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[NMRiH] WorkshopDL

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This is a band-aid fix to the borked server workshop support in NMRiH 1.10.0.

It enables clients to download maps through the Workshop whenever possible, reducing FastDL dependence. The maps and their respective workshop IDs must be specified in configs/workshop-dl/map_connections.cfg

PHP Code:

"workshop_id" "1480550740"

"workshop_id" "1480487685"

"workshop_id" "1497854909"

I've gone ahead and included a CFG containing all of the IDs for recently uploaded maps, however, no efforts will be made to keep this up to date. There's no need to remove maps that your server doesn't run, they'll simply be ignored.

You must be extremely careful when it comes to specifying workshop IDs. Server will crash if an invalid workshop ID is defined. This is an issue with the game, not the plugin itself (I may eventually add a sanity check for this, anyway)

  • sm_workshop_dl_enabled (1/0) (Default: 1)
    • Enables or disables the plugin.

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File Type: cfg map_connections.cfg (1.6 KB)
File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (workshop-dl.sp - 1.6 KB)

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