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[CSGO] Attack Drones


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The core functionality of this is just ripped from my Attack Helicopters plugin. I designed this one specifically for CS:GO. Using no external resources; this plugin simulates pilotable danger-zone drones equipped with mini-rockets. If an enemy is within targeting distance and sight of the drone; rockets will become homing missiles when fired and follow the targeted player until collision with target or solid. If homing missiles are disabled, or no targets are in sight, rockets will fire straight (towards your crosshairs) until collision with solid or max distance has been reached, and explode. Missile settings such as speed/damage/radius can be modified via convars. This is pieced together with various entities so it is not perfect, but it can be pretty fun.

Demo Video v1.0

General Notes:

  • The only supported game is CS:GO
  • I would not recommend using too many at once. The use limit is set to 12 drones at a time.
  • The admin flag for use is set to ADMFLAG_CHEATS
  • BUG: For some reason, occasionally some enemy player models will become invisible, they cannot be seen but are still target-able. I couldn't figure out what causes this, I can't tell if it's just a bug with my own game or with bots, but I will continue to try and fix it.

Use Notes:

  • Missiles by default will fire straight towards your crosshairs, if an enemy is in sight, it will become a homing missile and follow the target (if enabled and enemy within homing distance).
  • If you re-type sm_drone while already in a drone, you will be taken back to where you activated the first drone.
  • Any time you exit a drone, the drone will self-destruct, leaving gibs and inflicting damage on nearby enemies.
  • Unfortunately your radar will be of no use while in a drone.
  • Currently, drones do not take damage and only explode when they are being exited.
  • Changing server gravity may affect the flying physics.



  • sm_drone
          > OPTIONAL: Add a users name as an argument to put them in a drone instead of yourself. Example: sm_drone someusername12
          > Players will be put in a drone at the location they are at. When exiting a drone, you will return to that same location.
          > Type this command a second time to self-destruct and be teleported back to your activation location in a new drone.
          > Press E (use) to exit, this will also detonate the drone.




  • sm_drone_turn_force
          > Controls the force at which the drone will turn left and right with mouse1 and mouse2 buttons. Default is 200

  • sm_drone_missile_interval
          > Controls the wait time between firing missiles. Default is 0.7 seconds

  • sm_drone_missile_speed
          > Controls the travel speed of all missiles. Default is 900
          > NOTE: The faster the missile, the sooner it explodes when approaching target

  • sm_drone_missile_damage
          > Controls the damage dealt by all missiles. Default is 47

  • sm_drone_missile_radius
          > Controls the explosion damage radius of all missiles. Default is 275
          > NOTE: The faster the missile, the sooner(farther away) it explodes when approaching target

  • sm_drone_missile_distance
          > Controls the max distance for regular missiles before self detonation. Default is 5000.0

  • sm_drone_homing_enabled
          > Enable or Disable the use of homing missiles on all helicopters. Default is enabled

  • sm_drone_homing_distance
          > Controls the max distance an enemy can be to be targeted by homing missiles. Default is 2500.0




  • [SPACE] (Jump) - Move Upwards

  • [CTRL] (Duck) - Move Downwards

  • [W] (Forward) - Move Forward

  • (Backward) - Move Backward

  • [A] (Left) - Move Left

  • [D] (Right) - Move Right

  • [MOUSE1] (Primary) - Turn Left

  • [MOUSE2] (Secondary) - Turn Right

  • [R] (Reload) - Fire Missiles

  • [MOUSE1]+[MOUSE2] - Same as Reload - Fire Missiles

  • [SHIFT] (Speed) - Change Camera View



  • 1. Tap on "Get Plugin" below
  • 2. Put the downloaded file Drones.smx in your servers plugins folder: SERVER/GAME/addons/sourcemod/plugins/
  • (optional) Put the source file Drones.sp in your servers scripting folder: SERVER/GAME/addons/sourcemod/scripting/



Drones.smx Drones.sp

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