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    [any]chat trigger sound

    簡易版的聊天觸發提示音,安裝後即可使用 創作原因: 論壇同類型的插件有很多,並且功能更多 但我並不想要功能過度繁雜 插件說明: 除了輸入的字串一開始是使用 "!" , "/" 會過濾掉,其他將觸發聊天提示聲音 修改後支援其他遊戲: 第7行: (可自行更換) #define DD "buttons/blip1.wav" 版本: v1.0 新增插件 google 的翻譯太爛,我只好使用我的母語 我並不是專業的編譯人員,或許代碼可以精簡,任何人都可以繼續完善它 贊助網址 Donation URL Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (Say_Sound.sp - 1.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł

    Better HP Regen

    TESTED GAMES: TEAM FORTRESS 2 With that plugin you'll be able to enable/disable a full customizable hp regen, with cvars and commands Commands: ---------------------------------- sm_ammount <value> - The hp ammount that will be regenerated sm_interval <value> - The interval (in seconds) of HP regeneration sm_hpregen - Enable/Disable the plugin Cvars: ---------------------------------- hp_ammount <value> - The hp ammount that will be regenerated hp_interval <value> - The interval (in seconds) of HP regeneration hp_hpregen <1-0> - Enable/Disable the plugin [1 - Enable/ 0 - Disable] Attached Files BetterHP.smx (13.0 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (BetterHP.sp - 5.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  3. No Spread Plugin For Surf Servers Plugin with option to Enable/Disable NoSpread or Vote NoSpread Saw a lot of people looking for plugin like this so I made this plugin. Commands PHP Code: /votenp (Open a menu with Enable/Disable to enable or disable NoSpread) /np (Command to enable no spread or disable no spread) Feel free to edit the plugin or anything else <3 Discord : Pilo#0001 Can easily find me in sourcemod discord server! Attached Files NoSpread.smx (5.8 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (NoSpread.sp - 2.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  4. Description: Survivors can carry two weapons in one slot (Press key 1 to switch between weapons). This is a fork of original plugin by panxiaohai: I studied original plugin and all available forks (modifications from other authors) and all of them has many annoing bugs, so I decided to write my own fork. See the list of changes: Spoiler 1.8.x (rin-ale) - Added code to drop both weapons (if exist) when player dies. 1.8.1 (Dragokas) - Fixed cases when on first spawn and team switch you need to press key "1" two times instead of one. 1.8.2 (Dragokas) - Fixed exploit when player can increase number of bullets by placing new weapon in slot where weapon entity with more bullets is killed. - Removed code for resetting player weapon when he goes !afk or returns by !join - Fixed issue when you need pick up a weapon (or click RMB) to switch weapon instead of pressing "1" key on each round start. - Fixed issue when you need press "1" key twice (instead of once) to switch weapon if player just picked up a new weapon. 1.8.3 (Dragokas) - Fixed issue when player cannot switch weapon if he ran out of ammo. - Fixed issue when entity is not removed in some circumstances (bug in previous patch). 1.8.4 (Dragokas) - Fixed "Entity 4 (4) is invalid" in GetClientButtons. Compatibility: - L4D1. - L4D2 - unknown, perhars, partial. Theoretically, I can add support by request. Commands: See original plugin topic. Settings (ConVars): See original plugin topic. If you change ConVar, you has no support from me. Use attached config only. Tested settings: - l4d_me_slot0 "1" - l4d_me_slot2 "0" - l4d_me_slot3 "0" - l4d_me_slot4 "0" Support, using, installation: No future support. This is final and well tested version. Copy smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins Copy l4d_multiple_equipment_all.cfg to cfg/sourcemod I'm not going to provide support if you change ConVars in above config. I just has no time. Credits: - panxiaohai & Marcus101RR - original authors - rin-ale - some fixes Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_multiple_dragokas.sp - 59.0 KB) l4d_multiple_equipment_all.cfg (729 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  5. Author: Figa (fork by Dragokas) Description: This is 4 upgrades: Laser Sight, Silencer, Night Vision and Fast Reload. Most plugins for laser in L4D1 cause client's crash on some servers. This fork uses SDK-method that work fine all the time. Commands: sm_silent - Toggle Silencer sm_laser - Toggle Laser Sight sm_night - Toggle Night Vision sm_reload - Toggle Fast Reload Settings (ConVars): l4d_enable_silencer - 1 - Enable Toggle Silencer Upgrade; 0 - Disable This Upgrade l4d_enable_laser_sight - 1 - Enable Toggle Laser Sight Upgrade; 0 - Disable This Upgrade l4d_enable_night_vision - 1 - Enable Toggle Night Vision Upgrade; 0 - Disable This Upgrade l4d_enable_fast_reload - 1 - Enable Toggle Fast Reload Upgrade; 0 - Disable This Upgrade Installation: - copy l4d_useful_upgrades.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins - copy l4d_luu.phrases.txt to addons/sourcemod/translations Credits: - Whosat - for SDK-method of laser activation Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_useful_upgrades.sp - 9.4 KB) l4d_luu.phrases.txt (1.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  6. This is a rules plugin that supercedes all other rule plugins, as this is a type of plugin that allows you to add rules in-game, delete them and even edit their positions. Modifying is not possible, you can just delete and move positions. This is beta because I didn't have time to check all bugs, you can help with that of course. Unlike some rule plugins, this is not the annoying type of rules that ambushes him on connect and tells to accept. It will display the rules every connect, and a player can exit the rules without receiving any penalty. They will know about the possible consequences of not accepting yet, and admins are able to force players to view the rules with !showrules. When a new rule is added, all players will need to check the rules again, and the new rule will be marked with a * so the player knows what to read. Cvars: advanced_rules_force_show - Forces the player to view the rules on connect. If set to 0, just informs the player that he needs to view the rules. Commands: !rules - Displays the rules. !showrules - Allows a generic admin to force a player to open the rules menu. !managerules - Allows a ROOT admin to edit the contents of the rules menu, features are adding a new rule, deleting an existing rule and moving a rule to a certain position. If you require editing a rule's name / description, delete it and re-create it. !addrule_name <rule name> - When creating a new rule, this command is used to set the new rule's name. !addrule_desc <rule description> - When creating a new rule, this command is used to set the new rule's description. After both commands were used, pressing "Add a rule" will add the new rule to the end of the key value file. The point in this plugin is to ditch the annoying "server rules in a forum nobody is going to check" and instead, players will be able to view the rules in their spare time ( probably when dead ) and will be able to activate basic logic to avoid being banned. You can input your entire server rules in this. You have 256 characters per rule description, which should be more than enough. Adding rules is easy and I advise very much against editing the key value file, which you don't even have to generate by yourself. How to install: Press "AdvancedRules.smx" and put it inside the folder "addons/sourcemod/plugins" within your game folder ( csgo/cstrike/tf2 etc... ) Restart the server or better, write this in the chat: !rcon sm plugins load AdvancedRules Alternatively, you can write this in the console for the exact same effect: sm_rcon sm plugins load AdvancedRules DO NOT PRESS GET PLUGIN UNLESS YOU DON'T WANT UPDATER SUPPORT!!! Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (AdvancedRules.sp - 20.9 KB) AdvancedRules.smx (16.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  7. Show your discord address as a warning to users in different languages. You can write discord in the "discord.phrases.txt" file in the translations folder in the desired languages. Requirements : - Commands : - !discord - !dc - !sm_discord - !sm_dc Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (HDT_Discord.sp - 934 Bytes) HDT_Discord.smx (10.2 KB) (17.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  8. Description: Fix the case when player cannot enter the game until he press the tilde ` key (open console) several times. This is usually happen when player are trying to join the empty server second time. Action:This plugin is entirely block "pause" client's command. Commands: Nothing Settings (ConVars): Nothing Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (UnPause.sp - 586 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. I am trying to get like an advertising plugin to work but can't seem to. Can anyone help? I used all the plugins that is found, but none of the plugin work. Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. WELCOME INTRODUCTION: So many times I needed to automatically execute a CFG but I it would be overwriten by other loading plugin. DESCRIPTION: This plugin adds new command sm_dexeccfg, which will ensure, your CFG will load after all plugins loaded, or in correct order according to your needings. This was inspired on "client exec" plugin. INFO: Delay must be given as float string. 1.0=1 second // 0.5=half second. If omited, or <=0.0, plugin will exec your file inmediatelly. REQUERIMENTS: - Sourcemod >= 1.9 Change log: version 1.0 [6 FEB 2019] - Initial release. Convars: None, just version PHP Code: sm_dexeccfg_version Admin commands: PHP Code: sm_dexeccfg "cfgfile" delay=0.0 Console commands: No user commands implemented. Known bugs: - None at the moment. Please, report here. To do list: - Auto append ".cfg" Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (sm_dexeccfg.sp - 1.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. [TF2/ANY?]Projectile Camera description : This plugin tracks the position of an entity owned from the player, pressing RELOAD Button you enable cam view in that point, when you release the button the cam will be destroyed. CVARS: // camera model // - // Default: "models/props_spytech/security_camera.mdl" cam_model "models/props_spytech/security_camera.mdl" // hide cam model // - // Default: "1" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" hide_cam "1" // 0 to m_hOwnerEntity, 1 to m_hThrower // - // Default: "0" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" detect_owner "0" // Enable Fly View // - // Default: "1" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" flyview_enabled "1" // projectile type // - // Default: "tf_projectile_stun_ball" proj_type "tf_projectile_stun_ball" // spycam_enable? // - // Default: "1" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" spycam_enable "1" Player Commands: !fw Enable Fly view on entity ( just 1 time ) !camhelp Show help menu. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (spycam_view.sp - 10.4 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  12. remove drop weapon CreateConVar("sm_drop_clear_time", "10.0", "clear time", 0); Donation URL Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (remove_weapon_drop.sp - 867 Bytes) remove_weapon_drop.smx (4.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  13. remove (weapon,melee,item) CreateConVar("sm_clear_scan_time", "30.0", "scan time", 0); 1:ON 0:OFF CreateConVar("sm_clear_scan_weapon", "1", "scan weapon"); CreateConVar("sm_clear_scan_melee", "1", "scan melee"); CreateConVar("sm_clear_scan_item", "1", "scan item"); Poor English ability, some places are too lazy to change Donation URL Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_clear_map.sp - 3.3 KB) l4d2_clear_map.smx (5.8 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  14. :: Description :: Allows player to use CS:GO internal parachute. No need to put custom materials / models on servers. :: Commands :: !parachute / !chute - Equip a parachute (When "sm_parachute_enabled" is 1) :: ConVars :: sm_parachute_enabled "2" - Enable/Disable this plugin [0: Disabled, 1: Allows equip command, 2: Enabled use parachute anytime] :: Attention :: Put "" on addons/sourcemod/gamedata/ Attached Files (318 Bytes) Get Plugin or Get Source (CSGOParachute.sp - 5.4 KB) CSGOParachute.smx (7.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł

    [L4D2] Medic

    Description: Each round, 1 of the survivors becomes a medic and he gets Magnum. A medic can't take another weapon instead of a Magnum. If a medic fires a Magnum, he creates a zone in which all survivors will receive HP. / Sorry for my English. Cvars and Commands: hCvarHealCount - The amount of HP a survivor from the area. hMaxHealth - The maximum amount of HP that can issue an area hIncapHealCount - Number of HP received from the zone for incapacitated survivors. hIncapMaxHeal - The maximum amount of HP to incapacitated survivors. hDurationRing - Zone life time. hRadiusOfRing - The radius of the zone. hRangeOfHeal - The radius of the work zone. hCvarIsVisible - Will the zone give health to survivors through walls. !rmedic - If you're a medic, you can give a random survivor a medic. !bm - If for some reason there is no medic in the team, then playing for the survivors you can become a medic by prescribing !bm. The plugin is completely in Russian. Sorry I don't know English. To compile, you need! Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (Medic.sp - 14.7 KB) Medic.smx (15.7 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł