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  1. [L4D] Witch Target Fix

    Intro Because I have not found any solution that prevents this despicable bug for this version of L4D 1. I have decided to create this plugin and share it here. Its function is based on changing characters of the players. In which character will change to all players who share the same character of the real player who has scared the witch. CVAR/Command list l4d_witch_fix_enable //1 , 0 : Enable or disable plugin. l4d_witch_fix_announce //1: Enable all player announcement of Witch Rager, -1: Only player target announcements, 0: Disable l4d_witch_fix_announce_type //1:ChatText, 2:CenterText, 3,HintText" l4d_witch_fix_announces_message // Set alert message for player target of Witch l4d_witch_fix_announces_message_all //Set alert message for all players l4d_witch_fix_mode // Set Fix Type Mode, 1:Enable change model survivor 0: Only Person character (no change model) Changelog HTML Code: 2018-06-22 (v1.0) * Initial release. credits: Evil Witch Character Select Menu (2.5a/b) pd: sorry by mi bad english :cry: Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_witch_target_fix.sp - 17.0 KB) l4d_witch_target_fix.smx (11.8 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  2. About Fixes Windows servers to enable the real Zoey without crashing or bugs. ConVars PHP Code: l4d2_zoey_unlock_version // Zoey Unlock plugin version. Admin Commands PHP Code: sm_zoe // Changes your character into Zoey. Installation Click "Get Plugin" and put the .smx file into your servers \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ folder. Download the .txt gamedata file and put into your servers \addons\sourcemod\gamedata\ folder. Attached Files l4d2_zoey_unlock.txt (280 Bytes) Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_zoey_unlock.sp - 2.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  3. THIS PLUGIN IS MADE TO WORK ONLY ON TF2 Use: sm_move <player| @group> <red | blue | blu | spec> Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (teamchanger.sp - 1.5 KB) teamchanger.smx (5.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  4. [Any] Plugin AutoReloader v. 18.0621.0 This plugin has the simple function of monitoring all running plugins for changes in the SMX's timestamp. If a change is detected, this plugin reloads the changed plugin. This plugin should really only be used on development/testing servers being run by my fellow plugin authors. It was designed to facilitate and aid those of us who rapidly make changes to our plugins in development, and test them out as we go. Manually running sm plugins reload blahblahblah can get really annoying after a while. This plugin is a rewrite of the following plugin: This plugin does NOTHING by default; you must enable its functionality via the first cvar listed below: CVARS, shown with default values: sm_pluginAutoReload 0 - (0/1) Enables or disables the main function of this plugin. This is set to 0 by default; you must manually turn this on in order for this plugin to function. sm_pluginAutoReload_duration 2.0 - (Any positive number) This cvar sets the amount of time to wait between scans of running plugins to determine timestamp changes. sm_pluginAutoReload_update 2 - Controls Updater compatibility 0 : Completely disables Updater integration 1 : Updater will notify you in Updater.log if an update becomes available. 2 : Updater will automatically download any updates. They will be installed on the next server start or map change. 3 : Updater will automatically download and immediately install any updates. Changelog: Spoiler 18.0621 - Initial release. DOWNLOADS: Plugin Source Required custom includes: (source) If you like what you see here, please consider donating~ Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  5. Yo Community !! :) I've Been Watching some NOOB/NEWBIE Admins in CSS over a Long time who don't know ESSENTIAL COMMANDS :nono:. So, I've Decided to Make a PLUGIN Regarding that :wink:. This Plugin INCLUDES All Necessary Admin Commands. (Not Extra, Just Necessary) :up: INSTALLATION : Just EXTRACT CSTRIKE into GAME SERVER Files and You're DONE :) USAGE : Type !commands in Chat to Access All Commands List. Also, SOURCEMOD Gives an OPTION to TYPE !help to Access Commands List, But Since it wasn't Working in Some Servers, I made This. ADD it to Your AWESOME SERVER Now :) File Link :- (Main SOURCE Scripting File isn't Included in PACKAGE. If Someone Needs it, Contact me with a Legit Reason) (Also, If you think i Missed Some Commands then You can add them in configs/admincommands.cfg) Contact Me for More PLUGINS & QUERIES : [email protected] Attached Files AdminCommandsPlugin [By.ViSH].zip (8.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  6. Enables a hot-swappable config for defining the random chances inventory boxes have of containing particular items. Configs can define multiple "box types". A box type has a weight (how likely it is to be picked) and can override the spawn chances for its three categories: weapons, gear and ammo. The weapon and gear categories are interchangeable; weapon and medical items can appear in either. The ammo category is handled differently by the game and should be restricted to just ammo types. The weight system is designed to be similar NMRiH's random_spawner: If the sum of all weights is greater than 100.0, they'll be normalized such that their sum equals 100.0 If the sum of all weights is less than 100.0, they're left as-is with the difference being the chance for a normal item or box to spawn If an item or box type has a weight of 0 then it will never be selected ConVars sm_supply_chances_config "" Name of supply chance config file (excluding extension). Configs should be placed in sourcemod/configs Example config PHP Code: "custom-chances" { "lucky loot" { "weight" "90" // Will be picked 90 out N times where N is sum of weight of all box types // If N is less than 100, the difference (100 - N) is the chance for a vanilla inventory box to spawn "weapons" { // 0.5% chance for saws to spawn "me_chainsaw" "0.5" "me_abrasivesaw" "0.5" // 2% chance for a particular tool "tool_extinguisher" "2" "tool_welder" "2" } "gear" { // 3% chance to spawn a grenade of any type "exp_molotov" "1" "exp_grenade" "1" "exp_tnt" "1" } } "no boards!" { // Default weight is 100 "ammo" { "ammobox_board" "0" // 0% chance to spawn boards } } "just .22" { "weight" "5" // This box is far less likely to be picked than a box with 100 weight "weapons" { "fa_mkiii" "60" "fa_1022" "30" "fa_1022_25mag" "10" } "ammo" { "ammobox_22lr" "100" } } } Attached Files (23.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  7. Breaking Point V1.0

