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Found 3 results

  1. There's a new exploit in the wild which allows any client to attack the server after connecting if you have sv_allowdownload set to 1. On Linux the servers will most likely restart within 30 seconds if there's a watchdog timer installed. On Windows this exploit can be utilized to cause a Blue Screen Of Death on your dedicated hosters box. The exploit involves the use of the RequestFile command and has already been reported to Valve (~8 Months ago) through the bounty bug reward program. The report was ignored by the HackerOne Staff because it didnt meet the standards of "crashing the server" ( Report #472858 ). Even though this can lead to a BSOD if used correctly and as shown in my submited Proof Of Concept. ... The exploit's POC was stolen from one of my un-secured dedicated test servers recently by some "Hackers" and now is being sold by them. The POC was written to work on all versions of SRCDS so many servers are at risk until valve releases an official patch. I've written my own patch for the community to use until that date comes. Symptoms of the exploit being used on your server would be to see the text "File '%s' requested from" spammed in your SRCDS console. These messages do not create logs in any document so it may be hard for some users to track what's happening. This is mostly expected to plauge CS:GO/CStrike servers currently. I've only tested this on css/csgo and it seems to work fine. I'm unaware if any game mode will utilize the request file function after a player conects (for example sprays) but i believe it's handled differently (server sends files rather than client requesting file). Let me know if you run into any issues. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (SendFileExploitFix.sp - 661 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  2. Chcę za pomocą symlinków sprawić, by kilka instalacji CS:GO na dedyku z linuksem dzieliło pliki *.vpk oraz domyślne mapy. Szukam osoby, która stosuje takie rozwiązania, ponieważ mam kilka pytań dotyczących szczegółów funkcjonowania takiego systemu. Czytałem na zagranicznych stronach teorię jak coś takiego zrobić i w zasadzie na testowym dedyku już coś takiego zrobiłem, jednak wolałbym zaczerpnąć trochę wiedzy i doświadczenia od kogoś, kto już coś takiego stosuje. Jest tu taka osoba?
  3. pobralem srcds skopiowalem pliki sourcemod do srcds ale nadal nie dziala mi w grzez sm_admin @edit sourcemod 1.8
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