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[ANY] Command Aliases (V1.3, 2019-05-14)

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  • Description
This plugin adds a command listener for each key in its config and fires its corresponding value with FakeClientCommand. Any commands that it listens to will be blocked, so if you pass an empty value it will usually end up doing nothing. It was created so that I wouldn't have to recompile plugins every time someone wanted a different variation of an existing command.
  • Feature List
  • Create commands on the fly
  • Late loading support
  • Works with both chat and console commands
  • Command arguments are still passed
  • Block existing commands
  • CVAR/Command list
-sm_reload_aliases - ADMFLAG_CONFIG - Reloads the command alias config
  • Installation instructions
Just load the plugin like any other plugin. It will create config in your sourcemod/configs/ folder, and will contain an example one for itself.
  • Changelog

2019-05-14 (v1.3)
*Initial public release
  • Release

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