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  1. TTT

    Hello, how to set admin on TTT server? CS:GO please i need help, i dont know how to do it, i want permissions to see who is traitor and others. Thanks. Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  2. Auto Translate v1.0.0 Description This plugin utilises Google Cloud Translate API to automatically translates user sent chat messages. Clients can choose their preferred target language, to which other languages in chat will be translated to. They can also toggle any of the source languages to their preference. (i.e. if you speak multiple languages you can toggle those off and they will not be translated) The full list of languages supported by Google can be found here. Commands sm_languagemenu or sm_lmenu - Toggles language menu for language selection. Dependencies SMJansson by Thrawn2 System2 by dordnung Includes for compiling More Colors by Dr. McKay stringescape by dordnung Installation instructions This plugin requires a Google API key to function! For creating an API key, see the documentation. Install required extensions. Install plugin to sourcemod/plugins as you would normally. Create api-key.txt in /addons/sourcemod/config/sm-translate/ with your Google API key inside. Changelog Code: v1.0.0 (2018-02-20) * initial release Source code Attached Files sm-translate.smx (19.9 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  3. CS:GO - Welcome Chat Message (WCM). This plugin allows you to send any messages to new players connecting to your server. This overall plugin is inspired by PNKS! Competitive servers, so shoutout to them. Here's some in-game screenshots of what the plugin looks like: Note: Don't pm me for support, just post here so others can help and learn from the answers. Thank's for checking this plugin out, if you appreciate my work, feel free to donate! <3 Steam: If you're checking out my steam profile, I apologize for the picture of the models on my artwork showcase, I don't have a girlfriend. That should be fairly obvious XD. Attached Files cmsg.smx (4.4 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (cmsg.sp - 1.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  4. Description: This plugin allows each player in the game/server to view all of the attributes/stats (such as damage, maximum ammo, functions, maximum clip, etc.) of each weapon in the game. WARNING! The one here I posted is the BETA version while the other two (versions 1.1 and 1.2) are still being finalized by me. Don't expect other features yet because for now, it only displays the stats of other weapons (specifically gascans, propane and oxygen tanks, and firework crates). ConVars: "weapon_stats-l4d2_version" - "1.0" (Version of this plugin) "ws-l4d2_warnings" - "1" (Enable/Disable warnings this plugin makes) Commands: "sm_weapon_stats" \ "sm_wstats" > Displays all weapons' statistics "sm_weapons" / Error Codes: PHP Code: /* * [L4D2] Weapon Stats plugin - Error Codes * * In here, all of the errors reported by the plug-in itself are found. * If you don't know what these errors are exactly, you can use this * for reference. * * Feel free to copy this as I am giving you the right to do so. * This can also be useful if you are not the one running your * server as this can serve as a guide for your server host to know * if in case the plug-in starts reporting these errors. * * These error codes may change in every update, so don't hesitate to * update the previous one you've copied or check again in this plug-in's * thread found in the forums. * * Without any further ado, please familiarize yourself with the * error codes below whilst sitting back, watching as your server * goes smoothly and the plug-in performs its duty, and (probably) * helping yourself with a warm cup of tea. :) */ : WSP-EC-00 = Left 4 Downtown 2 extension cannot be found or is not installed. : WSP-EC-01 = (*A) "weapon_stats-l4d2.cfg" was not found in SM's data folder. = (*B) "weapon_stats.phrases.txt" was not found in SM's translations folder. : WSP-EC-02 = Another config file of the plug-in was found in [your L4D2 dir]/cfg/sourcemod folder. Please delete it if you recompiled/updated the plug-in. : WSP-EC-03 = A client (server console or not in game) tried to access the command. : WSP-EC-04 = A malfunction has occurred while translating the text for a client's menu. It could be that [1] the menu was no longer valid, [2] the text used for translation was left blank, or [3] the client was no longer in the server. : WSP-EC-05 = Displaying other weapons' stats was incomplete. Only reason is client not in the server anymore. = (*A) Occurred during displaying the stats for gascans. {Sub} >[1] "gasoline_cans" was incorrectly placed or missing in the data file. As a result, the plug-in will default back to English language. >[2] "function" had another