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Stworzyliśmy dla Was nowy wygląd forum. Z pewnością znajdziesz rzeczy, które wg Ciebie mogą zostać zmienione - wspomnij o tym w specjalnym wątku.

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Zastanawiasz się nad prowadzeniem własnej sieci serwerów? Przeczytaj podstawowe informacje, na które należy zwrócić uwagę, przy takim projekcie.

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  1. Description:Show days (including hours, minutes, seconds) elapsed to the New Year Note: this plugin is client's local time aware. Read requirements carefully! Settings (ConVars): - "sm_newyear_days_delay" - def.: 17 - How many seconds to wait to display message after trigger raised - "sm_newyear_days_onjoin" - def.: 1 - Show message on client join first time (1 - Yes, 0 - No) - "sm_newyear_days_onroundstart" - def.: 0 - Show message on round start (1 - Yes, 0 - No) // Left 4 dead only: - "sm_newyear_days_onfinalewin" - def.: 1 - Show message when team wins the finale (1 - Yes, 0 - No)
  2. This plugins requires SteamWorks. It's a simple plugin that check every X seconds the steam.inf file from the provided url and the local file. I'll add more features like a forward and discord integration. Repository | SourceCode | Download Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  3. Hello guys, ServerAdvertisements3 is advertisement plugin wich contains a lot of features. It's very easy to use and almost everyone can manage to set it up Admin Commands: !sa3debug - Messages debug in console for current map !sa3r - Messages reload Client Commands: !sa3lang - Client can change his language to any available language LIST OF SERVERS USING THIS PLUGIN after 19.7.2017 update Features: Chat messages - Type: T. / Color support Hud messages - Type: H. / R G B color Center text messages - Type: C. / Support only HTML [hex] colors
  4. Description:Allows to accept commands entered in all-uppercase or cyrillic (by accident) Quote: Examples: !ADMIN /ADmin !ФВЬШТ /фвьшт Settings (ConVars): - #define EAT_CYRILLIC 1 - set to 0 and recompile plugin if you don't need "cyrillic" functionality (it increase plugin speed) Credits: - Keith Warren (Shaders Allen) - for chat processor. - SilverShot - for "Commands enumerator" code and SMC Parser example. Requirements: - Chat processor by Drixevel (included) https://github.com/Drixevel/Chat-Processor Related plugins: - [ANY] [RU] Message Filte
  5. Related Plugins: [ANY] Dev Cmds [ANY] Input Hooks [ANY] TempEnt Hooks [ANY] UserMsg Hooks About: Prints UserMessage data to chat (client) or console (server). Logs UserMessages structure and output data. Can specify which UserMessages to listen for or filter out. Example command: sm_um_watch "MusicCmd,TextMsg" For more info on UserMessages: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/User_Messages Auto generates up to 19 gamedata signatures! They should never break and support most games. Logs messages to: "logs/user_messages_dump.log" Logs structures to:"logs/user_messages_types.log" Example Ou
  6. Related Plugins: [ANY] Dev Cmds [ANY] Input Hooks [ANY] TempEnt Hooks [ANY] UserMsg Hooks About: Prints Temp Entities data to chat (client) or console (server). Can specify which TempEnts to listen for or filter out. Example command: sm_te_watch "Dynamic Light,Sprite" For more info on TempEnts: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/TempEnts...eMod_SDKTools) TempEnts List https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Mod_TempEnt_List_(Source) Or command: sm_print_telist. Admin Commands: (requires "z" flag) PHP Code: sm_te_listen // Starts listening to all TempEnts. Filters or listens for T
  7. So, there's a convar in csgo that keeps max n dropped weapons in the world (weapon_max_before_cleanup). But what's wrong with it? It's cleaning only those weapons dropped by someone (players). I had a surf combat server with game_player_equip entities which didn't strip players weapons on equip. It seems that csgo convar doesn't work with weapons created like that because those weapons are not dropped by clients. What happened after that? Too many weapons on the map and crash. What my plugins does? It's counting all the weapons on the ground (dropped by clients or not). This plugin will rem
  8. Description: This plugin will ban people that disconnect during a match before X seconds if they dont reconnect. Cvars: sm_autobandisconnect_enable "0" Enable or disable the functions of this plugin. sm_autobandisconnect_bantime "1440", "Ban time for people that disconnect on match live sm_autobandisconnect_enable "300", "Time for wait people to reconnect until apply the ban Optional: cvar auto enable/disable when you use csgo pug setup plugin -> https://github.com/splewis/csgo-pug-setup Download: Main repository Direct download Code changes Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. Description: Plugin for give slay in the next spawn to a player. Useful for servers like jailbreak. Pending slay condition is saved even when the player disconnect from the server. Commands: !aslay <target> - set a pending slay to a player. Slay admin flag required. It obey admin inmunity. !noaslay <target> - remove a pending slay to a player. Slay admin flag required. It obey admin inmunity. Todo list: -Add multi-language support. Download: Main repository Direct download Code changes Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. What it does: This plugin kicks players who attempt to exploit interpolation (Commonly refereed to as cl_interp 0.5). This happens a lot in TF2 where spies will use this exploit to facestab you when not even looking at you. Although this plugin is meant to fix this exploit in TF2, it can be used for other games as well, although I don't think this exploit is used in other games as much. Note: This plugin kicks any player with an interp higher than 110ms (cl_interp 0.11), it's set this high because the default interp settings in TF2 is 100ms (And in other source games afaik). Players w
  11. Description: This allows you to precisely stack a prop in up to 6 different directions no matter the angle of the prop. You can add an argument of <1-5> to stack up to 5 props at once, as well as increase or decrease the distance of a stack if desired. This is essentially just a building command. Getting this to work right was a traumatic experience for me, so enjoy. Demo Video General Notes: This is well paired with my Grabent plugin. This should work on any game, please let me know otherwise. There is no admin flag set. I had to rewrite this about 5 times, so the code is going to ne
  12. About: Prints entity input data to chat (client) or console (server). Can specify which entities to listen for or filter out. Example command: sm_input_watch "logic_script,logic_entity,logic_relay" Thanks: Dr!fter - DHooks "AcceptInput" example this is based on. Dragokas - For the request. Admin Commands: (requires "z" flag) PHP Code: sm_input_listen // Starts listening to all inputs. Filters or listens for classnames from the filter and listen cvars. sm_input_stop // Stop printing entity inputs. sm_input_watch // Start printing entity inputs. Usage: sm_in
  13. About I made this plugin because I usually access my favorite [L4D]/[L4D2] servers through the "openserverbrowser" console command and, despite knowing the dev name of the vanilla campaigns (c*m*), some customs maps don't follow this name format for its chapters, Also, the chapter name doesn't appear not even through the Steam Group servers list, or through the Friend List, only the Map name is displayed, Making it hard to find in which chapter the map is currently running on. Description This plugin will add the map name to the hostname, based on a KeyValue file located at data folder
  14. Description This plugin is an extension to the original ConVar Enforcer plugin which adds per map support where you can enforce commands based on the map Installation -To install this plugin you must install the original ConVar Enforcer plugin from the link below because this plugin uses natives from that plugin (since it's an extension) https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2334694 Configurations In the directory sourcemod/configs/mapcvarenf add your map cfg like : de_dust2.cfg and add your stuff line by line there and then restart the map to see the effect Direct Download
  15. This plugin is designed to connect a forum based on XenForo 2 and a game server. Installation: Put the xf_admin.smx file at: /addons/sourcemod/plugins And Put the xf_admin.txt file at: /addons/sourcemod/configs Config configuration: PHP Code: "xf_admin" { "20" //Group ID from XF admin panel. { "flags" "t" //admin flags "immunity" "0" //admin immunity } } DataBase configuration: You must connect to the forum database. PHP Code: "xf_admin" { "driver" "mysql" "host" ""
  16. Came back from a game of danger zone and found that my survival_equip bind crashes the server. I don't know if anyone else has this issue, but if you do here's a small plugin to block the command. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (dz_fix.sp - 472 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  17. Description: Show random MOTD picture on each round start. Newly connected players will see the default motd.txt. When you press press "H" you should also see the default motd.txt. Using: - You should prepare picture1.jpg, picture2.jpg --- ... --- pictureX.jpg files and upload them to your site (content-server), e.g.: http://your-site.com/folder/picture1.jpg They should be directly accessible from the browser. Compatibility: - L4D1. - L4D2 - (untested) - СS:GO - (untested) - TF2 - (untested) Commands: Settings (ConVars): sm_motd_random_enable - def.: 1 - Enable
