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Nowy szablon forum


Stworzyliśmy dla Was nowy wygląd forum. Z pewnością znajdziesz rzeczy, które wg Ciebie mogą zostać zmienione - wspomnij o tym w specjalnym wątku.

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Jak założyć własną sieć

serwerów CS

Zastanawiasz się nad prowadzeniem własnej sieci serwerów? Przeczytaj podstawowe informacje, na które należy zwrócić uwagę, przy takim projekcie.

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Tworzymy spis sieci

dodaj swoją

Dodaj sieć do której należysz, pozwoli to na promocję i budowę ogólnopolskiej bazy sieci CS.

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RSS Change winning rounds

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Is there a plugin that can change a team's winning rounds?
For example, with the Amx_Tr_Win "5" command, we can change tr wins round to 5


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    • By MYGO.pl

      With the L4D2 Last Update, some of the new things brought are new skins for weapons (e.g.: golden crowbar).
      This plugin applies randomly skins to spawned weapons.

      Features Applies a random skin to weapon entities on spawn. Allows equipping weapons with the same skin from the spawners entities. (e.g.: weapon_rifle_spawn)

      Coming soon.


      A configuration file named "l4d_wskin_rng.cfg" will automatically be created for you upon the first run in the "\cfg\sourcemod\" folder.

      PHP Code: // Enables/Disables the plugin.
      // 0 = Enable, 1 = Disable.
      // -
      // Default: "1"
      // Minimum: "0.000000"
      // Maximum: "1.000000"
      l4d2_wskin_rng_enable "1" 
      Admin Commands
      sm_print_cvars_l4d2_wskin_rng => Prints the plugin related cvars and their respective values to the console. (z flag required)
      Change Log

      1.0.0 (29-September-2020)
      - Initial release.

      Known issues
      Probably the skin is being replaced on map changes.
      The skin change was achieved by changing the weapon "m_nSkin" netprop value. When the weapon is already equiped (active) I had to apply the skin also to the "m_hViewModel" netprop, otherwise there is some delay on skins changes. Not all weapons have new skins and some aren't so different from the original one. The currently supported weapons are:
      Melees: Crowbar, Cricket Bat
      Pistols: Magnum
      SMGs: Silenced; Uzi
      Shotguns: Chrome; Pump; Auto
      Rifles: M16; AK47
      Sniper: Hunting Rifle These weapons have 2 new skins: Magnum; M16; AK47. By now, 29-September-2020, there are no more skins available. The plugin may not work properly for clients that use addons to change the weapon appearance. I don't know if it conflicts with the "Golden Crowbar" achievement.
      To Do
      Fix the skin changes on map change. Create a config to select the % chance to apply a different skin.
      Thank you!
      Silvers - for helping me in some coding and all your knowledge base of shared plugins. Alex Alcalá - for testing in his server and reporting some bugs. Tonblader - for testing in his server and reporting some bugs.
      Related Plugins
      by Marttt
      Post Reply
      Any feedback, bug reports, fixes, improvements, translations or suggestions for the plugin are welcome.
      Put the "l4d2_wskin_rng.smx" file (click Get Plugin) in your "\addons\sourcemod\plugins\" folder.
      Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_wskin_rng.sp - 16.9 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      TotenFluch (BDD Syntax Inspiration from the T-RP V2)
      Kossolax(Enum Syntax Inspiration from the TSX-RP)
      Deathknife(Discord A.P.I)
      Natalya(Car models)
      Franug(Hint color fix plugin AND Emotes)

      Dependencies (* = not integrated by default on the github repository): SM LIB Discord A.P.I Multicolors SteamWorks PTaH *SourceBans (for admin plugin working)
      Features: All plugins compiled on SM 1.10 Latest version Vehicles 20 Jobs Zones Hud with player informations Perma props(Spawn a permanent prop on the map; NPC, ATM, ETC...) Drugs system Sell system (NPC When player job is offline and vice versa :D) Phone system Exclude player from own zone Respawn system

      Jobs Features: [POLICE]
      Quote: Commands !taser - Taze the targeted player. !tazer - Taze the targeted player. !cop - Switch team from the T -> CT for advantages. !cops - Switch team from the T -> CT for advantages. !jail - Put the targeted player on jail with request. !prison - Put the targeted player on jail with request. !enjail - Display all player who's in jail only if you are in police zone. !injail - Display all player who's in jail only if you are in police zone. !jaillist - Display all player who's in jail only if you are in police zone.

      Need: Contents: Models, materials, scripts, cfg (For this, join the Discord server that I put at the end) Map Creating zones Configure permanent props (NPC, ATM, ETC...) Translations on many plugins on EN etc.. Set discord webhook link for discord notifications (roleplay.inc at DISCORD_WEBHOOK "") will be updated soon. Claim a licence for the plugin works on my website (https://vr-hosting.fr/), after succesful activation you need to put the received token on the rp_licence.cfg at rp_token "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" Database powered on MySQL (Set your user credentials)
      Quote: "roleplay"
      "driver" "mysql"
      "host" ""
      "database" "DB"
      "user" "USER"
      "pass" "PASSWORD"
      //"timeout" "0"
      "port" "3306"


      This projects lasted about 6 months, so it is extremely long, I will not quote all of its functioning here, for any necessary information do not hesitate to contribute on github in the case of improving the plugin or contact me on discord. Some plugins are not operational, they will be updated little by little in order to make the whole project complete and full access.
      If you could cover parts of one of the scripts, don't forget to quote me in the authors.
      This post is not fully completed, i will finish im little by little.


      Quote: vehicles.cfg - All vehicles informations and models questions.cfg - All the questions informations sented to server tchat permis.cfg - Driver licence questionary jobs.cfg - All jobs informations such jobname, clantags, salary, etc... items.cfg - All the items informations such price, name, fees, etc... amendes.cfg - Fines informations such price, timejail to stay. Maps name folder ! : Contains all spawns informations and zones from the map ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



      Sorry for my mistakes (if there are any: D) I speak French but I understand English perfectly. Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      Allow you to customize melee weapons that will appear on the map.

      PHP Code: l4d2_melee_spawn "" // Melee weapon list for unlock, use ',' to separate between names, e.g: pitchfork,shovel. Empty for no change
      l4d2_add_melee "" // Add melee weapons in original melee spawn or l4d2_melee_spawn, use ',' to separate between names. Empty for don't add 

      Attached Files l4d2_melee_spawn_control.smx (6.7 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_melee_spawn_control.sp - 3.2 KB) l4d2_melee_spawn_control.txt (774 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      This plugins slays players that tries to use a new exploit named "Air Stuck". It was patched long time ago but the cheat developers figured out a way to make it work again. This video shows how air stuck works.

      Specials thanks to
      painlesstgp for testing my plugin while I made it.
      Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (airstuck_fix.sp - 1.3 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      Guys I Want Owners model That's it
      models\player\Urbana : http://www.mediafire.com/file/u1uiun...rbana.rar/file

      Can u let it
      when i say /ownermodel
      I saw this model pls ?

      Another plugin eassy
      Can u make plugin
      When i kill Zombies Listen this sound HolY Shittttttt.wav
      http://www.mediafire.com/file/jsa2v9...yshit.wav/file Przeczytaj cały wpis
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