string besides "WS_GC_Function". Probably set to another language that this plug-in hasn't supported yet. >[3] same as [2] but this time, it's from the "special" key value having another string besides "WS_OW_Special". >[4] same as [2] but this time, it's from the "problem" key value having another string besides "WS_OW_Problem". = (*B) Occurred during displaying the stats for propane tanks. {Sub} >[1] "propane_tanks" was incorrectly placed or missing in the data file. As a result, the plug-in will default back to English language. >[2] "function" had another string besides "WS_PT_OT_Function". Probably set to another language that this plug-in hasn't supported yet. >[3] same as [2] but this time, it's from the "special" key value having another string besides "WS_OW_Special". >[4] same as [2] but this time, it's from the "problem" key value having another string besides "WS_OW_Problem". = (*C) Occurred during displaying the stats for oxygen tanks. {Sub} >[1] "oxygen_tanks" was incorrectly placed or missing in the data file. As a result, the plug-in will default back to English language. >[2] "function" had another string besides "WS_PT_OT_Function". Probably set to another language that this plug-in hasn't supported yet. >[3] same as [2] but this time, it's from the "special" key value having another string besides "WS_OW_Special". >[4] same as [2] but this time, it's from the "problem" key value having another string besides "WS_OW_Problem". = (*D) Occurred during displaying the stats for firework crates. {Sub} >[1] "firework_crates" was incorrectly placed or missing in the data file. As a result, the plug-in will default back to English language. >[2] "function" had another string besides "WS_PT_OT_Function". Probably set to another language that this plug-in hasn't supported yet. >[3] same as [2] but this time, it's from the "special" key value having another string besides "WS_OW_Special". >[4] same as [2] but this time, it's from the "problem" key value having another string besides "WS_OW_Problem". Bugs: None, hopefully. It is in beta, after all. :) Installation: Click "Get Plugin" and place the compiled .smx file to your SM's plugin folder. Download and place the .cfg file in your SM's data folder. Download and place the .txt file in your SM's translations folder. Start up server and see if it works. If not, repeat. :) Notes: Should I put this up in GitHub? Remember that this is still in beta version. Other features which can be found in newest versions (that are still being fixed) are not included. Screenshots will be posted soon about the other versions. Current languages supported are English, Chinese, and Japanese. You can share the translations in your dialect and of course, be given with credits. Changelog: 02-19-2016: First release. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (weapon_stats-l4d2.sp - 33.0 KB) weapon_stats-l4d2.cfg (499 Bytes) weapon_stats.phrases.txt (6.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  5. StackHealthShot

    This is a simple plugin that allows to reach more than 100 HP with healthshots. DOWNLOAD Code: To install just drag the .smx file (addons/sourcemod/plugins/) to your plugins directory. GITHUB Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  6. [FOF] Damage Modifier ( Version 0.1.0, 2018-02-18 ) A Plugin that provides the ability of tweaking around with the damage points a player endures or inflicts for Fistful of Frags. Easy to install and pretty lightweight, just for the fun of it. For example you could double the damage for all players on the server like this: sm_makedamage @all 2.0 Or - make yourself almost invincible: sm_takedamage @me 0.1 But hey: be responsible and don't do admin abuse. People should have fun playing on your server! Features Set a modifier for the damage a player endures Set a modifier for the damage a player inflicts Store default modifiers for certain players in a config file Player Commands There are no player commands. Only admins should be able to fiddle around with this. Admin Commands As an admin, you can do this: sm_takedamage <name|#userid> <modifier> -> Silently set the modifier of damage taken by a certain player. For example: sm_takedamage @all 0.5 divides the damage points for all player in half. sm_makedamage <name|#userid> <modifier> -> Silently set the modifier of damage caused by a certain attacker. For example: sm_makedamage joe 2 doubles the damage points caused by player 'joe'. Keep in mind: both settings add up! So for example this would result in normal damage point behaviour: sm_takedamage @all 0.5 sm_makedamage @all 2 CVars sm_damage_version -> the plugin's version, obviously... sm_damage_enabled -> 1/0 for enabling or disabling the plugin. (Default 1) Installation Download the ZIP file and extract it into the sourcemod base folder. Usually here: .../fof/addons/sourcemod After that, restart your server or (re)load the plugin: sm plugins load fof_damage Configuration Take a look inside the fof_damage.cfg and modify it to your needs! It's pretty straightforward, really! Spoiler As for now, just take a look into the file I provided with this plugin. Pretty much is described in the comments. I will publish a detailed description here later... Download Download from GitHub: View the GitHub repository here: Use the functionality there to contribute to the sources! Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  7. About: BSP ConVar Allower > Applying bspconvar_whitelist.txt permanently > No need to be troubled with CS:GO updates by this Dependencies: DHooks Commands: None Configs: Just Edit bspconvar_whitelist_permanent.txt as like bspconvar_whitelist.txt Updates: 0.0 -> 0.1 :: Petit Release Attached Files (8.3 KB) BspConVarAllower.smx (5.6 KB) bspconvar_whitelist_permanent.txt (544 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  8. Made by Dayonn_dayonn Uploaded by yomox9 My english is poor. So please simple sentence. Commands: !winrate or !wr Example: Changelog: 02/15/2018 v1.0.5 Initial release Attached Files NMRiH_WinRate_v1_0_5.ZIP (119.6 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (NMRiH_WinRate_v1.sp - 38.2 KB) NMRiH_WinRate_v1.smx (13.8 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. Optional extension dependency: SMFFMPEG Used to toggle sound files based on their duration rather than a static timeout. Usage: Players should have cl_customsounds 1 and cl_soundfile "path/to/some.wav" set. Features: Meleeing a player's spray will play that player's cl_customsound (only for the player who hit it.) Meleeing the spray again will toggle the sound off, depending on SMFFMPEG availability. Fallback sound used if the player doesn't have custom sounds enabled. Commands: !sprays Reapplies all sprays that exist (fixes invisible sprays for clients who had not downloaded them at the time they were sprayed) Rechecks client's cl_customsounds value Admin commands: !sprays global Same as the above, except for every player on the server CVARS: sm_Rociar_SprayDistanceLimit 75.0 Minimum allowed distance in hammer units between two sprays (as a sphere, not a square/cube) sm_Rociar_SpraySoundToggleTime 5 Without smffmpeg: Time in seconds that meleeing a spray will toggle the sound off/on rather than replay With smffmpeg: 0 = Disable toggle >0 = Enable toggle for the duration of the sound file sm_Rociar_CustomsoundsDisabled_Inform 1 Inform the player if cl_customsounds is disabled when meleeing a spray 0 = Do nothing 1 = Tell them to use cl_customsounds 1, and the !sprays command to update sm_Rociar_CustomsoundsDisabled_Mode 1 What to do if the player has cl_customsounds 0 and melees a spray 0 = Nothing 1 = Play the fallback sound 2 = Attempt to play the customsound anyway 3 = Play the fallback sound and attempt to play the customsound sm_Rociar_CustomsoundsDisabled_FallbackFile "ui/hitsound_retro2.wav" Which file to play if the player has cl_customsounds 0 sm_Rociar_SpraycanNoiseFrequency 10 Spraycan Noise Frequency 0 = Disable noise entirely >0 = Wait N seconds between spraycan noise decalfrequency is used internally because the Player Decal event is hooked before it executes to prevent the spray sound from being spammed Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (rociar.sp - 16.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. So this plugin like the other chat processors posted in Allied Modders allows you to manipulate chat messages with a nice built-in feature to hide name changes by admins from players, but still show to admins. I didn't have sufficient time and methods to test it but it's running on my current server so it shouldn't be bugged. For now I declare it as beta. The forward: Code: public Action:CR_OnChatSent(&Sender, &bChat, String:Tag[], String:Name[], String:Message[], &Something, &OtherSomething, players[], &playersNum) @param Sender The client sending the message. @param bChat Unsure, I think whether or not the message is printed in console not only in chat. @param String:Tag[] Message display tags ( Changing will not affect who will see it, but it acts as a format of message, Example: #L4D_Chat_All, #L4D_Chat_Infected ) @param String:Name[] Name of the sender. @param String:Message[] The message the client sends. @param Something No clue. @param OtherSomething No clue. @param players[] List of players who will receive the message. @param playersNum Size of the array players[] @Return Even to allow chat to send, Odd to disallow chat to send. Plugin_Stop will act as Plugin_Continue due to that. @Note Tag in L4D2 and probably all games will contain "Name" when the chat message is a name change. @Note All parameters are copied back to the forward. Here's a funny example on how to block normies from seeing