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Found 426 results

  1. Description: Simple anti rejoin plugin for CS:GO to prevent people that dead in the round get respawn doing retry. Auto adaptable with your mp_join_grace_time value. Download: Main repository Direct download Code changes Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  2. [CSGO] Auto Assign Team What is this? Auto Assign Team is a simple plugin which automatically assigns a player team when they connect to the server, it also bypasses the team menu seamlessly. I decided to release this because it seems like a lot of people have issues with players spawning incorrectly such as underneath or in the middle of the map, I know the topic has already been mentioned in several places on the forum but I did not see an actual plugin release and I also tweaked the logic slightly to work around the spawning issues. Installation Copy smx to plugin folder. Credits Research here Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (CSGO_AutoAssignTeam.sp - 2.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  3. Witam poszukuję pluginu oraz osoby ktra wgrała by mi na serwer plugin do zmiany modelu broni chodzi mi o model marker do paintballa.
  4. Description: Shows cash and weapon info of your team. Installation: Drag and drop team_details.smx in your plugins folder. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Y19zNDC Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (team_details.sp - 6.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  5. Description: Enable only molotov damage for teammates and block everything else. Players will not be slowed down by teammates attacks. ConVars: Code: mp_friendlyfire 1 ff_damage_reduction_bullets 0.33 ff_damage_reduction_grenade 0.85 ff_damage_reduction_grenade_self 1 ff_damage_reduction_other 0.4 The ff_ convars can be changed as you want, but be sure the friendly fire still works. On default casual gamemode, mp_friendlyfire is enabled and all ff_ convars on 0. Even with mp_friendlyfire enabled, friendly fire doesn't work. GitHub: https://github.com/Ilusion9/sm-csgo-molotov-damage Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  6. Description: Hello everyone, I have created a small ServerList system which will be possible with the command !s See your list of servers and that way you can connect to the server you want faster. Cvars: sm_server_prefix "SM" installation: addons / sourcemod / plugins / ServerList.smx addons / sourcemod / scripts / ServerList.sp addons / sourcemod / config / ServerList.cfg Inside the Config there is ServerList.cfg and write like this for example "Servers List" { "Surf Combat" { "name" "SurfCombat" "address" "" } } enjoy :) Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (ServerList.sp - 2.6 KB) ServerList.smx (6.1 KB) ServerList.cfg (132 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  7. PHP Code: #include <amxmodx> new const Version[] = "0.2"; enum PlayerCount { HumanCount, BotCount } new g_PlayerCounts[ PlayerCount ] , g_RoundEnd; new g_pMaxBots; new const g_BotsNeeded[ 32 ] = { 0, // 0 humans 5, // 1 humans 5, // 2 humans 5, // 3 humans 5, // 4 humans 5, // 5 humans 5, // 6 humans 5, // 7 humans 4, // 8 humans 4, // 9 humans 3, // 10 humans 2, // 11 humans 1 // 12 humans // 13-32 humans = 0 bots } public plugin_init() { register_plugin( "PodBot Manager", Version , "bugsy" ); register_logevent( "RoundEnd" , 2 , "1=Round_End" ); server_cmd( "pb removebots" ); set_cvar_num( "pb_bot_quota_match" , 0 ); set_cvar_num( "pb_minbots" , 0 ); set_pcvar_num( ( g_pMaxBots = get_cvar_pointer( "pb_maxbots" ) ) , g_BotsNeeded[ 1 ] ); } public client_authorized( id ) { g_PlayerCounts[ PlayerCount:is_user_bot( id ) ]++; //Handle bots on map change if ( !g_RoundEnd ) { set_task( 5.0 , "BalanceBots" ); g_RoundEnd = get_systime(); } } public client_disconnected(id, bool:drop, Msg[], Len) { g_PlayerCounts[ PlayerCount:is_user_bot( id ) ]--; } public RoundEnd() { if ( ( get_systime() - g_RoundEnd ) > 5 ) { BalanceBots(); } g_RoundEnd = get_systime(); } public BalanceBots() { new iNumBots = g_PlayerCounts[ BotCount ]; new iNumHumans = g_PlayerCounts[ HumanCount ]; new iBotsNeeded = g_BotsNeeded[ iNumHumans ]; new szName[ 32 ] , iBots[ 32 ] , iBotCount , i; set_pcvar_num( g_pMaxBots , iNumHumans + iBotsNeeded ); if ( iNumBots > iBotsNeeded ) { get_players( iBots , iBotCount , "d" ); while ( iNumBots-- > iBotsNeeded ) { get_user_name( iBots[ i++ ] , szName , charsmax( szName ) ); server_cmd( "pb remove ^"%s^"" , szName ); } } else if ( iNumBots < iBotsNeeded ) { while ( iNumBots++ < iBotsNeeded ) { server_cmd( "pb add" ); } } } Could someone please help me edit this to work with CSDM. As it is written bot balancing occurs at round end or after first player join on map change/server start. Deathmatch doesn't have rounds. Please help and thanks. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  8. i use to have a plugin on my server back in 2014 or something for vip players but i am to rusty to do it right now and thats why i am here. i need a plugin that give V.i.P players : 150 hp 150 Armor knife model : https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/10738 player model : https://gamebanana.com/skins/123445 /respawn up to two times every round (after they use /respawn two times, a message shows in chat "You can use /respawn again next round" or something like that V.I.P in Tab and when the vip player types in chat [V.I.P] in front of the player names ex " [V.I.P] luci2k : hello Ps: i want V.I.P players to type with yellow in chat . Ps2: this plugin can help with the models and fuctions of the vip knife, when you join the server it change your knife to a butcher knife with gravity for deathrun,i want vip players to have the skins when they join. Link: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=320960 Przeczytaj cały wpis
  9. Description Code: Admin players can poke the targeted person by typing poke, the player hear a ts3 wake up sound effect and writes "xxx poked you" in the player's chat. Cvars: Code: "poke_type", "2", "Poke Type? ( 0 = Disable Msg || 1 = Only Chat || 2 = Chat + Hud )"); "poke_sound", "1", "Poke Sound Enable or Disable? ( 1 - 0 )"); Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (Poke.sp - 2.5 KB) Poke.smx (4.9 KB) sound.zip (26.9 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. I'm gonna release today my jailbreak system. It's an whole system made for cs:go. The code is a little bit messy (it's written in the new syntax with good coding style but little bit old so may not be the optimized code that I could do) but the system works fine without any known bugs. Explanation for every mod: JB_Admin: Contains admin commands that are needed for the staff. sm_cords - Get current cords sm_tp/sm_teleport - Teleport user to another user or to cords sm_god - Give/remove godmode sm_Team - Change team sm_rr - Restart round sm_give - Give weapon or item sm_res/sm_respawn - Respawn Playerr sm_hp - Set hp sm_disarm - Remove all weapons sm_swap - Swap to the other team sm_1up - Respawn to death location. JB_AdminsVoice: advanced admintalk system sm_admintalk - Opens a menu and allows you to join/leave/add/remove player JB_Box: friendly fire system sm_box - Opens a menu with the needed info JB_Cash: cash system sm_g/sm_gamble - Gamble your cash sm_c/sm_cash - See your amount of cash or others' sm_gift - Transfer cash to other sm_givecash - Spawn cash [locked to root only]. JB_CK: Crazy knife system - when you enable it it's more health to CT but nobody can use weapons. sm_ck - Toggles the crazy knife round. JB_CountDown - Countdown with freeze/blind system [for ct only]. sm_cd - Opens the meni JB_CTBan - Block user from being a ct. sm_ctban - Opens the menu sm_ctbantime - Shows how much time left to the ctban JB_Daily - daily reward with animation and sounds. sm_wish - Claim the reward. sm_rwish - Reset player's cooldown. JB_Days - special days - starts every 6 rounds. sm_days - Start a day. sm_vdays - Start a days vote. JB_Deagle - simple command that ct can give t empty deagle. sm_deagle - gives the deagle. JB_FreeKill - Freekill report system. sm_fk - send the repots to the admins. JB_Gangs - Advanced gang system. sm_gang/sm_gangs - Opens the gangs menu. sm_gc/sm_getcash - Get cash (reward for gang members every round). sm_nc/sm_nextcash - Next cash (reward for gangs that upgraded it, every 15 minutes). JB_LR - Advanced last request system. sm_lr/sm_lastrequest - Opens the menu. sm_givelr - Transfer your last request. sm_delaycd - Delay the last request countdown (there's a countdown to select a game or you get slay for taking too long). sm_stoplr/sm_abortlr - Stop the current lr game. JB_Medic - Request medic. sm_medic - Request medic. JB_Models - Prisoners & Guards skins. JB_Mutes - Mutes system (works with extendedcomms) sm_muteall - Mute all players sm_unmuteall - Unmute all players sm_mutet - Mute all Ts sm_mutect - Mute all CTs sm_unmutet - Unmute all Ts sm_unmutect - Unmute all CTs sm_unmutep - Unmute specific player JB_VoteCT - Votect System sm_guard/sm_guards/sm_ctlist - Opens the guards management menu. sm_votect - Starts the vote manual (the vote start every 6 rounds - round after the days). JB_Premium - Premium system like some VIP but not giving much now. sm_givep - give premium. The explination is short, you better just learn yourself by looking in the server. Download models, materials and sounds here: https://mega.nz/#!qz5CEIgD!V3Je9OQ8X...YZzTaD-PG677rw (too big for attachements). Enjoy. Attached Files S4Jail.zip (322.8 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. Hello I want to ask if exist any working jailbreak plugin which works without any lags or bugs. I am looking for plugin like this: CT MENU: „/menu“ 1. Choose Weapon 2. Choose Skin (Models) VIP 3. VIP Stuff 4. Third Person View 5. Do not show menu again WARDEN MENU: „/warden“ 1. Prisoners color 2. Control cells 3. Events 4. Microphones (ON/OFF) 5. Football 6. Other: • 1. Builder • 2. NOBLOCK/BLOCK • 3. Cube (Random numbers 1 or 2) • 4. fill HP • 6. Questions • 7. Timer PRISONER MENU: "/menu" If there is someone who could help me with that please comment down under this topic. Thank you. Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  12. Description SkyRPG is a highly-customizable, module-based RPG plugin for Left 4 Dead 2. Instead of having the experience hard-coded, I use Key files (text documents) that server operators populate, and then the code reads this and generates the experience. You complete control which modules are enabled, which ones are not, and have the ability to create your own add-on plugins to expand the experience; e.g., talent trees are an optional aspect of RPG, and if you create a talent outside the scope of the base plugin, you can have that talent (in the config) specifically point to another plugin to perform its function. Again, just an example of something you can do. This would also let you re-use triggers/effects/etc. which are assigned to case-sense chars (AaBbCc etc.) across multiple plugins, if you have that much diversity in your talent trees. Required Plugins Is Left4Downtown2 being a requirement a thing, still? I've been out of the game for a bit; here's a list of the requirements, I know some are included directly in sourcemod, and all .inc files are in their respective archives! Code: #include <sdktools> #include <sdkhooks> #include <smlib> #include <l4d2_direct> #include "wrap.inc" #include "left4downtown.inc" #include "l4d_stocks.inc" #undef REQUIRE_PLUGIN #include <readyup> #define REQUIRE_PLUGINOkay, it's been long-requested that I strip the ReadyUp requirement from my RPG in its public releases. Unfortunately, ReadyUp is such a convenience with the natives/forwards that it provides that as a developer, it was significantly-less work to keep it in, and as a server operator, you can choose to use all of its features, or none of its features, sans the behind-the-scenes functionality that it provides RPG. How much is enabled, or how little, is totally up to you! Installation For ease of end-user (server operator) installation, the archive sub-folders are structured as they should be extracted to your server. While the ReadyUp archive only contains 1 config file, the !skyrpg archive contains 11 config files; all are required, but only 9 are currently used by the plugin. To customize the RPG experience to your liking, you'll need to edit all 9 files as well as the translation file, if you create/add/remove talents. The header, for example "survivor health" has an identically-named translation in the /translations/skyrpg.phrases.txt Hopefully I've explained this good enough; it may be more-complicated to install than I think. You must have an active database! See the included /configs/databases.cfg for the necessary info (rum_rpg) Github (If you want to follow/fork) https://github.com/MissexSkye/l4d2 Future Development So, you will discover that this plugin is written in Old Syntax. I had to make a design decision a while ago based on the time it would take to rewrite it and other factors, and instead decided to add in functionality that just lets other plugins modify/add-on to the experience. This means in future updates, some included modules may be written in new syntax, while the base plugin remains in old. There are several areas where there is commented-out c/p code from other plugins for reference during development. Credits should be either found there or at the top of the main file. If someone who should be credited is not, please DM me and I'll add the credit. Closing Statement If you have questions/comments/requests, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll do my best to assist you, but to be honest I was stoned out of my freaking mind when I wrote this code, and I don't even know how I did it, or how it works. Attached Files ReadyUp-7.1 (Wagyu).zip (50.3 KB) !skyrpg [latest-private-release] v4.85.10.31.zip (516.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  13. Witam, Mam pewny problem, po zainstalowaniu sourcebansa 2.0 i dodaniu serwera/admina na stronie nie wczytuje mi uprawnien. Ktoś wie co może być problemem?
  14. Witam! Mam pytanie czy wie ktoś jak wgrać model noża na serwer CS:GO nie chodzi mi tu o Bagnet Karambit itp które są zabronione przez VALVE ale chodzi mi o np o coś takiego http://gamebanana.com/skins/127549
  15. Możecie podać mi plugin na deathrun do cs go? p.s najlepiej jeszcze bhop bo jak instaluje deathrun albo bhop to nic nie działa
  16. Witam Czy istnieje plugin pozwalający na ściąganie i PODMIENIANIE plików z serwera? Przykład wgrywam na serwer mapę de_xyz. Po tygodniu wgrywam nową wersję mapy de_xyz i chcę by ta mapa ściągnęła się i podmieniła graczom. Proszę o odpowiedź ;)
  17. Cześć, szukam pliginu dzięki któremu poprzez komendę !hands czy coś w tym stulu będę miał menu z wyborem kilku modeli rękawic z logami drużyn widziałem już coś takiego na kilku serwerach, wiec możliwe, że jest coś takiego udostępnione, ale niestety nie mogę znaleźć
  18. Cześć Wam, Poszukuję pluginu, który całkowicie wyłączałby komendy radiowe. Ich używanie oraz listę pod danym klawiszem - wszystko. Szukałam, ale nie znalazłam. Istnieje to w ogóle?
  19. Witam, Mam problem z pluginem na skiny wszystko działa na kosy dla graczy itp jednak gdy gracz bez żadnej flagi napisze !ws nie pokazuje mu się nic jakby nie było skryptu lub nie miałby uprawnień. Dodam że ja jako full admin ( 99:z ) po wpisaniu komendy mam możliwość wyboru skina itp proszę o pomoc.
  20. Poszukuję pluginu !noblock / !nb Ten plugin: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1500696 mi działa, aczkolwiek jak wpisuje ja przykładowo !noblock , to każdy widzi [SM] Noblock aktywny nie mam pojęcia dlaczego tak jest.
  21. Szukam pluginu auto ban DLA jedynie terrorystow. Chodzi oto chodzi ze jaks ktos wyjdzie z tt to odrazu ma bana np, na 15 min
  22. Cześć, chodzi mi ostatnio po głowie napisanie sklepu automatycznego obsługującego wszystkie gry z sourcebans i amxbans. Do tego chciałbym dopisać plugin na serwery cs:go pozwalający bez wychodzenia z gry zakupić VIP i inne usługi tylko pytanie czy takie coś ma sens? Wiele dzieciaków nie potrafi poprawnie skopiować swojego steam id, a co dopiero używać sklepu... czy martwić się tym, że bardzo łatwo taki gracz może paść ofiarą kradzieży (wpisane kodu sms w say itp) czy stwierdzić, że jest idiotą i pisać takie coś? Jakie jest Wasze zdanie na ten temat?
  23. Poszukuje plugin aby po wejściu na serwer wyświetlala się tabela z 4 wersami i gdzie po np. Po wybraniu którejs z opcji byla wyświetlana zawartość chodzi tu o zwykły tekst.
  24. Poszukuje plugin aby po wejściu na serwer wyświetlala się tabela z 4 wersami i gdzie po np. Po wybraniu którejs z opcji byla wyświetlana zawartość chodzi tu o zwykły tekst.
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