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  1. Description: * If you have server's DNS in your steam name you will get benefits like free armor, free tags & free credits every 3 minutes Dependencies: If you're using Zephyrus Store [https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=276677] use goldmember_store_edition.sp OR If you're using TiBarification's Shop [https://hlmod.ru/resources/shop-core-fork.284/] use goldmember_shop_edition.sp Commands: * sm_goldtag - Opens a menu with many cool tags for scoreboard Screenshots: Versions: * 1.0 - Plugin release Download: * Github: https://github.com/xSL0W/csgo_goldmember * Direct download: https://github.com/xSL0W/csgo_goldme...ive/master.zip Credits: * kratoss1812 [https://forums.alliedmods.net/member.php?u=285749] - for the ideea of the plugin (he made a similar one) * Scai [https://forums.alliedmods.net/member.php?u=292004] - For the cool tags Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  2. Description: * This is a simple plugin which shows on the screen some stuff about your server. (Players, time, some messages like discord link & server DNS, time left, etc) * This is my first plugin xD Screenshots: * Commands: * sm_hud (Turns OFF / ON the HUD) Download: * Github: https://github.com/xSL0W/csgo_hudv2 * Direct download: https://github.com/xSL0W/csgo_hudv2/archive/master.zip Credits: * Timeleft by Fastmancz, all credits to him ( https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=309700 ) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  3. MYGO.pl

    [ANY] Fly

    Description: It's similar to noclip except you can collide with things. This is a small edit of Sourcemod's funcommands plugin so credits to the Sourcemod team. Commands: sm_fly <#userid|name>: (SLAY/CHEATS) Toggles fly on a player Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (sm_fly.sp - 1.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  4. Teleports the tank to the players if one of the players has blocked the tank on the ladder. PHP Code: 18.04.2019 - Release. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_anti-lock tank ladder.sp - 1.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  5. Created a new rewrite of my outdated discord bot, feel free to submit requests! Also, I'm looking for people to make translations here. Setup Guides Download Discord Bot Web Script TBD Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  6. MYGO.pl

    [CSGO] Executes VIP Queue

    Executes VIP Queue A VIP queue priority plugin for Splewis' Executes. Installation Compile the most recent version from the github repository To do so I recommend using Spider. Author Alex Blackham - Developer and Maintainer - B3none Support If you have any issues please log an issue on the repository If you appreciate the plugin then please star the repository Relevant links GitHub Repository Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  7. MYGO.pl

    [ANY] BETA SQLite Bans

    I didn't finish testing bugs but I doubt any will appear. This is similar to other ban systems except that this one is not designed for connetion between multiple servers. Command List: sm_ban <#userid|name> <minutes|0> [reason] - Works like all ban commands in all plugins. sm_banip <#userid|name> <minutes|0> [reason] - Works like all ban commands in all plugins. sm_fullban/sm_fban <#userid|name> <minutes|0> [reason] - Bans a client on both his steam ID and his IP Address. sm_addban <steamid|ip> <minutes|0> [reason] - Works like all ban commands in all plugins. sm_unban <steamid|ip> - Works like all ban commands in all plugins. sm_banlist - Shows you a menu with all bans that were issued in the past. sm_breachbans - A possibly useful debug command that allows all banned clients to join the server for the next 60 seconds. sm_kickbreach - Kicks all banned clients from the server ( whether it's sm_addban or sm_breachbans ) Cvar List: sqlite_bans_url - Url to show to banned clients to check. If you don't have an URL I suggest setting up a discord server for your server. No database is required to be set-up. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (SQLiteBans.sp - 19.2 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  8. Features: - Adds Multi1v1 round type which sets clients HP to the convar 'sm_1v1_hp_health' ConVars: sm_1v1_hp_enabled - [0 or 1] Enable / disable the round sm_1v1_hp_health - [1 to 100] Health to set clients playing round to Admin commands: sm_1v1_hp_test - Set admins health to value of convar 'sm_1v1_hp_health' Notes: - Requires multi1v1 plugin (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=241056) (https://github.com/splewis/csgo-multi-1v1/) - After changing convar 'sm_1v1_hp_health' the name of the round will not update until both this plugin and multi1v1 plugin are reloaded TODO: - Add variable health rounds (e.g. random health, multiple health settings) - Add proper config handling - Allow different weapons for round Github Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (multi1v1-hp.sp - 1.9 KB) multi1v1-hp.smx (6.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. About I made this plugin with the help of three other plugins. [L4D] Who Fired Car Alarm by Dartz8901 [L4D2] Car Alarm Informer by eyal282 [L4D2] Bile the World by AtomicStryker Goal The purpose of this plugin is to punish players who trigger a car alarm through vomit on them. Cvars A configuration file named "l4d_car_alarm_vomit.cfg" will automatically be created for you upon the first run in the "\cfg\sourcemod\" folder. PHP Code: // Alternative display mode for the chat, in case the client has the chat HUD hidden. // Known values: 0 = OFF, 2 = HINT, 4 = CENTER, 8 = CONSOLE, 16 = INSTRUCTOR. // Add numbers greater than 0 for multiple options. // - // Default: "16" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "31.000000" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_altdisplay_hiddenchathud "16" // Alternative display mode for the hint, in case the client has the hint HUD hidden. // Known values: 0 = OFF, 1 = CHAT, 4 = CENTER, 8 = CONSOLE, 16 = INSTRUCTOR. // Add numbers greater than 0 for multiple options. // - // Default: "4" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "29.000000" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_altdisplay_hiddenhinthud "4" // Alternative display mode for the instructor hint, in case the client has it disabled. // Known values: 0 = OFF, 1 = CHAT, 2 = HINT, 4 = CENTER, 8 = CONSOLE. // Add numbers greater than 0 for multiple options. // - // Default: "2" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "31.000000" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_altdisplay_instructorhintdisabled "2" // Enables/Disables the plugin behavior on Survivor bots. 0 = OFF, 1 = ON. // - // Default: "1" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_bots "1" // Which kind of players should the message be applied to. // Known values: 0 = NONE, 1 = ACTIVATOR, 2 = SURVIVOR, 4 = INFECTED, 8 = SPECTATOR. // Add numbers greater than 0 for multiple options. // - // Default: "3" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "15.000000" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_displayto "3" // Enables/Disables the plugin. 0 = Plugin OFF, 1 = Plugin ON. // - // Default: "1" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_enabled "1" // Players with these flags are immune to the plugin behavior. Empty = none. // Known values at "\addons\sourcemod\configs\admin_levels.cfg". // Example: "az", will apply immunity to players with "a" (reservation) or "z" (root) flag. // - // Default: "" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_flags "" // Turn off the plugin in these game modes, separate by commas (no spaces). Empty = none. // Known values: coop,realism,versus,survival,scavenge,teamversus,teamscavenge, // mutation[1-20],community[1-6],gunbrain,l4d1coop,l4d1vs,holdout,dash,shootzones. // - // Default: "" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_gamemodes_off "" // Turn on the plugin in these game modes, separate by commas (no spaces). Empty = all. // Known values: coop,realism,versus,survival,scavenge,teamversus,teamscavenge, // mutation[1-20],community[1-6],gunbrain,l4d1coop,l4d1vs,holdout,dash,shootzones. // - // Default: "" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_gamemodes_on "" // Turn on the plugin in these game modes. // Known values: 0 = all, 1 = coop, 2 = survival, 4 = versus, 8 = scavenge. // Add numbers greater than 0 for multiple options. // Example: "3", enables for "coop" (1) and "survival" (2). // - // Default: "0" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "15.000000" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_gamemodes_toggle "0" // Displays a message to the client when starts a car alarm. // Known values: 0 = OFF, 1 = CHAT, 2 = HINT, 4 = CENTER, 8 = CONSOLE, 16 = INSTRUCTOR. // Add numbers greater than 0 for