messages. Code: public Action:CR_OnChatSent(&Sender, &bChat, String:Tag[], String:Name[], String:Message[], &Something, &OtherSomething, players[], &playersNum) { new Reduce; for(new i=0;i < playersNum;i++) { new target = players; if(!IsClientInGame(target)) continue; else if(IsFakeClient(target)) continue; else if(!IsNormie(target)) continue; players = -1; Reduce++; } SortIntegers(players, playersNum, Sort_Descending); playersNum -= Reduce; return Plugin_Continue; } The post forward is exactly the same: Code: public Action:CR_OnChatSent_Post(Sender, bChat, String:Tag[], String:Name[], String:Message[], Something, OtherSomething, players[], playersNum) Remember: I didn't fully test it so bugs may appear. Also, it was only tested in Left 4 Dead 2. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (ChatRevamp.sp - 7.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. bTimes 1.9.0 Disclaimer: I did NOT make the original bTimes 1.8.3 for Counter-Strike: Source. That was made by blacky( and this is my updated version of bTimes 1.8.3. Blacky has given me permission to release this. I will continue to support this, but will not pull code from blacky's bTimes 2.0 for this, if you want bTimes 2.0, you can contact blacky to buy it from him. Feel free to report any issues you find on the GitHub repository linked below or add me on steam. If you add me on steam, please comment why or it could be a very long time before I add you. Added Features from bTimes 1.8.3 to 1.9.0: Added TAS Style option. Added ability to make flat zones. Complete redesign of cp menu. !replay to select replays other than Normal and Normal Bonus. CS:GO Compatibility. (I removed CS:S compatibility while doing this. I could go back and add it back if people want it.) Added SSJ. There is still more small things not worth listing here. Modules: bTimes-core - The root of bTimes. bTimes-cp - Checkpoints plugin for the timer. bTimes-extras - Weapon commands and cvar enforcement. bTimes-ghost - Shows a bot that replays the top times using 1 bot per style/type(not recommended, only included for legacy purposes). bTimes-ghost_one - Shows a bot that replays the top times using !replay and 1 bot for Normal Main/Bonus. bTimes-random - Handles events and modifies them to fit bTimes' needs. bTimes-ranks - Controls server rankings. bTimes-SSJ - Speed at 6 Jumps plugin.(not required) bTimes-TAS - Allows for creation of Tool Assisted Speedrun styles. bTimes-timelimit - Handles ending the round when using "mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 1". bTimes-timer - The timer portion of the bTimes plugin. bTimes-zones - Used to create map zones. Installation: Go to csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg and add this section, with your values swapped in. Code: "timer" { "driver" "mysql" "host" "HOST" "database" "DATABASE" "user" "USER" "pass" "PASSWORD" } Upload the files from the zip. Add these options to your server.cfg. Code: sv_gravity 800 sv_accelerate 5 sv_friction 4 sv_airaccelerate 1000 sv_ladder_scale_speed 1 sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities 0 sv_autobunnyhopping 1 sv_staminajumpcost "0.0" sv_staminalandcost "0.0" mp_ignore_round_win_conditions "1" sv_pure "0" mp_match_restart_delay "0" sm_cvar bot_freeze "1" sm_cvar bot_zombie "1" sm_cvar bot_stop "1" sm_cvar bot_dont_shoot "1" sm_cvar mp_respawn_immunitytime "0" mp_respawn_immunitytime "0" sm_cvar bot_controllable "0" sm_cvar mp_autoteambalance "0" mp_autoteambalance "0" sm_cvar mp_limitteams "0" mp_limitteams "0" sv_infinite_ammo "1" bot_quota_mode "normal" bot_join_after_player 0 bot_join_team "ct" Colors for ranks configuration: {team} {white} {red} {lightpurple} {green} {lime} {lightgreen} {lightred} {gray} {lightolive} {olive} {lightblue} {blue} {purple} FAQ: Q: My ranks aren't working? A: First check your error logs for issues connecting to MySQL server, then check that your database tables are using MyISAM, not InnoDB. (The timer currently doesn't support InnoDB, only MyISAM. Although zones may continue to work, you may notice players not getting points and other issues if this is set incorrectly.) Q: My first chat color in my ranks don't work? A: Due to the way the chat messages are sent, please verify that you have an extra space in front of each rank like in the example config included in the original zip. (There must be 1 character before you put a color. Assuming you don't want your first color to be team color, you can use a space for this so it is invisible.) Admin Commands: sm_zones - opens up the zones menu (Cheats flag) sm_delete - you can delete a range of values with this. (sm_delete 1 5 deletes records from 1 to 5) (sm_delete 1 deletes record 1) (Cheats flag) sm_hudfuck - use this only on players who deserve it. It removes their hud and they can't communicate because of it. (Generic flag) sm_move - gets players out of things like walls they are stuck in. It moves them forward in the direction they look. (Generic flag) sm_deleteghost - deletes the ghost in case of bugs. (Cheats flag) sm_reloadranks - reloads chat ranks. (Root flag) sm_enablecc <steamid> - to give someone custom chat privileges. (Root flag) sm_disablecc <steamid> - to remove someone's custom chat privileges. (Root flag) sm_cclist - to see a list of every player with custom chat privileges. (Cheats flag) sm_recalcpts - recalculates all the points in the database. (Cheats flag) sm_spj - check the strafes per jump ratios for any player. (Generic flag) sm_enablestyle - enables a style for players to use. (Resets to default setting on map change) sm_disablestyle - disables a style so players can no longer use it. (Resets to default setting on map change) sm_reloadstyles - reloads the styles.cfg file. (Generic flag) sm_showcycle - it shows the data from the file mapcycle.txt (Generic flag) Changelog: You can view the changelog and the latest source code at this project's GitHub repository: Attached Files (1.71 MB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  12. CTBans Web Interface. This one is especially for databomb's plugin. For other ctban plugins it will not work without changes. Prewiev: Installation is simple ! Upload file to your FTP. Add database info.: PHP Code: $server=""; //db host $username=""; //db username $password=""; //db password $database=""; //db name $results_per_page="15"; Change favicon and menu: HTML Code: <link rel="icon" href="LINK TO IMAGE" sizes="32x32" /> <div id="mySidenav" class="sidenav"> <a href="javascript:void(0)" class="closebtn" onclick="closeNav()">&times;</a> <a href="#home">HOME</a> <a href="#banlist">BanList</a> <a href="#forum">Unban</a> <a href="#hlstats">HLstatS</a> </div> ChangeLog: Code: 1.0.1 Updated PHP. Design remake. + menu, search and favicon. + colors ...(little changes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  13. [BMS] fix mp_timelimit

    Description: -Mod: Black Mesa Source (only) -allows you to change the time limit during the game via "mp_timelimit" -plugins which use cvar "mp_timelimit" or "ExtendMapTimeLimit(int time)" should work again gl & hf Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (is_bms_fix_timelimit.sp - 2.3 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  14. This plugin punish your especially active administrators. You can setting actions count, command for punish and time. You can set the maximum number of actions, the command for punishment and the time during which the number of actions will be taken into account. Console Variables (aka CVars): sm_adminpunish_enabled - Enables/disables plugin sm_adminpunish_command - The command to execute after exceeding the limit. Available tokens: {UID} - Administrator User ID {NAME} - Administrator Username {STEAM} - Administrator SteamID v2, if available. {IPADDR} - Administrator IP Address For example, if you need ban administrator on 10 minutes, you set this value for convar: Code: sm_adminpunish_command "sm_ban #{UID} 10 Calm down!" sm_adminpunish_immune - Flags of the administrators who should be ignored by the plugin. Leave empty, if you don't need immunable admins. sm_adminpunish_maxactions - Number of actions after which the administrator will be punished. sm_adminpunish_maxtime - he time after which the plugin resets the number of actions of the admin. sm_adminpunish_version - Plugin version :3 Changelog: Code: 2018.02.10 (v1.0) * First public release Installation Instructions: Unzip archive on your PC Edit configuration file (/cfg/sourcemod/adminpunish.cfg) Upload files on game server Video Demonstration Attached Files AdminPunish.7z (8.2 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (AdminPunish.sp - 6.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  15. [TF2] Sound and Entity Debugger v1.0.0 Description: This plugin was created for debugging plugins particular to sounds, entities, and temp entities. On command toggle, messages will print to chat, displaying information about whatever is toggled. It can get rather messy. Only tested in TF2 Commands: sm_teinf - Toggles Temporary Entity Info (ADMFLAG_ROOT) sm_einf - Toggles Entity Info ADMFLAG_ROOT) sm_trinf - Toggles Transmission Info (ADMFLAG_ROOT) Forewarning, this command can get messy quick. Use sparingly sm_pinf - Toggles Particle Info (ADMFLAG_ROOT) sm_sinf - Toggles Sound Info (ADMFLAG_ROOT) sm_tedisable - Enable/Disable Temporary Entities (ADMFLAG_ROOT) Installation: Upload to your /addons/sourcemod/plugins directory, and reboot your server or type "sm plugins load debugger" into your console or rcon. Changelog: [*]v1.0.0 (6/2/12) Initial release . Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (debugger.sp - 7.8 KB) debugger.smx (8.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł