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  1. problem custom-chat colors

    Nie, Macie tu cały kod: // Custom Chat Colors is written by Dr. McKay (http://www.doctormckay.com) (Updated for Chat-Processor) // Simple Chat Colors (Redux) is written by Antithasys // The configuration is very similar, so I've stolen Redux's documentation :P // // How to edit this file: // "admin_colors" <-- Leave this alone // { <-- Add all groups/steamids after first bracket (Leave this alone) // // "STEAM_0:1:1234567" <-- Here is a steamid example with a tag (don't duplicate steamids) // { // "namecolor" "#RRGGBB" <-- This is the color for the name (#RRGGBB in hex notation or #RRGGBBAA with alpha) // "textcolor" "#RRGGBBAA" <-- This is the color of the text // } // // "groupname" <-- This can either be a steamid for a specific player, or a group name // { <-- Open the group // "flag" "z" <-- This is the flag(s) assoicated with the group. This field doesn't matter if the group name is a steamid // "tag" "[admin]" <-- This is the text for the tag // "tagcolor" "O" <-- This is the color for the tag // "namecolor" "G" <-- This is the color for the name // "textcolor" "T" <-- This is the color of the text // } <-- Close the group // } <-- Add all groups/steamids before last bracket (Leave this alone) // // NOTE: // If you don't enter a steamid then the group name does not matter, it's just for your reference. // // For colors, either a hex notation of a color (#RRGGBB or #RRGGBBAA) or one of the supported shortcuts (O - Olive, G - Green, T - Team) is required // // --------ORDER OF OPERATIONS-------- // // The order in which you place items in the config file matters. Here is what determins what color they get: // 1. SteamID // If there is a steamid present, it will always override everything. If you put a steamid in twice // then the first entry (top to bottom) will be used. (I think, just don't do it!) // 2. Groups // The plugin will search (top to bottom) for a postitive match for the flag string. The player' flags // will be compared with the group flag character (NOTE: only one flag per group! "a" is okay, "ab" is NOT), // and if the player has the flag, it will stop there. // For example. Admins with the "ad" flags and donators with the "a" flag. If you place the "a" flag group // above the "d" group then the admin will get the "a" colors. Order matters. // // ---------DO NOT EDIT ABOVE THIS LINE--------- "admin_colors" { "Wlasciciel" { "flag" "z" "tag" "[Właściciel] " "tagcolor" "R" "namecolor" "G" "textcolor" "R" } "Mod" { "flag" "b" "tag" "[Mod] " "tagcolor" "G" } "VIP" { "flag" "a" "tag" "[VIP] " "tagcolor" "T" } } Po prostu nie działają mi kolory HEX ani skróty, przede wszystkim chciałbym mieć kolor czerwony
  2. problem custom-chat colors

    Witam mam pewien problem, a mianowicie z pluginem custom-chat colors, po prostu nie wiem jak mam napisać kolory, bo w instrukcji jest napisane wyraźnie że mam napisać "Wpisz wspierane skróty kolorów przez plugin) oczywiście po angielsku, w przykładzie są podane "(O-Olive, G-Green, T-Team)" lecz gdy wpisuje np "tagcolor" "R" to nie działa, Proszę o pomoc.
  3. Witam. Mam problem z SourceBans (serwer na silniku SourceMod CS:GO) jest on taki że jak dodaje serwer do SB to jest napisane takie coś Screen. Prosiłbym o pomoc EDIT 1: Wszystkie dane są wprowadzone poprawnie