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[TF2] Workshop Map Sounds Fix (2018-11-08)

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Note: This is Linux only for now. Game data for Windows exists, but the plugin crashes on both SDKCalls in Windows. DHooks seems fine enough. Not quite sure why.

Hooks into the soundscape / sound override loading process to load soundscapes / sound override files by the map's display name. Fixes completely missing ambient noises and server-sided game sounds on maps loaded in from the Steam Workshop.

Does not fix the client-side issue where the game determine which search path a sound came from. That one's on Valve.

  • spew_sound_override_load_info (default 0): Whether or not to dump loaded sound override files to server console. Just debugging functionality.
Things the plugin will clobber:
You tell me. It should generally cause no issues, though I haven't done an exhaustive check against many Workshop maps. Any maps that use existing sound overrides / workarounds may have their files loaded in twice.

Requires DHooks with dynamic detour support.
stocksoup (my personal library of stocks) is a build dependency.

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