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Stworzyliśmy dla Was nowy wygląd forum. Z pewnością znajdziesz rzeczy, które wg Ciebie mogą zostać zmienione - wspomnij o tym w specjalnym wątku.

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Jak założyć własną sieć

serwerów CS

Zastanawiasz się nad prowadzeniem własnej sieci serwerów? Przeczytaj podstawowe informacje, na które należy zwrócić uwagę, przy takim projekcie.

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Tworzymy spis sieci

dodaj swoją

Dodaj sieć do której należysz, pozwoli to na promocję i budowę ogólnopolskiej bazy sieci CS.

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    • By MYGO.pl
      Hey AM!

      I was working on allowing players to use weapons for ProKreedz 2.31, and not disarming them when they start their climb, except if they have a scout (to allow for nub15 records). I tried this, but it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone help me out?

      Code: for(new i = 0; i < 8; i++)
              if( user_has_weapon(id, other_weapons)  )
                      give_item(id, other_weapons_name) //Changed code line - the array contains strings with weapon_name to give the player the weapon when they start the run.
                      set_pdata_int(id, 382, 24, 5)
                      if(wpn==CSW_SCOUT) user_has_scout[id]=true
                      else user_has_scout[id]=false
              } Best regards,
      MaNaReaver. Przeczytaj cały wpis
    • By MYGO.pl
      Hello, can someone make me a plugin? The server is steam only and doesn't have a lot of players but we hope it will get to a good place soon and be full. Basically, the plugin can only be used by terrorists, and opens at: say / shop

      1. Invisibility (3sec) [2000 $]
      2. Invisibility (6sec) [$ 5000]
      3. MultiJump (1) [3000 $]
      4. Knife, and some skin [5000 $]
      5. Department from CT [10000 $]
      6. AK47 (5 shots) [10000 $]
      7. Ice Bomb (Which can freeze CT for 15 seconds) [$ 16,000]
      8. Noclip (5sec) [6000 $]

      If you do that, let me know at: https://www.facebook.com/nesquick.bscs Przeczytaj cały wpis
    • By MYGO.pl
      HI Guyz i Saw A Plugin With Name Spec_kick It was all perfect i love that plugin
      but the only thing i want to change in it will kick admins too

      I have a clan war server ...some team player join spec sometimes to check other teams or some
      of my admins help other teams ...so i don't want anyone to spec for longer time ....
      i know the cmds but i want changes in this plugin :D

      i know these cmds too but we need spec sometimes
      mp_autokick 1
      allow_spectators 1

      so i want someone to add cmd of admin flags please
      i don't know about coding
      or give cmd to kick all .....like this

      Code: /*

      - Spec Kick 1.0
      by foo.bar (foo.bar@arrobaponto.com)

      - Description:
      Kicks all spectators, except players with the immunity tag, on round start.
      This plugin is Steam Counter-strike 1.6 specific.

      - Motivations:
      I run a very popular CS server and folks that connect don't like to leave
      the server whenever they go out for dinner, take a shower or go to sleep (yes,
      I've really had players going to bed when they went into spectator mode).
      I whipped up this script to keep those asshats off the server.

      - Usage:
      1. If you want, edit the MIN_PLAYERS to set the minimum number of players on
      the server before it starts checking for spectators.
      2. Compile.
      3. Plug into the the plugin.ini file.
      4. There is no step 4
      5. Finnish!

      - Possible future additions:
      Interface with a database to keep track of repeat offenders
      Ban repeat offeners for a few minutes to teach them a lesson
      Code optimizations?

      - Acknowledgments:
      Freecode, thanks for the help with debugging the code
      Version 1.1 --> Enhanced by Genesis

      #include <amxmodx>
      #include <amxmisc>

      public Round_Time()
        new Float:roundtime = get_cvar_float("mp_roundtime") * 60.0
        new rtime = read_data(1)
        if ( roundtime == rtime ) 
              new playerCount = get_playersnum()
              if (playerCount > get_cvar_num("amx_specminplayers"))
                new Players[32]
                get_players(Players, playerCount)
                for (new i = 0; i < playerCount; i++)
                          if (is_user_connected(Players))
                        if (!is_user_admin(Players))
                                if ((get_user_team(Players) == 3))
                                      new name[32], authid[32]
                                      new userid = get_user_userid(Players)
                                            server_cmd("kick #%d ^"Spectators aren't welcome on this server.^"",userid)
                                      log_amx("Spec Kick: ^"%s<%d><%s>^" was spec kicked)", name,userid,authid)
        return PLUGIN_CONTINUE

      public plugin_init() {
              register_plugin("Spec Kick","1.1","foo.bar")
              register_event("RoundTime", "Round_Time", "bc")
              register_cvar("amx_specminplayers", "9")
              return PLUGIN_CONTINUE
      } Przeczytaj cały wpis
    • By MYGO.pl
      Is there any working bot/entity plugin for ZP? I used podbots till now but I found out that they make many-many segmentation fault and meaningless bugs.

      In the other way I tried to find an zm entity plugin, but I didn't succed, they're all for windows or not public. Something like this: https://amxmodx-es.com/Thread-Zombie-NPC

      Could anyone help?

      (linux) Przeczytaj cały wpis
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