multiple options. // - // Default: "17" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "31.000000" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_msgdisplay "17" // Adds the plugin tag to the displayed messages. // Known values: 0 = OFF, 1 = CHAT, 2 = HINT, 4 = CENTER, 8 = CONSOLE, 16 = INSTRUCTOR. // Add numbers greater than 0 for multiple options. // - // Default: "0" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "31.000000" l4d_car_alarm_vomit_tagdisplay "0" Admin Commands PHP Code: sm_l4d_car_alarm_vomit_print_cvars // Prints the plugin related cvars and their respective values to the console. (needs "z" flag). Change Log Spoiler 1.0.0 (14-April-2019) - Initial release. Current Translations en - English es - Spanish pt - Brazilian Portuguese Notes CAV stands for Car Alarm Vomit. To detect the car alarm activator is used different ways For L4D and L4D2, I use different methods to detect the car alarm activator (since L4D does not have the triggered_car_alarm event). To Do Add a plugin preview to the thread. Create a configuration to customize the instructor hint. Thank you! Dartz8901 - for the code to detect the car alarm activator on L4D. eyal282 - for the code to detect the car alarm activator on L4D2. AtomicStryker - for the code to apply vomit on players and for the signatures file. Mr. Zero - for the useful stocks. Silvers - for the game mode allow stock. Lux - for the instructor hint stock. Dragokas - for the Colors in translation file tutorial. 404UNF - for the '#file' and what it does tutorial. kurama_youko - my old friend, for the request. Related Plugins [L4D] Who Fired Car Alarm by Dartz8901 [L4D2] Car Alarm Informer by eyal282 [L4D2] Bile the World by AtomicStryker Installation Put the "l4d_car_alarm_vomit.smx" file in your "\addons\sourcemod\plugins\" folder. Put the "l4d_car_alarm_vomit_phrases.txt" file in your "\addons\sourcemod\translations\" folder. Put the "l4d_car_alarm_vomit.txt" file in your "\addons\sourcemod\gamedata\" folder. Attached Files l4d_car_alarm_vomit.txt (548 Bytes) l4d_car_alarm_vomit.phrases.txt (2.7 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_car_alarm_vomit.sp - 37.7 KB) l4d_car_alarm_vomit.smx (13.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. Zombie SwarmOriginal author xbatista (https://forums.alliedmods.net/member.php?u=35716) Zombie Swarm DescriptionGame is usually runs on DE, CS maps (E.G.: de_dust2) or maybe someone wants to make custom maps for it with zs_ prefix? :). Unlike other mods, this modification doesn’t have infection mod. Thats why kill or be killed. Play as team, on this gamemod teamwork is key. Zombies gets random classes with special abilities. Humans must to level up in order to get better weapons It is possible to get various upgrades from shop items but sacrificing your own weapon xp (typing command ul). When human dies he respawns in 30-60, so humans must to survive during that time, zombie respawns in few seconds. Classes pretty much like Left4Dead, it has tank who spawns over some time and is superior to other zombies, this is also key for zombies to win. Humans must survive until 0:00 GunXp mod (recommended)Humans gain xp for killing zombies, winning a round. People starts with glocks or however server is configurated and climbs on levels which makes a bit addictable server. There are ideas to expand level system even more (like reset tiers and getting rewards for it like new zombie class). This part is good for having players something to do and keep progressing. Flags (optional)There is optional flag mod, where you capture the flag and trying to protect it from other team. Flags is optional and still needs to be tested ZombiesZombie swarm has currently these classes (pretty much Left4dead): Boomer – Explodes after death, makes some damage also blinds nearby humans. Classical zombie – No special abilities Fury (Tank) – Spawns after some time, this zombie is key to victory. Hunter –This zombie can make really crazy jumps Phantom – Possibility to make himself full invisible Smoker – Can drag person with his tongue. Makes smoke effect after death. Humans Humans level up in order to get better weapon, get better upgrades. How do they get xp? Makes damage to zombies and gets some xp. Server commands!ul – Upgrades menu !guns – Reopens guns menu if closed by mistake !top10 – Can see top 10 players by level and xp !level – Can see own level and xp (edited) How to install Download latest version of Zombie Swarm, compile plugins you want, put them to addons/sourcemod/plugins. Rest of the package upload like it is packed. All plugins goes to /plugins/swarm For GunXP mod you need database add entry "gum" to databases.cfg (best if mysql) Check out the server.cfg we suggest for recommended gameplay https://github.com/Prefix/zombieswar...ter/server.cfg Where to download Download is on GitHub page (compile the source). If people grows interest in this modification I might make a build website. CreditsThank you everyone who contribute to this modification: Original author xbatista (https://forums.alliedmods.net/member.php?u=35716) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. MYGO.pl

    [CS:GO/CSS?] VIP System

    [CS:GO/CSS?] VIP System: A simple vip system made for CS:GO and may work also on CS:S. This system allows you to: Give players a vip for a time. Removes a vip from players. VIP Features. No need in flags or admin groups. VIP Features: Custon chat tag. Custom clan tag. Manage your tag color. Manage your name color. Manage your chat(Messages) color. Spawn with Full Armor. Spawn with 10 HP bonus. VIP Skins (Sorted by teams, CT & T). Connect message on the middle of the screen. Disconnect message on the middle of the screen. Reserved slots (When connecting via console). All the features are located in the vip menu (Sorted by 2 catagories, generic perks and special perks). Commands: sm_addvip - Adds a vip - Requires a Root acces sm_removevip - Removes player's vip access - Requires Root access sm_vip - Opens the vip menu - Requires VIP access Cvars: None yet Installation: Download the zip to your computer. Upload the files in the zip to your server. Create a database entry named "vip" in your databases.cfg file (Like here). Configure the config file (configs/vip/skins.txt). Download and upload the "Simple Chat Processor" plugin if you don't have it. Change map or restart your server. Compiling: Download the VIPCore.sp file. Download the scp.inc file. Download the VIPCore.inc file. Upload the scp.inc file to your includes folder. Attached Files VIPCore.zip (22.2 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (VIPCore.sp - 22.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  12. This plugin was sorta rushed, so don't expect any great code! Anyway, this plugin fixes an exploit where engineers can place teleporters through barriers; as shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOtB7U-3LXM How to install: Drop the TeleportFix.smx file in your "addons/sourcemod/plugins" folder. If your server is already running, type "sm plugins reload" to load it. If you want to make sure it's working, type "sm plugins list" in console and if it's listed, it works. ConVars: There are no ConVars in this plugin, a simple drag&drop. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (TeleportFix.sp - 1.7 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  13. MYGO.pl

    [ANY] Zeta Chat Manager

    Zeta Chat Manager An enhanced chat color plugin that allows clients be flexible about their chat's prefix, prefix+color, name color, suffix+color and text color. Requires Cider-Chat-Processor, Chat Processor. (Or god forbid simple-chatprocessor). This works well with GroupAssigner, but isn't required. Don't expect this to be easier to setup than custom-chat-colors plugin, this is more advanced for a reason. It allows players to toggle on and off certain aspects of their tags and choose tags that the server operator allows them to have. This currently does not allow players to individually adjust the color aspects of their tags but it is planned later. For any issues post in the Alliedmods forum or create GitHub issue marking what's wrong and any information to help solve your issue faster. Contributions are welcome via PR, however my code style will not change (4 space indent, brackets on the same line as the condition, and no one line statements). Required Plugins You must choose what processor plugin you want to have loaded. (I won't be offended if you don't use mine, i'll only be offended if you use choose scp). Mitchell's Cider-Chat-Processor - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2646798 Drixevel's Chat-Processor - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2448733 minimoney1's Simple Chat Processor (Not recommended) - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1820365 Only one of these are needed, installing multiple will probably do some weird shit. Server