    If the next round is the final round and both teams have equal scores, increases the maximum rounds by 2. This obviously allows very longer matches if the teams are specific in that, but it's more fun because instead of pressuring both teams to play the best final round, one team always has an upper hand. This plugin does not work when mp_maxrounds is even, must be an odd value. Also I think this plugin is perfect for 1v1 servers but not necessarily. There is only one ConVar: breaking_point_enabled - Default "1" - Set to 1 to enable the plugin, 0 to disable. Please donate :D Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (BreakingPoint.sp - 1.9 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  8. [CSGO] Knife Headshot

    I hate the fact that you can't inflict more damage with headshot with your knife. Two cvars: knife_headshot_enabled - Default "1" - Set to 1 to enable the entire plugin, 0 to disable the entire plugin. knife_headshot_multiplier - Default "2.0" - The amount to multiply damage of knife that hits a target in the head. Set to 1.0 if you don't want the damage to change but only to register headshot kills and attacks. Please donate :D Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (KnifeHeadshot.sp - 4.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. This will allow clients to individually disable game text More and more maps using gametext but some screen resolution in csgo clogging screen Command: !togglehud Compile request Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (toggle_gametexthud_clientside.sp - 1.6 KB) toggle_gametexthud_clientside.smx (5.7 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. Ghost Plugin

    Hey guys, This is my old !redie remake that includes some new features, like: - Noclip whilst ghosted - Complete sound blocking including footsteps - Players cannot block buttons or other objects, or interact with physics objects Cheers :) Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (ghost.sp - 5.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. Description: This plugin was made for this request to be like the showdamage on Fortnite. -Hud msg with different color for headshot and fade effect. -Sound when you hit on head. -Eliminated {victimname} msg on hud when you kill someone. Screenshots: Download: Main repository Direct download Code changes Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  12. Quick Revive

    Simply changes cvar to survivor_revive_duration 1 and survivor_revive_health 99. There will be two versions "Quick Revive" for cvar changes above or "Quick Revive Dur only" for just the survivor_revive_duration 1 only as the name of course applies. To install put whichever version u choose smx file into addons/sourcemod/plugins. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (Quick Revive.sp - 643 Bytes) Get Plugin or Get Source (Quick Revive Dur only.sp - 597 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  13. [L4D & L4D2] Item Giver

    Introduction A simple but improved version of the [L4D2] sm_give plugin. New Features/Differences - Works on any item that you can give to a player. - No menus. - Less code. - New syntax. - No convars. - No config files. Commands sm_give <#userid|name> "item_name" Changelog Version 1.0 (June 13, 2018) Initial Release. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (item_giver.sp - 2.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  14. SkylerGlow Description: a nice plugin for fun in jailbreak servers glowing the terrorist's for order & fun using hl_gangs(require for the plugin will works) commands: /glow only a counter-terrorist member or an admin can activate the command Found a bug or have an idea write it to me and I will look up for it! :) Credits: thanks #1 HeadLine his natives & plugin Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (SkylerGlow.sp - 18.0 KB) SkylerGlow.smx (25.2 KB) (4.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  15. This plugin for No More Room in Hell adds portable inventory boxes to the game. They function just like normal inventory boxes except they also pick up items that are dropped on top of them. Punching one will place it on your back and allow you to carry it around the level. Backpacks are able to store more ammo than a regular inventory box. By default backpacks store up to 4 boxes worth of ammo per slot. This means one slot holds 4 barricade boards or 40 rounds of 9mm or 80 rounds of .22. Backpacks are randomly coloured to help distinguish them. Video Using backpacks Punch backpack to wear it Press drop weapon key when fists are equipped to drop it Installation Install Metamod Source Install Sourcemod Install DHooks with Experimental Dynamic Detours Extract the plugin's sourcemod folder into your nmrih/addons directory Extract the plugin's models folder to your server (or your nmrih directory if just playing singleplayer) CommandsBy default all commands require slay permission. /backpack - Opens the backpack menu /createbackpack [#userid|name] Creates a backpack for the executing player or in front of the player(s) specified /removebackpack [#userid|name] Removes a backpack targeted by the executing player or worn by the specified player(s) /bringbackpack [#userid|name] Opens a menu for teleporting backpacks to the player. Takes backpacks from the specified player(s) ConVars sm_backpack_count "1" Number of backpacks to create at round start. Won't create more backpacks than there are players. sm_backpack_ammos_per_slot "4" Number of ammo pickups that can be stored in each ammo slot. Use 0 for infinite. To-doGive backpacks a glow Add an option to slow down players carrying backpacks Thanks toNMRiH team SourceMod team Dr!fter Peace-Maker Flench Changelog1.0 Backpacks plugin released Attached Files (126.0 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł