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[TF2] Killstreak Preferences

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This plugin will allow players to select a Killstreak effect.

This plugin is essentially a port of the Freak Fortress 2 version for bosses and minions. Note that it requires TF2Attributes to use and compile.



Known Bugs



Attached Files
File Type: smx kstreak_pref.smx (15.0 KB)
File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (kstreak_pref.sp - 28.0 KB)
File Type: inc tf2kstreak.inc (1.4 KB)
File Type: txt kstreak.phrases.txt (2.2 KB)

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      Sorry, My English is Bad

      This plugin fixing engineer bots
      You can see in game
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      nukesalot_version : Version of plugin
      nukesalot_thirdperson Should Nukesalot have thirdperson?

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      Pelipoika for doing Bedeflector plugin which based on that one https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2179796

      Known Bugs:
      Nukesalot spawns with 4 ammo in clip (Should with 2)

      To-Do list
      Add only 1 weapon

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      Sorry, My English is Bad

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      When I was younger I used to hang out on Mario_Kart and try to hit back sandman baseballs slung towards me with a bat, but to no avail. Now, this is possible! Only instead, you can return any projectile back with a swing of the ol' wood.

      It's a straight up can-o'-corn: you swing your bat, and any projectiles (within a cvar-determinant range and FOV) get beanball'd right back. Really helps cover one's bases if you get cornered by a Soldier or Demoman.

      Any of these baseball idioms getting to ya?

      Professionally edited showcase video

      Code: "sm_tfbaseball_velmult", "1.15", "Speed multiplier for a bat'd projectile."
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