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  1. Description Ever had the dull feeling that basic / standard AM plugins included with all installations were missing that touch of color? Here I'm introducing Base Plugins+. This will effectivly package all plugins AM is included with into one plugin with a modifiable config which you can configure to change colors and enable / disable modules. Additional Info I have not gotten around to re-adding the commands back into !admin yet. Also I've not re-wrote all the base plugins yet. Down below you can see which modules have been re-written and which haven't. I will try to stick to a new module being completed a day. Installing Copy / Compile the Plugin. /plugins/Base-Plugins-Plus.smx | /scripting/Base-Plugins-Plus.sp Copy all Translation Files. Reload the map in-order to cache the Translations files. Changelog Download Translations If you would like to contribute to the Translations, feel free to submit a pull request with the translations for your language respectively done. Thanks. Modules ? - Player Commands ? - Base Commands ? - Fun Commands Config PHP Code: "BasePlugins" { "prefix" "[{blue}SM{white}]" // All Colors Listed Below "text" "{white}" "data" "{yellow}" "admin" "{orange}" "target" "{red}" "basecommands" "1" // 1 = Enabled | 0 = Disabled "funcommands" "1" "playercommands" "1" } Colors: Example Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  2. Description: This plugin provides additional features for other plugin. Working as core. It can check player is in steam group. Commands: swgm_check ? force check all connected players. swgm_list? list of players with group info. Cvars: swgm_groupid ? identifier of your steam group. swgm_timer ? interval beetwen checks. Requirements: Sourcemod 1.8+ SteamWorks Instalation: Put files from archive into your Sourcemod folder. Open group administration panel and copy identifier, then set it in swgm_groupid. (Don't forget edit cfg/sourcemod/swgm.cfg) GitHub: SWGM Archive contains these modules: Command Listener - block commands SM (some client side commands as kill may work). Attached Files (18.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  3. [L4D] Colors Admin

    Hi all. The plugin gives the admin color. PHP Code: ADMFLAG_ROOT - Red ADMFLAG_GENERIC - Blue ADMFLAG_CUSTOM1 - Green Attached Files l4d_colors admin.smx (4.7 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_colors admin.sp - 646 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  4. Allows medic to heal RED and BLU teams. Plugin doesn't have any cvars or commands. Just install it. Installation: Place tf2_allow_enemy_heal.smx in addons/sourcemod/plugins/ Place tf2.koh.enemyheal.txt in addons/sourcemod/gamedata/ Changelog: Quote: 1.0.0 (17/08/2017) * Initial release. ! WARNING: Didn't test on Linux, I'll be appreciated for some tests if you can. Attached Files tf2.koh.enemyheal.txt (630 Bytes) tf2_allow_enemy_heal.smx (4.7 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (tf2_allow_enemy_heal.sp - 1.8 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  5. [Multi 1v1]Knife Rounds

    This is a simple addon for splewis's Multi-1v1 plugin. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (multi1v1_knife.sp - 768 Bytes) multi1v1_knife.smx (13.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  6. This is a simple addon for splewis's Multi-1v1 plugin. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (multi1v1_deagle1tap.sp - 1.6 KB) multi1v1_deagle1tap.smx (14.4 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  7. [CS:GO] Better Warden

    Build Status: Better Warden on Github Description Better Warden is a new feature-packed and advanced warden system for CS:GO Jailbreak-Servers! What differs this plugin from other Warden plugins is the fact that you have much more configurable options for the base plugin. Not only can you fully configure this plugin to match your server perfectly; this plugin also provides a fully functioning Warden Menu that the warden can access. Features Warden Base Plugin Spoiler Allows the warden to toggle noblock rules for the current round. Provides a hint-box displaying who's warden and how many players there are in each team. Possible to prevent the same client of becoming warden twice in a row. Allows warden to open cell doors via a command (Needs to be configured with SJD). Allows the warden's playermodel to be colored. This can be configured. Blue as default! Warden Menu Spoiler Weapons Spawns the chosen weapon to the warden. These weapons are available: AK47 M4A1-S M4A4 AWP P90 Negev Scout Player Freeday Give a certain player or players freeday, with a beacon letting everyone know that they have a freeday! Event Days Spoiler Freeday Gives every terrorist a freeday where they can roam around and explore the map without any other specific rules, unless the warden says so. Restricted Freeday Same as a freeday, except for that terrorists carrying a weapon will be shot upon sight. Warden can also say that terrorists are not allowed to enter armory, which should also result in them being KOS. Hide n' Seek Terrorists are hiders and Counter-Terrorists are seekers. If sm_cmenu_hns_godmode is set to 1, terrorists will be unable to kill Counter-Terrorists. Warday Terrorists shall head directly to the armory while Counter-Terrorists will run away during this time. Warden is supposed to say a time when war starts, at that time all terrorists will go out and hunt down the remaining counter-terrorists. Gravity Freeday Freeday except that everyone has a low gravity. This event can be modified to only give a certain team gravity or everyone with the cvar sm_cmenu_gravity_team. Requirements Smart Jail Doors by Kailo SDKHooks (Included with SM as of 1.5) Download! Useful Links How to Install Commands ConVars API Report a bug / Issues Github Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  8. I made this plugin for practicing sourcemod when I was a beginner of sourcemod. This plugin has MANY BUGS and skills are just demonstrations. No Cvars. Language are Koreans. Enjoy. Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. This is a simple addon for splewis's Multi-1v1 plugin. Btw it disable the scope while you are in No-Scope fight! Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (multi1v1_noscope.sp - 1.4 KB) multi1v1_noscope.smx (14.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. Description A Simple Plugin allowing Admins to view all chat across the Server. Including Team Chat, Spec Chat and Dead Chat. Installing Copy / Compile the Plugin. /plugins/Admin-Util-Chat.smx | /scripting/Admin-Util-Chat.sp Copy all Translation Files. Reload the map in-order to cache the Translations files. Changelog Download Translations If you would like to contribute to the Translations, feel free to submit a pull request with the translations for your language respectively done. Thanks. Example Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. Description Was looking for this kind of plugin for my server and couldn't find anything. Pretty useful to mark certain spots on map until it changes. Has only been tested on CSGO but I think it would work on other games Lets players "paint" on walls by using +paint command. The paint looks more like dots, but its the best textures I could find. Textures were found in a friends materials folder, if it belongs to anyone I'll try to find something else. If anyone finds anything better let me know. Features Let's users add paint (more like dots) on map, with different colours and sizes. To remove current paints from your screen you can use r_cleardecals. Command List +paint - When held down places paint where client is looking sm_paintcolour/sm_paintcolor - Opens menu that lets client choose from various colours sm_paintsize - Opens menu that lets client choose from sizes Changelog 1.0 - Initial release Installation instructions Add the .smx to plugins folder and add the decal textures (.vmt and .vtf) to materials/decals/paint Plans Might make a config file to easily add/change paint textures and sizes Credits to Mitchell who made LAZERRRSSSSSS!! ( and to altex who made Paintball ( Some code/ideas taken from both. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (paint.sp - 6.9 KB) (28.3 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  12. [CSGO]VIP System Version 1.0: This vip system is a simple plugin that many people need, so I decided to make it and publish it. This system allow you: Add&Remove Online/Offline VIPs Add/Remove VIPs For Time VIP Features No need in flags! VIP Features: Custom Chat Tag Tag Color Name Color Chat Color Start With Full Armor Start With Defuse Kit Start With 10 HP bonus All The Features In 1 Menu And Can Be Also Used In Commands Commands: sm_addvip - Adds A VIP(example: sm_addvip s4muray 1) - Root Only! sm_removevip - removes a VIP(example: sm_removevip s4muray) - Root only! sm_vip - Opens the VIP menu - Only VIPs can access it! sm_tag - Change your tag - only VIPs! sm_tagcolor - Opens a menu with colors, the selected color will be the tag color - VIPs Onl;y! sm_namecolor - Same as tag color but the selected color will be the name color - VIPs Only! sm_chatcolors - Same as tag and chat colors but the selected color will be the chat text color - VIPs Only! Cvars: None Installation: Download the SMX file to your computer Download the Simple Chat Processor if you dont have it Upload the SMX file to "addons/sourcemod/plugins" Create a database entry named "vipsystem" Change map or restart your server Enjoy the VIP System! To compile: Download the SP file Download the file Upload the file to your compiler Edit what you want to Compile Changelog: Spoiler 1.0 - Realsed! If you Appreciate my work you can donate me in Paypal or in Trade Offer Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (csgovip.sp - 14.9 KB) csgovip.smx (12.7 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  13. More info will be added Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  14. CIDR Blocker Blocks CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) IP Ranges. Potential Uses Block VPNs to prevent hackers Block certain ISPs Block certain countries ConVar sm_cidr_log - Enable blocked logging [Default: 1.0] (Min: 0.0) (Max: 1.0) Database Structure Spoiler CIDR_LIST Quote: id - Auto incremental ID (Filled in automatically) cidr - CIDR to block kick_message - Message to display when kicked comment - Helps you keep track CIDR_WHITELIST Quote: id - Auto incremental ID (Filled in automatically) type - Whitelist type (steam OR ip) identity - Depending on the whitelist type (steamid32 OR IP) comment - Helps you keep track CIDR_LOG (Used when sm_cidr_log is 1.0) id - Auto incremental ID (Filled in automatically) Quote: ip - Client's connecting IP steamid - Client's SteamID32 name - Client's connecting name cidr - CIDR that was triggered time - Time it was blocked Installation Extract CIDR_Blocker.smx to /addons/sourcemod/plugins Create cidr_blocker entry in your database.cfg Resources ASN Blocklist - Pre-made SQL script of most datacenters - Plans & Bugs Issue tracker Changelog Commits Download Download the latest version from the release page. Source You can view the source here. License GPL-3.0 Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  15. Advanced AFK Kicker Version 1.0: This is an advanced afk kicker that not like any afk kicker plugin it contains some special things. This AFK-Kicker also know to detect when player use +right or +left and to still kick him for AFK Commands: sm_afk or !afk - Mark yourself as AFK(while you are AFK you cannot get kicked), time in seconds, max: 90 sm_captcha or !captcha - Admin flag generic only - give player XXX a captcha question, if he will not answer the question in X seconds(cvar to set it) he will get kicked. Cvars: sm_afkkicker_afktime - Default: 90, The time that player need to be AFK before gettings kicked. sm_afkkicker_enablecmd - Default: 1, Enable or Disable the /afk command, 1 to Enable, 0 to Disable. sm_afkkicker_autokick - Default: 0, Kick the player automatic or show the kick menu, 0 to show the kick menu, 1 to automatic kick. sm_afkkicker_captcha- Default: 1, Enable or Disable the /captcha command, 1 to Enable, 0 to Disable. sm_afkkicker_captcha_time - Default: 30, The time that player has to answer the captcha question. *Note: All the cvars are located in a config file in the sourcemod folder named "afkkicker". Installation: Install the Smlib if you dont have it. put the afkkicker.smx into the sourcemod/plugins folder. Use rcon/console to load it(sm plugins load afkkicker) Config your settings in the config file Change map or reload the plugin(sm plugins reload afkkicker) Changelog: Spoiler 1.0 - Realsed Attached Files afkkicker.smx (19.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł