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Najaktywniejszy gracz na serwerze

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Tak, przy użyciu chociażby hlstats, gameme, czy po prostu zapisywania tego samemu w bazie danych. Jeśli mowa o spędzonym czasie oczywiście.

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    • By Radosław Pochopień
      Witam,  od ostatniego czasu mam problem z czatem głosowym, ponieważ nikt się nie może odezwać, jakieś komendy?
    • By Panczo
      Gdy dodam 8 botów na serwer to w liście serwerów pokazuje mi 1/12, a gdy wejdę w "Pokaż informację" pokazuje 9/19.
      Czyli usuwa mi sloty jedynie w liście serwerów i nie mam pojęcia jak to naprawić, może wy coś poradzicie ?
      W cfg mam dopisane 
      bot_chatter                                            off
      bot_defer_to_human_goals                            0
      bot_defer_to_human_items                            1
      bot_difficulty                                        2
      bot_quota                                            8
      bot_quota_mode                                        fill
      bot_join_after_player                                         0
      A tutaj sourcemod.cfg
      // SourceMod Configuration File
      // This file is automatically executed by SourceMod every mapchange.

      // Specifies how admin activity should be relayed to users.  Add up the values
      // below to get the functionality you want.
      // 1: Show admin activity to non-admins anonymously.
      // 2: If 1 is specified, admin names will be shown.
      // 4: Show admin activity to admins anonymously.
      // 8: If 4 is specified, admin names will be shown.
      // 16: Always show admin names to root users.
      // --
      // Default: 13 (1+4+8)
      sm_show_activity 13
      // Specifies whether menu sounds are enabled for menus created by SourceMod.
      // Menu sounds can be further configured in addons/sourcemod/configs/core.cfg.
      // --
      // Default: 1
      sm_menu_sounds 1
      // Specifies how long of a delay, in seconds, should be used in between votes 
      // that are "public" or can be spammed.  Whether or not this delay is obeyed 
      // is dependent on the menu/command.
      // --
      // Default: 30
      sm_vote_delay 30
      // Default datetime formatting rules when displaying to clients.
      // For full options, see: http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007908799/xsh/strftime.html
      // --
      // Default: %m/%d/%Y - %H:%M:%S
      // 12 hour format: %m/%d/%Y - %I:%M:%S %p
      sm_datetime_format "%m/%d/%Y - %H:%M:%S"
      // Sets how SourceMod should check immunity levels when administrators target 
      // each other.
      // 0: Ignore immunity levels (except for specific group immunities).
      // 1: Protect from admins of lower access only.
      // 2: Protect from admins of equal to or lower access.
      // 3: Same as 2, except admins with no immunity can affect each other.
      // --
      // Default: 1
      sm_immunity_mode 1
      // Sets how many seconds SourceMod should adjust time values for incorrect 
      // server clocks.  This can be positive or negative and will affect every 
      // system time in SourceMod, including logging stamps.
      // --
      // Default: 0
      sm_time_adjustment 0
      // Specifies the amount of time that is allowed between chat messages.  This
      // includes the say and say_team commands.  If a client sends a message faster
      // than this time, they receive a flood token.  When the client has accumulated
      // 3 or more tokens, a warning message is shown instead of the chat message.
      // --
      // Requires: antiflood.smx
      // Default: 0.75
      sm_flood_time 0.75
      // Specifies how the reserved slots plugin operates. Valid values are:
      // 0 : Public slots are used in preference to reserved slots. Reserved slots are freed before public slots.
      // 1 : If someone with reserve access joins into a reserved slot, the player with the highest latency and 
      // no reserved slot access (spectator players are selected first) is kicked to make room. Thus, the reserved
      // slots always remains free. The only situation where the reserved slot(s) can become properly occupied is 
      // if the server is full with reserve slot access clients.
      // 2 : The same as sm_reserve_type 1 except once a certain number of admins have been reached, the reserve slot
      // stops kicking people and anyone can join to fill the server. You can use this to simulate having a large
      // number of reserved slots with sm_reserve_type 0 but with only need to have 1 slot unavailable when there are
      // less admins connected.
      // --
      // Requires: reservedslots.smx
      // Default: 0
      sm_reserve_type 0
      // Specifies the number of reserved player slots.  Users with the reservation
      // admin flag set will be able to join the server when there are no public slots
      // remaining. If someone does not have this flag, they will be kicked.
      // (Public slots are defined as: maxplayers - number of reserved slots)
      // --
      // Requires: reservedslots.smx
      // Default: 0
      sm_reserved_slots 0
      // Specifies whether or not reserved slots will be hidden (subtracted from max
      // slot count). Valid values are 0 (Visible) or 1 (Hidden).
      // --
      // Requires: reservedslots.smx
      // Default: 0
      sm_hide_slots 0
      // Specifies whether or not non-admins can send messages to admins using
      // say_team @<message>. Valid values are 0 (Disabled) or 1 (Enabled)
      // --
      // Requires: basechat.smx
      // Default: 1
      sm_chat_mode 1
      // Specifies whether or not "timeleft" will automatically be triggered every
      // x seconds. Valid values are 0 (Disabled) to 1800 seconds.
      // --
      // Requires: basetriggers.smx
      // Default: 0
      sm_timeleft_interval 0
      // Specifies whether or not chat triggers are broadcast to the server or just
      // the player who requested the info trigger. Valid values are 0 (Disabled) or
      // 1 (Enabled)
      // --
      // Requires: basetriggers.smx
      // Default: 0
      sm_trigger_show 0
      // Specifies whether or not to display vote progress to clients in the
      // "hint" box (near the bottom of the screen in most games).
      // Valid values are 0 (Disabled) or 1 (Enabled).
      // --
      // Default: 0
      sm_vote_progress_hintbox 0
      // Specifies whether or not to display vote progress to clients in the
      // chat area. Valid values are 0 (Disabled) or 1 (Enabled).
      // --
      // Default: 0
      sm_vote_progress_chat 0
      // Specifies whether or not to display vote progress in the server console.
      // Valid values are 0 (Disabled) or 1 (Enabled).
      // --
      // Default: 0
      sm_vote_progress_console 0
      // Specifies whether or not to display vote progress to clients in the
      // client console. Valid values are 0 (Disabled) or 1 (Enabled).
      // --
      // Default: 0
      sm_vote_progress_client_console 0
    • By Radosław Pochopień
      Jakieś pomysły jak zbić var na serwerze 128tick?
    • By oles1227
      Witam potrzebuje osoby ktora pomoze mi przy serwerze serwer wykupiony wszystko jest tylko nie umiem za bardzo tych pluginow ogarnac tutaj link do mnie na steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198449062951/edit
    • By Danndy$
      Opis:  Zlecę pomoc przy konfiguracji, a także napisanie paru pluginów na serwer deathrun cs:go szegóły(patrz kontakt)
      Cena: Do ustalenia z fachowcem.
      Płatność:  Paypal/Psc
      Kontakt: discord : Danndy$#6592
      steam id/danndysek
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