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[CS:GO & CSS] Respawn Command for Surf Combat

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    • By g
      Witam był by w stanie ktoś pomóc mi z dodaniem do pluginu respawn tylko jednego użycia na rundę?
      Z góry dzięki
      Oto kod:
      #pragma semicolon 1 #include <sourcemod> #include <cstrike> #include <sdktools> #undef REQUIRE_EXTENSIONS #include <colors> #define REQUIRE_EXTENSIONS #define PREFIX "\x06[VIP RESPAWN]{default} %t" #define PLUGIN_VERSION "1.0" new Handle:sm_respawn_enabled = INVALID_HANDLE; public Plugin:myinfo = { name = "Respawn Redux", author = "brownzilla", description = "Allows yourself to respawn on certain maps.", version = PLUGIN_VERSION, url = "http://sourcemod.net" }; public OnPluginStart() { LoadTranslations("respawn_redux.phrases"); sm_respawn_enabled = CreateConVar("sm_respawn_enabled", "1", "Enable or disable the plugin: 0 = Disabled | 1 = Enabled"); RegConsoleCmd("sm_respawn", Command_Respawn, "Respawns a client"); } public OnConfigsExecuted() { decl String:mapname[128]; GetCurrentMap(mapname, sizeof(mapname)); if(strncmp(mapname, "dr_", 3, false) == 0 || (strncmp(mapname, "deathrun_", 9, false) == 0)) { SetConVarInt(sm_respawn_enabled, 0); } else { SetConVarInt(sm_respawn_enabled, 1); } } public Action:Command_Respawn(client, args) { if (GetConVarInt(sm_respawn_enabled) == 1) { if (GetClientTeam(client) != 1) { if (!IsPlayerAlive(client)) { CS_RespawnPlayer(client); CPrintToChat(client, PREFIX, "dead"); } else { CPrintToChat(client, PREFIX, "alive"); } } else { CPrintToChat(client, PREFIX, "nogame"); } } else { CPrintToChat(client, PREFIX, "unable"); } }  
    • By MYGO.pl
      This is an improved version of Pyro_'s plugin here.

      Features: Noclip Autobhop Unlimited Speed Working Unghost (Unredie) Working trigger_teleports Players have access to a menu to toggle their own settings as a ghost. Admins have the ability to see who is a Ghost and to teleport to them, force them to return to spectator, or ban them from using Ghost.
      Demo Video:

      Commands: sm_ghost / sm_redie -> Turn into a ghost after you die sm_unghost / sm_unredie -> Return back to spectator sm_inghost / sm_inredie <player> -> Admin command to see who is in Ghost/Redie or not. Omit the player name and view a full list of all clients in Ghost/Redie. Selecting a player will display the Admin Menu.
      ConVars: sm_ghost_enabled 1|0 - Set whether Ghost is enabled on the server. sm_ghost_bhop 1|0 - Set whether ghosts can autobhop. (sv_autobunnyhopping) sm_ghost_speed 1|0 - Set whether ghosts can use unlimited speed (sv_enablebunnyhopping) sm_ghost_noclip 1|0 - Set whether ghosts can noclip. sm_ghost_adverts 1|0 - Set whether chat adverts are enabled. sm_ghost_adverts_interval 120 - Interval (in seconds) of chat adverts.
      GitHub Repository
      Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (ghost.sp - 27.0 KB) ghost.smx (18.5 KB) ghost.zip (26.3 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      The sole function of this simple plugin is the ability to grab and move entities (not just props) freely with your mouse on all axis (rather than the common method of parenting to the player). I made this a while ago, but I'm sharing in case anyone has any use for it. This is very useful if you're using my TrackTrains plugin.

      Demo Video on CS:S

      General Notes: There may be a plugin(s) with this exact functionality already? I'm not actually sure. If so, I'll be glad to remove. This should work on any game, I don't see why it would not, please let me know if not. The admin flag for use is set to ADMFLAG_CHEATS This should work on most entities, not just props. I did not implement a way to unfreeze the entity, I can figure something out if that’s an issue.
      Use Notes: This works best if you bind +grabent to a key, otherwise you will have to manually do -grabent to release. While grabbed, your primary attack (Mouse1) will PUSH the entity farther away when pressed/held. While grabbed, your secondary attack (Mouse2) will PULL the entity closer to you when pressed/held. Push/Pull is supposed to block the players weapon from firing when doing so, however sometimes a bullet slips through or your secondary will execute once. The farther away the entity you're grabbing is from you, the faster it will be pushed/pulled. The closer the entity you're grabbing is to you, the slower it will be pushed/pulled. The entity you grab will be frozen when grabbed, and remain frozen when released
      Code: +grabent
            > Grab the entity you're looking at.
            > While grabbed, mouse1 to push, mouse2 to pull.
            > This will freeze (disable motion) the entity.
            > Release the entity you're grabbing.
            > This is irrelevant if you bind +grabent to a key.
      Installation: Put the GrabEnt.smx in your servers plugins folder: SERVER/GAME/addons/sourcemod/plugins/ Put the GrabEnt.sp in your servers scripting folder: SERVER/GAME/addons/sourcemod/scripting/
      Todo: I'm open to suggestions.
      Spoiler V1.0 (October 14, 2019) Initial Release
      Attached Files GrabEnt.smx (9.9 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (GrabEnt.sp - 7.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      Commands :
      ! To change the 30 seconds delay you have to edit line 16

      PHP Code: if ((GetTime() - iUseTime[Client]) < 30.0) <-- 30.0 = 30 Seconds Delay 
      Not testet yet but should work.
      I've made this for a surf combat server and I tough it would be nice to share. HF.
      Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (respawn.sp - 463 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      (Mostly for Surf combat)
      Only admins have acess to this command.


      Put the .smx file into your plugins folder (in your server files)

      Any bugs/ideas, contact me on Steam or just reply here.
      My first plugin, so there's probably alot of mistakes or things that couldve been done better but yeah enjoy it >:p

      Chat logs
      Spoiler 1.
      Spoiler 2.

      Aes for helping me with stuff >:D
      Kayos for testing with me >:D
      Kamay for the inspiration >:D
      Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (1v1.sp - 7.1 KB) 1v1.smx (9.4 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
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