons, which are fully configurable themselves via weapon scripts. Read the original plugin's thread for more info Requirements: DHooks Download the latest version here Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. Hi! I want to add custom model for the player who became guardian: Source: Code: #pragma semicolon 1 #include <amxmodx> #include <amxmisc> #include <cstrike> #include <fun> #include <hamsandwich> #define PLUGIN_NAME "Guardian" #define PLUGIN_VERSION "1.43" #define PLUGIN_AUTHOR "XzaR" #define PLUGIN_PREFIX "[GN]:" #define MAXPLAYERS 32 #define ADMIN_FLAG ADMIN_CVAR #define SPAWN_TIME "5.0" #define SPAWN_WEAPON "weapon_mp5navy" #define SPAWN_AMMO "ammo_9mm" #define TASK_RESPAWNING 333 #define TASK_LEADER 666 new g_msg_status_icon; new g_msg_say_text; new cvar_guardian; new cvar_spawntime; new cvar_weapon; new cvar_ammo; new g_ts_leader; new g_ct_leader; new bool:g_ts_leader_alive; new bool:g_ct_leader_alive; //--------------------------------------------------------------------- stock create_status_icon(id,status,sprite[],red,green,blue) { message_begin(MSG_ONE,g_msg_status_icon,{0,0,0},id); write_byte(status); write_string(sprite); write_byte(red); write_byte(green); write_byte(blue); message_end(); } stock client_cprint(id,type,text[],...) { new text_buffer[255]; vformat(text_buffer,254,text,4); replace_all(text_buffer,254,"\y","^1"); replace_all(text_buffer,254,"\t","^3"); replace_all(text_buffer,254,"\g","^4"); message_begin(type,g_msg_say_text,{0,0,0},id); write_byte(id); write_string(text_buffer); message_end(); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------- public plugin_init() { //Plugin register_plugin(PLUGIN_NAME,PLUGIN_VERSION,PLUGIN_AUTHOR); //Dictionaries register_dictionary("guardian.txt"); //Cvars cvar_guardian = register_cvar("sv_guardian","1"); cvar_spawntime = register_cvar("sv_ga_spawntime",SPAWN_TIME); cvar_weapon = register_cvar("sv_ga_weapon",SPAWN_WEAPON); cvar_ammo = register_cvar("sv_ga_ammo",SPAWN_AMMO); //Console Commands register_concmd("amx_guardian","handler_cmd",ADMIN_FLAG); register_concmd("amx_ga_spawntime","handler_cmd",ADMIN_FLAG); register_concmd("amx_ga_weapon","handler_cmd",ADMIN_FLAG); register_concmd("amx_ga_ammo","handler_cmd",ADMIN_FLAG); //Server Commands register_srvcmd("sv_guardian","handler_cmd",-1); register_srvcmd("sv_ga_spawntime","handler_cmd",-1); register_srvcmd("sv_ga_weapon","handler_cmd",-1); register_srvcmd("sv_ga_ammo","handler_cmd",-1); //Client Commands register_clcmd("say","handler_say",-1); register_clcmd("say_team","handler_say",-1); //Events register_event("HLTV","event_new_round","a", "1=0", "2=0"); //Ham Events RegisterHam(Ham_Spawn,"player","event_player_spawn",1); RegisterHam(Ham_Killed,"player","event_player_killed",1); //User Messages g_msg_status_icon = get_user_msgid("StatusIcon"); g_msg_say_text = get_user_msgid("SayText"); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------- public random_leader_ts() { new players[MAXPLAYERS],id; static num; new name_leader[32]; new bool:found; get_players(players,num,"eh","TERRORIST"); for(new i; i < num; i++) { if(!is_user_connected(players[i]) || players[i] == 0) continue; id = players[i]; if((random_num(1,num) == num) && (id != g_ts_leader)) { g_ts_leader = id; found = true; break; } } if(!found) { g_ts_leader = id; } if(g_ts_leader > 0) { g_ts_leader_alive = true; get_user_name(g_ts_leader,name_leader,31); //client_print(0,print_chat,"%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,LANG_PLAYER,"HAS_BEEN_CHOSEN_TS",name_leader); client_cprint(g_ts_leader,MSG_ALL,"\y%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,LANG_PLAYER,"HAS_BEEN_CHOSEN_TS",name_leader); } } public random_leader_ct() { new players[MAXPLAYERS],id; static num; new name_leader[32]; new bool:found; get_players(players,num,"eh","CT"); for(new i; i < num; i++) { if(!is_user_connected(players[i]) || players[i] == 0) continue; id = players[i]; if((random_num(1,num) == num) && (id != g_ct_leader)) { g_ct_leader = id; found = true; break; } } if(!found) { g_ct_leader = id; } if(g_ct_leader > 0) { g_ct_leader_alive = true; get_user_name(g_ct_leader,name_leader,31); //client_print(0,print_chat,"%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,LANG_PLAYER,"HAS_BEEN_CHOSEN_CT",name_leader); client_cprint(g_ct_leader,MSG_ALL,"\y%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,LANG_PLAYER,"HAS_BEEN_CHOSEN_CT",name_leader); } } public delay_leader_ts(parm[1]) { create_status_icon(parm[0],1,"suit_full",255,0,0); set_user_rendering(parm[0],kRenderFxGlowShell,255,0,0,kRenderNormal,10); leader_bonus(parm[0]); } public delay_leader_ct(parm[1]) { create_status_icon(parm[0],1,"suit_full",0,0,255); set_user_rendering(parm[0],kRenderFxGlowShell,0,0,255,kRenderNormal,10); leader_bonus(parm[0]); } public leader_bonus(id) { set_user_health(id,150); cs_set_user_armor (id,200,CsArmorType:2); } public respawn_player(parm[1]) { new bool:respawn = false; static weapon[32],ammo[16]; get_pcvar_string(cvar_weapon,weapon,31); get_pcvar_string(cvar_ammo,ammo,15); if((g_ts_leader_alive) && (get_user_team(parm[0]) == 1)) { respawn = true; } if((g_ct_leader_alive) && (get_user_team(parm[0]) == 2)) { respawn = true; } if(respawn == true) { ExecuteHamB(Ham_CS_RoundRespawn,parm[0]); give_item(parm[0],weapon); give_item(parm[0],ammo); give_item(parm[0],ammo); } return PLUGIN_CONTINUE; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------- public client_disconnect(id) { if(id == g_ts_leader) g_ts_leader_alive = false; if(id == g_ct_leader) g_ct_leader_alive = false; } public client_changeteam(id,newteam,oldteam) { if((!is_user_alive(id)) || (oldteam != newteam)) { if(id == g_ts_leader) g_ts_leader_alive = false; if(id == g_ct_leader) g_ct_leader_alive = false; } } //--------------------------------------------------------------------- public event_new_round() { if((get_pcvar_num(cvar_guardian) != 1) || (get_playersnum() < 2)) return PLUGIN_CONTINUE; random_leader_ts(); random_leader_ct(); return PLUGIN_CONTINUE; } public event_player_spawn(id) { if((get_pcvar_num(cvar_guardian) != 1) || (!is_user_alive(id))) return HAM_IGNORED; new bool:leader = false; if(g_ts_leader == id) { leader = true; static parm[1]; parm[0] = id; set_task(0.5,"delay_leader_ts",TASK_LEADER + id,parm,1); } if(g_ct_leader == id) { leader = true; static parm[1]; parm[0] = id; set_task(0.5,"delay_leader_ct",TASK_LEADER + id,parm,1); } if(!leader) { new CsArmorType:armortype; new armor = cs_get_user_armor(id,armortype); if(armor > 100) { if(cs_get_user_vip(id)) { cs_set_user_armor(id,150,armortype); } else cs_set_user_armor(id,100,armortype); } set_user_rendering(id,kRenderFxGlowShell,0,0,0,kRenderNormal,10); } if(task_exists(TASK_RESPAWNING + id,0)) { remove_task(TASK_RESPAWNING + id,0); } return HAM_HANDLED; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------- public event_player_killed(id,killer,shouldgib) { if((get_pcvar_num(cvar_guardian) != 1)) return HAM_IGNORED; new name[32]; get_user_name(id,name,31); if(g_ts_leader == id) { g_ts_leader_alive = false; create_status_icon(id,0,"suit_full",255,0,0); set_hudmessage(255,0,0,-1.0,0.45,0,1.0,4.0,0.1,0.2,3); show_hudmessage (0,"%L",LANG_PLAYER,"TS_DEAD",name); //client_print(0,print_chat,"%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,LANG_PLAYER,"TS_DEAD",name); client_cprint(g_ts_leader,MSG_ALL,"\y%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,LANG_PLAYER,"COLOR_TS_DEAD",name); return HAM_HANDLED; } else if(g_ct_leader == id) { g_ct_leader_alive = false; create_status_icon(id,0,"suit_full",0,0,255); set_hudmessage(0,0,255,-1.0,0.45,0,1.0,4.0,0.1,0.2,3); show_hudmessage (0,"%L", LANG_PLAYER, "CT_DEAD",name); //client_print(0,print_chat,"%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,LANG_PLAYER,"CT_DEAD",name); client_cprint(g_ct_leader,MSG_ALL,"\y%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,LANG_PLAYER,"COLOR_CT_DEAD",name); return HAM_HANDLED; } static Float:spawntime,parm[1]; spawntime = get_pcvar_float(cvar_spawntime); parm[0] = id; set_task(spawntime,"respawn_player",TASK_RESPAWNING + id,parm,1); new bool:respawn = false; if((g_ts_leader_alive) && (get_user_team(id) == 1)) { respawn = true; } else if((g_ct_leader_alive) && (get_user_team(id) == 2)) { respawn = true; } if(respawn) { set_hudmessage(255,255,255,-1.0,-1.0,2,1.0,(spawntime - 0.8),0.1,0.2,-1); show_hudmessage(id,"%L",id,"REVIVE"); } return HAM_HANDLED; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------- public handler_cmd(id,level,cid) { if (!cmd_access(id,level,cid,1)) { return PLUGIN_HANDLED; } static cmd[32],arg1[32]; read_argv(0,cmd,31); read_argv(1,arg1,31); if(equal(cmd,"sv_guardian") || equal(cmd,"amx_guardian")) { if(equal(arg1,"1")) { set_pcvar_num(cvar_guardian,1); set_cvar_num("sv_restartround",1); } else if(equal(arg1,"0")) { set_pcvar_num(cvar_guardian,0); set_cvar_num("sv_restartround",1); } } else if(equal(cmd,"sv_ga_spawntime") || equal(cmd,"amx_ga_spawntime")) { set_pcvar_float(cvar_spawntime,str_to_float(arg1)); } else if(equal(cmd,"sv_ga_weapon") || equal(cmd,"amx_ga_weapon")) { set_pcvar_string(cvar_weapon,arg1); } else if(equal(cmd,"sv_ga_ammo") || equal(cmd,"amx_ga_ammo")) { set_pcvar_string(cvar_ammo,arg1); } return PLUGIN_HANDLED; } public handler_say(id) { if(get_pcvar_num(cvar_guardian) != 1) return PLUGIN_CONTINUE; static said[32]; read_args(said,31); remove_quotes(said); if(equal(said,"/guardian") || equal(said,"/guardians")) { static name_ts[32],name_ct[32]; get_user_name(g_ts_leader,name_ts,31); get_user_name(g_ct_leader,name_ct,31); client_cprint(id,MSG_ONE,"\y%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,id,"IS_GUARDIAN_TS",name_ts); client_cprint(id,MSG_ONE,"\y%s %L",PLUGIN_PREFIX,id,"IS_GUARDIAN_CT",name_ct); } return PLUGIN_CONTINUE; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------- Przeczytaj cały wpis

    RSSdeath mark

    Hi! I want the death of every player to be marked on the map with a solid model. Also I want when you press e on this model to show up motd with the message: Player X died here. You are next. / or a chat message Hope someone can spend a little time for that request.. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  13. Hello, i have 2 sma files with a Alien boss, the problem is that on one sma is giving me ammo packs when i give damage to the alien, but i can spawn it only on 1 map, but the second sma doesnt give me the ammo, but i can spawn the alien on any map, Someone can modify it? i don't know how to do it. Thank you! The plugin i want it to be for zm plague, they are bot working. tehnicaly, i want the setting from the sma where i get ammo to be put it in the second sma where i don t get ammo packs, thank you so much! I hope this is the forum where i can post it. Have a nice day <3 Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (this sma doesn't give me ammo.sma - 13.9 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (This sma give ammo.sma - 40.2 KB) Przeczytaj cały wpis
  14. hello, i have a parachute plugin working in half life game, i want this plugin to be used only by admin, not all players Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (zp_parachute.sma - 4.8 KB) Przeczytaj cały wpis
