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Ultimate Mapchooser, wont work!

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Hi Alliedmodders.
ive now installed https://github.com/Silenci0/UMC/wiki onto my server.
It should work fine, since my plugins is installed correctly (in terms of what my console says)
The RTV commands seems to work, but dosent come up with a menu after its been accepted. And says that there is required 0 votes for it to start.

Nominate wont even show up when i type in "nominate".

My Admin menu dosent either want to let me start a map-vote.

Map_cycle.txt is inserted in the files.
"maps_invote" "3"
"default_min_players" "0"
"default_max_players" "12"

"de_dust" { }
"de_dust2" { }
"de_aztec" { }
"de_nuke" { }
"cs_italy" { }
"de_dust_csgo" { }

"maps_invote" "3"
"default_min_players" "2"
"default_max_players" "12"

"de_dust" { }
"de_dust2" { }
"de_aztec" { }
"de_nuke" { }
"cs_italy" { }
"de_dust_csgo" { }
"de_inferno" { }
"de_cbble" { }
"de_dust2_revolution" { }
"de_piranesi" { }
"de_chateau" { }
"de_prodigy" { }
"cs_office" { }
"cs_assault" { }
"cs_compound" { }
"de_port" { }

Still gives me nothing good.

I would like to talk to someone with this plugin and if you could help.

Its for a retake server, so please respond! :) would be great!
Discord: Nexus#8565

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      Mam problem , mianowicie chciałbym aby przy kazdym glosowaniu byly te same mapy u mnie działa to w ten sposob ze np. jest mirage na koncu mapy wszystko pieknie ladnie laduje sie glosowanie ale bez mirage ( dd2 office i overpas ) wybieramy dd2 analogicznie koniec mapy glosowanie i teraz w puli map jest tylko office i overpass a chciałbym zeby ciagle były te 4 mapy office overpass mirage i dd2 . Z góry dzieki za pomoc 😄
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      Nie mogę korzystać z tworzenia głosowania na podstawie czasu pozostałego do końca mapy, zamiast tego musze korzystac z rund pozostałych do końca mapy.
      L 05/01/2018 - 14:38:49: [umc-endvote.smx] Unable to create end of map vote time-trigger, trigger time already passed. L 05/01/2018 - 14:38:49: [umc-endvote.smx] End of map vote will appear after 13 more rounds.
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      Witam moj problem polega na tym iz wrzucilem plugin na serwer ffa i za nic nie moge zmienic aby vote map bylo pod koniec meczu.
      Zawsze gdy mam wlaczone vote mi pokazuje zaraz po koncu 1 rundy.
      Prosze o pomoc.
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      Moze ktos zna sie na tym lepiej ale serio robilem juz wszystko.
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