Operator Config Code: // Each Profile is separated with commons, ex: sm_zeta_profile "Murder,FF2,Test Server" sm_zeta_profile "" Chat Config Code: //To save space after the config is loaded into memory make sure any blank KeyValues are commented out or removed. "ZetaChatConfig" { "default" {//Default group which contains the config for all the servers. "default" //Unique ID, used when saving in in client prefs. { // 'default' is the chat tag that will be specificall used for all players until they use the command to change it. "n" "{03}" //Name color (This is also used for Spectators.) "nd" "" //Name color while dead. "n2" "" //Name color for team 2 (RED) (Blank will fallback to the normal "n" etc) "nd2" "" //Name color for team 2 (RED) while dead (Falls back to "nd" etc.) "n3" "" //Name color for team 2 (BLU) "nd3" "" //Name color for team 2 (BLU) while dead //All of these also have team specific colors just add '2' or '3' to the end of the key. "t" "" //Text color "td" "" //Text color while dead "p" "" //Prefix "pd" "" //Prefix while dead "s" "" //Suffix "sd" "" //Suffix while dead //Name, Text, Prefix and Suffix are all saved in client prefs as individual values. // The option in the menu will only display if there is a value set. // This default section will always display in the menu to allow players to unset their tags. //Access Identifiers. //Checks to see if the player has access to this override. RECOMMENDED way of determining if a user has access to this section. //You can use command overrides to give users access to this command, overrides can be group based also. "ovrd" "" // Can also be STEAM_XXXX or "@Group Name", these are not recommended if you're defining more than one section for a certain person/group. // GroupHandlerAPI and GroupAssigner is great for giving players a certain group, even if it doesn't exist in admin_groups.cfg! // GroupHandlerAPI will automatically assign the group to have the override of the same name of the group. i.e. "Badass Admins" group name will have the override "Badass Admins" added to it. "disp" "Default" //The display that shows in the menu and when you equip it. Doesn't have to be unique, so you can have multiple that have the same display. } } "Server 1" {//Server profile, anything within this profile will blend into the default group. // Depending on the convar, the profile will load first, then the next. Default profile is loaded last. // Duplicate enteries will use the top level one, i.e. does not override. "default" { //Sets default name for alive and dead. "n" "{07}cccccc" "nd" "{07}999999" "disp" "Default" } } } Developer Functions Code: #define ZETACHAT_NONE 0 #define ZETACHAT_PREFIX (1 << 0) #define ZETACHAT_NAME (1 << 1) #define ZETACHAT_SUFFIX (1 << 2) #define ZETACHAT_TEXT (1 << 3) #define ZETACHAT_ALL ZETACHAT_PREFIX|ZETACHAT_NAME|ZETACHAT_SUFFIX|ZETACHAT_TEXT /** * Sets the default chat of the player * typeBits is ZETACHAT_* defines above. * Should only be used if the clientprefs are already cached for the player. */ native bool Zeta_SetDefault(int client, int typeBits, char[] chatKey); Releases (Plugin) GitHub (Source) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  14. [CS:S] Hide and Seek What's this? -------------------------------- This plugin is a fork from this plugin: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=124979 Thanks to the original creator and dev for their great work! Terrorists "Hiders" choose a random model on spawn, like a chair, plant or a sign, which is common on the played map and search a place, where they blend in best. The CTs "Seekers" wait a specified time to give the hiders a chance to find their spot. They have to search for the hiders and shoot them. Seekers either lose some health (default 5 hp) on every shot or hiders get more invisible every time they get shot - or both. Seekers gain hp by hurting or killing a hider. Requirements -------------------------------- SourceMod latest stable release Player Commands -------------------------------- /hide /hidemenu - Opens the menu with the list of available models if still enabled /tp /third /thirdperson /+3rd /-3rd - Switches to the thirdperson view so hiders see how they fit into the environment /whistle - Hiders play a random sound to give the seekers a hint /freeze - Toggles freezing for hiders /whoami - Shows hiders their current model name again /hidehelp - Displays a panel with informations how to play. Plugin Cvars -------------------------------- sm_hns_version - ... sm_hns_enable - Enable the Hide and Seek mod? (Default: 1) sm_hns_freezects - Should CTs get freezed and blinded on spawn? (Default: 1) sm_hns_freezetime - How long should the CTs are freezed after spawn? (Default: 25.0) sm_hns_changelimit - How often a T is allowed to choose his model ingame? (Default: 2) sm_hns_changelimittime - How long should a T be allowed to change his model again after spawn? (Default: 30.0) sm_hns_autochoose - Should the plugin choose models for the hiders automatically? (Default: 0) sm_hns_whistle - Are terrorists allowed to whistle? (Default: 1) sm_hns_whistle_times - How many times a hider is allowed to whistle per round? (Default: 5) sm_hns_hider_win_frags - How many frags should surviving hiders gain? (Default: 5) sm_hns_hp_seeker_enable - Should CT lose HP when shooting, 0 = off/1 = on. (Default 1) sm_hns_hp_seeker_dec - How many HP should a CT lose on shooting? (Default 5) sm_hns_hp_seeker_inc - How many hp should a CT gain when hitting a hider? (Default 15) sm_hns_hp_seeker_bonus - How many hp should a CT gain when killing a hider? (Default 50) sm_hns_opacity_enable - Should T get more invisible on low hp, 0 = off/1 = on. (Default 0) sm_hns_hidersspeed - Hiders speed (Default: 1.00) sm_hns_disable_rightknife - Disable rightclick for CTs with knife? Prevents knifing without losing heatlh. (Default: 1) sm_hns_disable_ducking - Disable ducking. (Default: 0) sm_hns_auto_thirdperson - Enable thirdperson view for hiders automatically (Default: 1) sm_hns_slay_seekers - Slay seekers on round end, if there are still hiders alive? (Default: 0) sm_hns_hider_freeze_mode - What to do with the /freeze command? (Default: 2) 0: Disables /freeze command for hiders 1: Only freeze on position, be able to move camera 2: Freeze completely (no cameramovents) sm_hns_hide_blood - Hide blood on hider damage. (Default: 1) sm_hns_show_hidehelp - Show helpmenu explaining the game on first player spawn. (Default: 1) sm_hns_ct_ratio - The ratio of hiders to 1 seeker. 0 to disables teambalance. (Default: 3:1) sm_hns_show_progressbar - Show progressbar for last 15 seconds of freezetime. (Default: 1) sm_hns_disable_use - Disable CTs pushing things. (Default: 1) sm_hns_hider_freeze_inair - Are hiders allowed to freeze in the air? (Default: 0) sm_hns_anticheat - Check player cheat convars, 0 = off/1 = on. (Default: 0) sm_hns_whistle_delay - How long after spawn should we delay the use of whistle? (Default: 25.0) sm_hns_cheat_punishment - How to punish players with wrong cvar values after 15 seconds? (Default: 1) 0: Disabled 1: Switch to Spectator 2: Kick sm_hns_remove_shadows - Remove shadows from players and physic models? (Default: 1) sm_hns_use_taxed_in_random - Include taxed models when using random model choice? (Default: 0) Protected Server Cvars -------------------------------- There are some protected server convars, which are enforced by the plugin to enable the mod to operate properly: mp_flashlight 0 sv_footsteps 0 mp_limitteams 0 mp_autoteambalance 0 mp_freezetime 0 sv_nonemesis 1 sv_nomvp 1 sv_nostats 1 mp_playerid 1 sv_allowminmodels 0 mp_teams_unbalance_limit 0 sv_turbophysics 1 It's recommend to set mp_forcecamera to 1 in your server.cfg! Admin commands -------------------------------- sm_hns_force_whistle <#userid|steamid|name> - Force a player to whistle disregarding his whistle limit. (chat flag) sm_hns_reload_models - Reload the modellist from the map config file. (rcon flag) Adding new maps -------------------------------- By default the plugin currently comes with a choice of models for all default maps for CS:S, but it's really easy to add support for any other map. You should only use maps with lot's of props, so hiders aren't that obvious to find. Just create a new textfile in the /configs/hide_and_seek/maps folder named the same as the map you want to support. Check the existing files for the format - you're allowed to add as many models and languages as you want. Make sure to set the file encoding to UTF-8 without BOM (more info). I'd always appreciate it if you would share your model configs so they get added to the package by default. There are some special keys to set: "heightfix" "[addheight]" (e.g. "heightfix" "80") Some models are bugged and halfway in the ground. You're able to add this key to get them showing up over the ground when standing still. Hiders using a bugged model will be teleported up regularly while running, so