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RSS[ANY] Map Slots Locker


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Author: Dragokas (idea by rin-ale).

  • Prevents to join the server via temporarily locking the slots down to 1 on specified maps.
  • Specially designed to "walkaround/bypass" L4D custom maps "missing stringtable" crash, happened when somebody join the map in the middle-game.
  • You can use this plugin for developer purposes as well by locking the server via admin commands (slots aren't unlocked automatically in such case on map change).

Map list is stored here (add new map names to lock the slots on them):
  • data/mapchanger_stringtable_bugged_maps.txt

  • Only transitioned players are allowed to start playing that specific maps. Other players can no longer join the server until the map finishes.
  • Slots are hooked in a way preventing other plugins to change the value until map finishes.
  • You can find more information about the crash in the topic: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Sou...es/issues/3451 | https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=305123
  • Bugged map names could be found in crash logs. See example in above topics.
  • At the moment list contains 13 L4D1 maps.
  • Please, report map names with a such bug to populate the list.

  • There are more TODOs, intended for security improvements... not listed here for safe.

Settings (ConVars):
PHP Code:

// Enable this plugin? (1 - Yes, 0 - No)
sm_maplocker_enable "1" 

Commands: ("z" flag)
PHP Code:

// Lock the map

// Unlock the map

- Unpack and copy everything to addons/sourcemod/

Donates are very appreciated and welcomed for further inspiration, make me happy, and make next updates came out more often:
- Patreon (Paypal)
- BitCoin
- Ю.Money

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