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Nowy szablon forum


Stworzyliśmy dla Was nowy wygląd forum. Z pewnością znajdziesz rzeczy, które wg Ciebie mogą zostać zmienione - wspomnij o tym w specjalnym wątku.

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Jak założyć własną sieć

serwerów CS

Zastanawiasz się nad prowadzeniem własnej sieci serwerów? Przeczytaj podstawowe informacje, na które należy zwrócić uwagę, przy takim projekcie.

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Tworzymy spis sieci

dodaj swoją

Dodaj sieć do której należysz, pozwoli to na promocję i budowę ogólnopolskiej bazy sieci CS.

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[ANY] Days to New Year

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Show days (including hours, minutes, seconds) elapsed to the New Year

Note: this plugin is client's local time aware. Read requirements carefully!
Settings (ConVars):
- "sm_newyear_days_delay" - def.: 17 - How many seconds to wait to display message after trigger raised
- "sm_newyear_days_onjoin" - def.: 1 - Show message on client join first time (1 - Yes, 0 - No)
- "sm_newyear_days_onroundstart" - def.: 0 - Show message on round start (1 - Yes, 0 - No)
// Left 4 dead only:
- "sm_newyear_days_onfinalewin" - def.: 1 - Show message when team wins the finale (1 - Yes, 0 - No)
- GeoIP v2 by Accelerator

- TimeZone API by Accelerator

Warning: after installing GeoIP v2,
you should recompile ALL plugins that used original geoip include,
otherwise you'll receive very unusual server behaviour.
- Follow above requirements
- copy l4d_DaysToNewYear.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins
- copy days_to_new_year.phrases.txt to addons/sourcemod/translations

Attached Files
File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_DaysToNewYear.sp - 6.3 KB)
File Type: txt days_to_new_year.phrases.txt (237 Bytes)

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    • By MYGO.pl
      This plugins requires SteamWorks.

      It's a simple plugin that check every X seconds the steam.inf file from the provided url and the local file. I'll add more features like a forward and discord integration.

      Repository | SourceCode | Download Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By Maroxx
      Hello guys,

      ServerAdvertisements3 is advertisement plugin wich contains a lot of features. It's very easy to use and almost everyone can manage to set it up

      Admin Commands:
      !sa3debug - Messages debug in console for current map !sa3r - Messages reload
      Client Commands:
      !sa3lang - Client can change his language to any available language
      LIST OF SERVERS USING THIS PLUGIN after 19.7.2017 update

      Chat messages - Type: T. / Color support Hud messages - Type: H. / R G B color Center text messages - Type: C. / Support only HTML [hex] colors Multi-Language support. LINK (Use Alpha-2 codes) Up to 9 lines per message [\n]. Custom tag for message - Keep tag text empty to have message without tag Messages for specific maps (e.g. all,de_dust2,de_inferno, de_, zm_, etc..) Message can be banned for certain maps if you use all,de_,ar_, etc.... ("ignore_maps" "ar_;de_;etc..") Messages for specific flags (e.g. a,b,c,d,z, etc..) Message can be disabled for specific flags (e.g. a,b,c,d,z, etc..) - "ignore" "flag" Enable option per message - Message can be temporarily disabled - By default its enabled Message can be enabled till any date (e.g. Messages for some events or so). -> Added Log expired messages option in Settings part for debugging expired messages. Welcome message - Preview Client can change its language to any available language with !sa3lang command. Language is stored in a cache.
      Text variables:
      Supported colors: Maybe some will not work or be different.
      ?CS:GO Only?
      Default Darkred Green Lightgreen Red Blue Olive Lime Lightred Purple Grey Orange Yellow Bluegrey Lightblue Darkblue Grey2 Orchid
      Required! - Only if you have enabled Server Tracker in .cfg / Enabled by default
      - SteamWorks

      Move ServerAdvertisemen3.cfg to your addons/sourcemod/configs folder.
      Move ServerAdvertisemen3.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins folder.
      Restart server/Change map

      Todo list:
      MySQL support
      Print more types of messages at once.
      Do you have an idea? Let me know below!
      dodaję również swoje cfg z serwera 
      ServerAdvertisement3-master.zip ServerAdvertisements3.cfg
    • By MYGO.pl
      Description: Settings (ConVars): Credits: Requirements: Related plugins:
      Attached Files CommandEater.zip (51.9 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      Related Plugins: [ANY] Dev Cmds [ANY] Input Hooks [ANY] TempEnt Hooks [ANY] UserMsg Hooks

      About: Prints Temp Entities data to chat (client) or console (server). Can specify which TempEnts to listen for or filter out. Example command: sm_te_watch "Dynamic Light,Sprite" For more info on TempEnts: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/TempEnts...eMod_SDKTools)

      TempEnts List https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Mod_TempEnt_List_(Source) Or command: sm_print_telist.

      Admin Commands: (requires "z" flag)

      PHP Code: sm_te_listen    // Starts listening to all TempEnts. Filters or listens for TempEnts using the filter and listen cvars.
      sm_te_stop      // Stop printing TempEnts.
      sm_te_watch     // Start printing TempEnts. Usage: sm_tempent_watch <TempEnt names to watch, separate by commas> 


      Saved to tempent_hooks.cfg in your servers \cfg\sourcemod\ folder.

      PHP Code: // Do not hook and these TempEnts, separate by commas (no spaces). Only works for sm_te_listen command.
      sm_tempent_filter "Footprint Decal,Blood Stream"

      // Only hook and display these TempEnts, separate by commas (no spaces). Only works for sm_te_listen command.
      sm_tempent_listen ""

      // 0=Off. 1=Log TempEnts data when listening.
      sm_tempent_logging "0"

      // TempEnt Hooks plugin version.

      Code: 1.0 (15-Oct-2019)
          - Initial release.

      Installation: Click "Get Plugin" and put the .smx file into your servers \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ folder.
      Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (tempent_hooks.sp - 11.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      Related Plugins: [ANY] Dev Cmds [ANY] Input Hooks [ANY] TempEnt Hooks [ANY] UserMsg Hooks

      About: Prints UserMessage data to chat (client) or console (server). Logs UserMessages structure and output data. Can specify which UserMessages to listen for or filter out. Example command: sm_um_watch "MusicCmd,TextMsg" For more info on UserMessages: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/User_Messages Auto generates up to 19 gamedata signatures! They should never break and support most games. Logs messages to: "logs/user_messages_dump.log" Logs structures to:"logs/user_messages_types.log"

      Example Output:
      Example Data:
      PHP Code: UM: Fade/7:10:81920: [256] [0] [1] [255] [0] [0] [30]
      USERMSG: Adding new format entry for MeleeSlashSplatter/1:1:16384
      UM: MeleeSlashSplatter/1:1:16384: [2]
      UM: Damage/2:8:2048: [0] [0]
      UM: KillCam/3:3:16384: [0] [0] [0]
      USERMSG: Adding new format entry for PZDmgMsg/5:9:81920
      UM: PZDmgMsg/5:9:81920: [15] [3] [2] [0] [0]
      UM: ResetHUD/1:1:16384: [0]
      UM: Spawn/1:1:16384: [3]
      UM: Splatter/1:1:16384: [10]
      UM: Splatter/1:1:16384: [9]
      UM: SplatterClear/0:0:0:
      UM: Train/1:1:16384: [0]
      UM: VGUIMenu/3:3:17408: [overview] [0] [0]
      UM: VGUIMenu/3:3:17408: [specgui] [0] [0]
      UM: VGUIMenu/3:3:17408: [specgui] [1] [0]
      UM: VGUIMenu/3:3:17408: [specmenu] [0] [0]
      UM: VGUIMenu/3:3:17408: [takeover_survivor_bar] [0] [0] 
      Example Structures:
      PHP Code: "usermessages"
                  "1"        "WRITE_BYTE"
                  "2"        "String"
                  "3"        "String"
                  "4"        "String"
                  "5"        "String"
                  "6"        "String"
                  "1"        "String"
                  "2"        "WRITE_BYTE"
                  "3"        "WRITE_BYTE"
                  "1"        "WRITE_BYTE"
                  "2"        "WRITE_BYTE"
                  "3"        "WRITE_BYTE"
                  "1"        "WRITE_SHORT"
                  "2"        "WRITE_SHORT"
                  "3"        "WRITE_SHORT"
                  "4"        "WRITE_BYTE"
                  "5"        "WRITE_BYTE"
                  "6"        "WRITE_BYTE"
                  "7"        "WRITE_BYTE"

      Known Working Games: L4D1 L4D2 Please report success in other games. Request support if required.

      Unsupported Games: CSGO (method is different, requires manual hooks and/or changes)

      Admin Commands: (requires "z" flag)

      PHP Code: sm_um_listen    // Starts listening to all UserMessages. Filters or listens for messages from the filter and listen cvars.
      sm_um_stop      // Stop printing UserMessages.
      sm_um_watch     // Start printing UserMessages. Usage: sm_um_watch <messages to watch, separate by commas> 


      Saved to usermsg_hooks.cfg in your servers \cfg\sourcemod\ folder.

      PHP Code: // Do not hook and these UserMessages, separate by commas (no spaces). Only works for sm_usermsg_listen command.
      sm_usermsg_filter ""

      // Only hook and display these UserMessages, separate by commas (no spaces). Only works for sm_usermsg_listen command.
      sm_usermsg_listen ""

      // 0=Off. 1=Logs all UserMessage structures. 2=Log listen UserMessage data. 4=Log listen UserMessage data with timestamps. Add numbers together.
      sm_usermsg_logging "1"

      // UserMsg Hooks plugin version.

      Code: 1.0 (15-Oct-2019)
          - Initial release.

      Requirements: Extension: DHooks (Experimental dynamic detour support)

      Installation: Download the .smx file and put into your servers \addons\sourcemod\plugins folder. Download the .txt gamedata file and put into your servers \addons\sourcemod\gamedata\ folder.
      Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (usermsg_hooks.sp - 23.9 KB) usermsg_hooks.games.txt (4.5 KB) usermsg_hooks.smx (15.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
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