they can't hide by constantly running against a wall staying in the ground. "tax" "[money]" (e.g. "tax" "600") You're able to put taxes on some models to prevent everyone from using it every round. Useful for small models. Since Hiders don't get that much money during gameplay, don't set the tax too high. (If you've got some ideas for events to give hiders money for, let me know!) Source Code -------------------------------- You can follow future development of this project and grab the latest fixes on GitHub: https://github.com/blackdevil72/-Cs-S-SM-Hide-and-Seek Bug and Suggestion Tracker -------------------------------- https://github.com/blackdevil72/-Cs-...nd-Seek/issues Changelog -------------------------------- Spoiler 06 April 2019 (blackdevil72) Cleaning compilation error and warnings from the code Fixed Whistle Command only Working once every two rounds 1.4.1 03. September 2011 (Peace-Maker release) Added sm_hns_remove_shadows to disable shadows on props. Thanks to Barcardi and Leonardo! Added taxes on models. Just add the "tax" key into the model config and the money as value Added random model option to menu Added swedish translation by dataviruset Added greek translation by bobis Added new models to cs_militia, cs_office, de_inferno, de_nuke and cs_italy (Thanks to Scirocco) Fixed radar hiding completely. Thanks to GoD-Tony! Fixed randomly unblinded CTs if other plugins send a Fade usrmsg by forcing them to look at the ground and reblind them every 2 seconds. Fixed freezing and changing issues with heightfixed models Fixed some anticheat issues with the teambalancer Fixed some timer issues Fixed T don't get stripped of weapons after teamswitch Fixed CTs stay blinded and Ts stay frozen when joining spectator Checking CTs to have a knife now and give them one if necassary Removed the $16000 for CTs on spawn due to the taxes. 1.4.0 25. December 2010 (Peace-Maker release) Added fix for bugged models floating into the ground. Teleports the player up when standing still. Added "heightfix" key to bugged models in map configs. Pushes the player up constantly while running. Added teambalancer with cvar sm_hns_ct_ratio to adjust the ratio of hiders to 1 seeker. (Default: 3) Added option to disable players from pushing things (disable +use command) and opens all doors on the map by default (sm_hns_disable_use 1) Added cheat convar checking code to block "cl_radaralpha" and "r_shadows". Disabled with sm_hns_anticheat 0 by default. Added sm_hns_show_progressbar cvar to toggle showing the progressbar for the last 15 seconds of freezetime (Default: 1) Added sm_hns_whistle_delay to delay the use of /whistle after spawn (Default: 25.0 seconds) Added sm_hns_hider_freeze_inair (Default: 0) to allow hiders to freeze in the air while jumping Added +3rd/-3rd to enable/disable thirdperson Added Exit button to hider model menu Giving CTs $16000 at spawn Added french prop translations (excluding cs_office) (thanks to shyriu42) Added restriction for nightvision Fixed freezed hiders can't move when dead Fixed roundtimer/freezecountdown being inaccurate Fixed protecting cvars when plugin is disabled Fixed removing bombspots/hostage rescue zones when plugin is disabled Fixed hiders sometimes don't die, but run around in default terrorist model when shot Fixed bug with wrong array indexes on full server Handling mp_restartgame correctly now Forcing mp_teams_unbalance_limit 0 to address some bot issues? Unprotected sv_alltalk, since it's not necassary to run the mod. Fixed not showing seekers' guns when dead hider is spectating him Removing hiders buyzone 1.3.1 17. October 2010 (Peace-Maker release) Fixed hiding enemies on radar Added /hidehelp command to explain the game and Added sm_hns_show_hidehelp cvar to show the hidemenu on first spawn (Default: 1) Added /freeze command to freeze in place as hider Added sm_hns_freeze_mode (Default: 2) 0: Disables /freeze command for hiders 1: Only freeze on position, still able to move camera 2: Freeze completely (no cameramovents) Added sm_hns_hide_blood to stop hiders from bleeding when shot. (Default: 1) Added progressbar until seekers start to seek (like bomb defuse) Removed buggy models out of mapconfig files (Thanks udtoto) Fixed wrong language code in german translation 1.3.0 11. September 2010 (Peace-Maker release) Multilingual model descriptions in configs/hide_and_seek/maps Requires SDKHooks 1.3 or higher now. Added sm_hns_enable convar Added sm_hns_auto_thirdperson cvar to put hiders in thirdperson view at spawn Removed cl_radaralpha checks and just hide all enemys on radar. Clients don't have to set any cvars before playing anymore. Added roundtime countdown in thirdperson view using the new env_hudhint entity Added command sm_hns_reload_models to reload the the menu from the config file Added sm_hns_slay_seekers cvar - Set to 1 to slay all seekers on hiders win Added godmode for hiders and no health decreasing for seekers on round end Fixed sm_hns_changelimittime 0.0 doesn't disable the limit Don't show "Did not choose model" message on auto choose 1.2.3. (Peace-Maker release) Added /whoami command to show the current model name in chat again. 1.2.2. (Peace-Maker release) Removed check for "r_shadows", since it's not that important. You can readd it yourself easily by modifing the cheat_commands array. Fixed minor KillTimer() and PrintToChat problems. Added sm_hns_autochoose convar to let the plugin choose the model randomly instead of showing the menu. 1.2.1. 26 July 2010 (Peace-Maker release) Added sv_allowminmodels 0 to enforced cvars and removed checks for cl_minmodels Optimized transparentation on hider hurt 1.2. 09 July 2010 (Peace-Maker release) Blocking more cheat cvars Handling mp_forcecamera 1 now individually. Hiders are still able to use the thirdperson view Limited cheat convar chat spam to 1 in 5 seconds Added sm_hns_disable_rightclick cvar to disable CTs to use rightclick on knife Added convar to control ducking. Allow ducking by default now. Fixed thirdperson "Cannot be found" error in console Fixed spectators happen to drop to the floor 1.1. (Peace-Maker release) Added protection for mp_playerid 1 and mp_forcecamera 0 Added own weapon stripper if SDKHooks isn't loaded Added Cvar to disable Anticheat Now kicking immediately on cl_minmodels violation Enabled unlimited modelchanging. Just set sm_hns_changelimit 0 and sm_hns_changelimittime 0.0 Added hider walkingspeed modification from SelaX' code Optionally decrease seekers health when they shoot and increase if they hit or kill a hider Optionally fade the visibility of hiders depending on their health (Experimental) Added french translation thanks for sAnd57. Added russian translation. 1.0. (Peace-Maker release) Blinded CT's at spawn Removed map objectives. Round_End Is working on all map types. Alive hiders get points if round time is over. !whistle feature to play a random sound loudly as T Autoassign a model if player didn't assign a model after a specified time Specify a time after spawn and an amount of times a hider is allowed to change his model again via "!hide" Added some command advertising to teach players Players can't duck anymore Autosetting and protecting some needed server cvars Added check for "r_shadows 1" cvar on client Option to kick a "cheater" with bad cvar values or switch to spectator after a given time Some minor command usage fixes Fixed english model names Added lot's of new phrases and german translation 0.1.2 (Selax) Jointeam protect. Freeze CT on spawn. Third person. 0.1.1 (Selax) Check for cl_minmodels and cl_radaralpha (thx for exvel and Afronanny for help) 0.1.0 - First release [Selax) Installation -------------------------------- Download the sm_hideandseekxxx.zip and extract it into your cstrike folder. Restart the server. A config file has been generated in cfg/sourcemod/plugin.hideandseek.cfg which you can edit as you like. Switch to a map, which is supported by the plugin (config file in sourcemod/configs/hideandseek/maps/) Notice -------------------------------- This plugin requires SMLib extension to compile, so you have to do it manually, since the webcompiler is missing the include file. Attached Files css_hns_1.5.1.1.zip (98.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  15. Retakes / Executes InstaDefuse Allows a CT to instantly defuse the bomb when all Ts are dead and nothing can prevent the defusal. What version of Retakes / Executes This plugin will actually work alongside any plugins that you might be running on your server it's just mostly been picked up by the Retakes and Executes servers. Installation Compile the most recent version from the github repository To do so I recommend using Spider. Author Alex Blackham - Developer and Maintainer - B3none Support If you have any issues please log an issue on the repository If you appreciate the plugin then please star the repository Relevant links GitHub Repository Wyświetl pełny artykuł