  15. Hello, after 3 weeks i decide to post the entire work. Some kids try to sell some mix platforms where is not optimized, and scam the most clients. Now i decide to post it for free for everyone who need it. I have here 2 versions, the first one its without serverside, just web part. Here you have an image And if you want a demo you can join here: Download link: MIX PLATFORM V1 The second platform is with sma and some admins functions. He is little optimized its not so buggy. Here you have the image of this Download link: MIX PLATFORM V1 Be happy and have fun, Have a nice day. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  16. aboutwhen player hold crouch key or gets crouched, it wont hurt teammate of be hurt small thing, just for sharing, this exists on my disk long time, idea from back4blood ConVar PHP Code: // extra key(s) to cancel ff when hold, 131072=Shift. see more on crouch_ff_key "131072" changelogv1.0 just releases; 25-November-2022 Installation put crouch_ff.smx on /plugins/ Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  17. Its a normal cs 1.6 csgo mod made by dark clan you can perview it any time just contact me discord or pm here . Discord : CAN#4148 The Server Contains The Following: StatTrak(TM) System Rank system Gambling Jackpot System Raffle System Roulette System Coinflip System Skin system, ( with real support for 1024 different skins ) Crafting and opening, error-free and anti-spam Market in the system System of gifting Trading system Destroy system to get scraps or money ($) Limit system at 5 pieces per skins, one StatTrak (TM) and 4 normal, if you go over the limit and craft or open the same skin, you get scraps or money ($) random StatTrak (TM) status is available for each weapon separately, with the possibility of having 2048 skins in total, 1024 normal and 1024 StatTrak (TM) Instant skin change, there are no errors in the rendering of skins dropped or taken from the floor Quest system: 65 different quests with rewards for each Silent Kill Assist system, you get bonuses but it doesn't show in Kill Log X + Y to avoid spam and various bugs that may appear Warmup System Registration system Saving is done on nVault with the possibility of switching to SQL in the near future Graffiti system inspection System MVP The module is customizable on the aesthetic side through a .txt file The module is customized om technicalside through an .ini file and a .cfg file Chat Tags system Contract System Giveaway system Organized inventory Crosshair System Donation system (money, scraps, keys, cases) Password change system in the login menu System Upgrade The total value of the inventory Skins counter for each category Plus many other nice details all this mod of csgo classy + setup your server correctly for 5 euros . Przeczytaj cały wpis

    RSS[CSS] ProXP

    Overview ProXP was designed to be a slimmer replacement for something like `rankme` while also adding an xp and level system. Screenshots See screenshots for more. Features Tracks xp, kills, deaths, damage dealt, knife kills, noscopes (if ProZoom is running), jumpshots, grenade kills, KD ratio, accuracy, and headshots. Stats are tracked both per-session (from join to disconnect) and overall. Installation See the Github page for more information. Github Download Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  19. aboutplay death bell music, during playing player will gets death motivation buff merge grave features from [L4D & L4D2] Graves and make it better grave linked to corpse, that mean compatible with defib fix plugin almost all optional little thing include source code file, turn PRIVATE_STUFF to on can teleport corpse when using defib dont care this Intro Video [L4D2] Death Bell - Graves & Music & Death Motivation (SourceMod) ConVar PHP Code: // time to delay spawn grave and death motivation death_bell_delay "1.0" // duration of death motivation time and music, negative value make music only, like -13.0 death_bell_duration "13.0" // does create the grave 1=yes 0=no death_bell_grave "1" // grave glow color, RGB values, leave empty=disabled glow -1=random color exmaple: '150 0 0' death_bell_grave_glow "-1" // make grave glow flashing death_bell_grave_glow_flash "1" // grave glow max range 0=unlimited get farer cant see glow death_bell_grave_glow_max "800" // grave glow min range, gets closer cant see glow death_bell_grave_glow_min "200" // grave health, leave empty to make un-Solid(no collision) death_bell_grave_health "300" // grave offset position -50=make grave put on legs death_bell_grave_pos "50" // death motivation range, -1=use *_glow_max 0=disabled death motivation Credits Silvers - Patiently teach me about Vector Dartz8901 - Graves author HarryPotter - Make Grave Random Color Related plugin[L4D & L4D2] Bonus Healing <fork> optional to process Adrenaline Given changelogv1.0 just releases; 24-November-2022 Installation put l4d2_death_bell.smx on /plugins/ Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_death_bell.sp - 18.3 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  20. Features: Float currency ( you can gain 0.5 points for a given action, allowing you to instantly give someone his points for repetitive actions like spitter damage, or to give 5% bonus point gain for certain players ) API to add any item on your mind. API to detour every single buy, the ability to buy at all, and ability to throw errors on attempted buy. Ghost spawn for infected Every infected you buy ( including Tank ) is given to you, unless you specifically buy it to a friend. Ability to buy items to your team. Cooldown for items, delay between buy until you gain the item ( delay is useful for ghost spawn, which has a cvar ) Cvars Server tag of "PSAPI" for easy searching. Left 4 Dhooks [REQUIRED] Get Plugin View Source Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  21. RETAKE BOMBSITE ~ By: GoldNux ___________________________ Description: Spawn close to bombsites and practice retakes together! Functions:Bomb is planted automatically. Players spawn close to bombsites. Players are given weapons automatically. Player round inventory can be modified with .cfg file. Teams and scores are swapped automatically. Optional smoke grenade clouds can be spawned. Installation instructions:Extract and place folder in: ..\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs Place gn_retake.amxx in: ..\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\plugins Add the line: gn_retake.amxx to your plugins.ini file: ..\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs Configuration:To change loadout and player hp/ap you have to edit gearT.cfg and gearCT.cfg. Doing this is not hard and there are comments in there to help you out. If you want to change player spawnpoints you can use the command "gn_origin" to get the position you are standing in and put it in the *mapname_*bombsite_spawns.cfg. If you want to change where the bomb is planted or where smoke is spawned you have to edit the .sma file and compile it yourself. If you want to play both A and B bombsites, add the same map twice in your mapcycle.txt. The plugin flips the pcVar "gn_bombsite" when you load a new map. Console Commands: PHP Code: "gn_roundlimit" "6" // Number of rounds before switching to the next map in mapcycle.txt "gn_bombsite" "1" // Self-explanatory, 0 = A, 1 = B "gn_smoke" "1" // Spawn smoke grenade clouds, 1 = ON "gn_rngsmoke" "4" // Chance of spawning smoke. 4 = 1/4 rounds avarage. "gn_origin" // Prints player position to console, useful if you want to change any spawn locations. Additional information: This is my first plugin and I learned a lot making it, it is not perfect and there were many conflicting functions that I spent A LOT of time troubleshooting. Some of the solutions are not great but it seems to me the plugin does what it was made to do and does it pretty well. One of the problems I could not solve was the adding of +3 frags whenever the bomb expodes or is defused, if anyone have a good solution for this, please let me know. In the future I would also like to change the plugin so that PODBOTs react to the bomb being auto-planted, at the moment they only rush the site if you plant manually. Credits: Thanks to jopmako for making the Map Spawns Editor, it motivated me to build this plugin and I used a function of his to load spawns from a file. I hope it was ok to do so, if not I have learned enough to write one myself although it would probably end up looking almost identical. I also want to say thank you to anyone who has been answering my questions and been patient with me learning how to script this. And a big thank you to my friend Nivo who helped me write clean "code" and helped me host the server I used to test my plugin. I am very grateful to all of you! Try it out right now: PHP Code: connect Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (gn_retake.sma - 30.7 KB) (12.9 KB) Przeczytaj cały wpis
  22. LibModuleManager A plugin that's designed as a library to help other plugins manage systems of forwards and plugins! Have you ever wanted to have a modular plugin system but annoyed with the process of setting up forwards and having for them to interact with other plugins through natives? LibModuleManager includes 3 separate types of managers that plugins can request and/or use: 1. Global Forwards Manager => Global Forwards are defined from a config file and managed by a single plugin that can be accessed any time! 2. Private Forwards Managers => Plugins can request MULTIPLE Private Forward Managers as needed through a Manager ID system as well as pre-made natives & stocks so that plugin systems can hook and unhook to specific Private Forwards by name! 3. Plugin/Module Managers => If a core plugin wants more control of the plugins and their runtime, just like with Private Forward Managers, plugins can request multiple Module Managers via ID system. With Plugin Modules, devs have more control where you have the option of 4 attributes for each Plugin Module: flags, components, groups, and priority. Pre-made stocks are available that allows devs to retrieve Modules by either flags, components, or groups and also sort them by priority! The repo comes with the config file examples and the required files with builds. THERE ARE NO DEPENDENCIES BEYOND SOURCEMOD. Github Repository. Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  23. Undetected Left 4 Dead 2 cheat forever for only 20$. Aimbot, wallhack, jockey teleport, infinite charger... Have fun ! Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  24. about ammo pile has shared limited ammo, but has percentage here dynamic ammo pool if survivor increases or decreases if im not satisfied existing things then i'll made myself haha Intro Videdo [L4D & L4D2] Percentage Limited Ammo Pile (SourceMod) ConVar PHP Code: // announce types 0=dont announce 1=center 2=chat 4=hint. add numbers together you want percentage_ammopile_announce "2" // percent of ammo pile limit // -1=auto scaled by survivor count 1.0=shared 100% ammo, 4.0=shared 400% ammo percentage_ammopile_limit "-1" // factor to scale the ammo limit, usually use on *_limit=-1 percentage_ammopile_scale "0.5" todo during early access, not test many time, please report if has any issue, if not updated that mean not problem found changelogv1.0 just releases; 22-November-2022 Installation put l4d_percentage_ammopile.smx on /plugins/ put l4d_percentage_ammopile.phrases.txt on /translations/ Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_percentage_ammopile.sp - 9.6 KB) l4d_percentage_ammopile.phrases.txt (632 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  25. Hello, I am currently in need of a vip shop for my basebuilder server (CS 1.6) Title Of Menu: Bagljas | VIPSHOP Options For Menu: 1. Guns 2. Health GUNS: 1. G3SG1 [$8000] 2. M249 [$4500] 0. Exit HEALTH: 1. 100 [$1000] 2. 150 [$3000] 3. 200 [$4000] Przeczytaj cały wpis
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