  18. (L4D2 particles and beams, presets saved to map test) (Preset with 100 beams saved 41 times - 4,100 beams. Plugin loaded 5,300 beams in 26 seconds @ 0.1 interval.) [Client was in windowed mode - this crashes fullscreen clients so max beams/particles must be limited] Thanks: "Don't Fear The Reaper" for the rotation matrix code "Boikinov" for 3 functions used in rotation. "Dragokas" - Testing and scripting advice "Lux" - Scripting advice "Visual77" - Scripting advice "Mr. Man" - Testing Features: Maximum Beams: - Avoid spawning more than 700 in one visible area (CSGO particles -
  19. Info: This is edited plugin. Original author : GoDTony. Original plugin : https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpo...4&postcount=10 How to install?: Move /addons/ folder to your /$serverdirectory/csgo/ directory and run "sm plugins refresh" on console or change map. GITHUB: Repository Download Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  20. WELCOME INTRODUCTION: For months I've been looking for a way to get rid of those annoying chat reports whenever a CVAR changed (requested by admin, automatic plugins, etc), and I've not found a working solution. So I made this plugin. DESCRIPTION: This plugin adds new commands which replace sm_cvar, with the same functionality, and no chat spamming (it even works on FCVAR_NOTIFY convars). BONUS: You can also print result to server console. And you can also add a delay before a cvar is changed. INFO: Delay must be given as float string. 1.0=1 second // 0.5=half second. If omited, o
  21. MyCD Version 2.3.1 Because there is no plugin that prints customizable welcome message(I mean one message per one person), so I began to make this plugin for the first time. To use this plugin, please change default welcome message on mycd.phrases.txt. This plugin is on development, thus there are many features to be implemented. Cvars: sm_mycd_enable : Determines whether the plugin runs or not Updates Version 1.0 (07-28-2019) Initial Release Special Thanks Thanks to Foolish Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (mycd.sp - 3.7 KB)
  22. This plugin is written to bypass the restriction of loading valve server plugin files after a map has been loaded. The following response would normally be "plugin_load : cannot load a plugin while running a map" on games affected by this. This means you have to restart the server and load the VSP using only a VDF file. You can instead load this sourcemod plugin (late) and gain access to use the command without a server reboot. This may not work on ALL source game versions as it has only been tested against cstrike and tf2. The code which blocks the plugin_load appears to be mostly the same b
  23. Since it seems to be pretty stable now I thought I might post this here. I made this since the output info extension doesn't have great linux support. Sourcemod 1.10 is required for enum struct support. The plugin originally required Stripper:Source in order to work but now uses sdkhooks OnLevelInit whenever possible. The only time it will attempt to use stripper is if the plugin is loaded late and the level keyvalues aren't cached. The plugin isn't able to determine outputs that are assigned beyond what the map was compiled with. Description Stripper Dump Parser is a mostly extension free al
  24. Description: This is additional protection against using stolen Steam apptickets / SteamId spoofing. Plugin allows you to adjust admin access defined by: 1. SteamID + IP. 2. User name + pass + IP. simply in admins_simple.cfg (or admins.cfg) without breaking its structure. IP could be static or dynamic (subnet) or set of IPs (subnets). How to use:example of configs/admins_simple.ini lines: - you can setup concrete ip: "STEAM_1:1:12345678" "99:z" "" // // Dragon - you can setup several ip-s, as well as whole subnet if admin uses dynamic ip: "STEAM_1:1:222
  25. There's a new exploit in the wild which allows any client to attack the server after connecting if you have sv_allowdownload set to 1. On Linux the servers will most likely restart within 30 seconds if there's a watchdog timer installed. On Windows this exploit can be utilized to cause a Blue Screen Of Death on your dedicated hosters box. The exploit involves the use of the RequestFile command and has already been reported to Valve (~8 Months ago) through the bounty bug reward program. The report was ignored by the HackerOne Staff because it didnt meet the standards of "crashing the server" (
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