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  1. Hi How to enable the ability to show in each round who we shot in the previous round or who shot us in the server? Similar to the photo below Przeczytaj cały wpis
  2. Hi everyone ! I'm looking for a plugin to disable collision between players in DoD. Can't find one :shock: Did somebody have something like that ? Thanks a lot ! Przeczytaj cały wpis
  3. Hi everyone ! I'm looking for a plugin named DoD Team Manager. Can't find it for DoD (i've found one for DoD:S here) Somebody has it and can share it ? Thanks a lot ! Przeczytaj cały wpis
  4. Allows upgrades and cash to be dropped and picked up by other players in the Dimension Time campaign. I don't like formatting in this forum so you can read the rest of the details here Report any bugs you find in this thread or here Here's the Download and source code Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  5. hello guys please i want this plugin . when players join the server this message show . like ( Player "DZ" from Algeria has joined the game ) I want to add it to a server ZP62-UltimateX Example. see the picture https://i.imgur.com/FuAgdhV.png Thank you so much. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  6. 有人可以幫我找到這個插件嗎 Attached Images iMarkup_20210725_061151.jpg (89.0 KB) Przeczytaj cały wpis
  7. Hello guy anyone can fix this script : https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpo...7&postcount=19 PHP Code: /* Pause and Unpause */ new bool:g_pause_freezetime = false; new bool:g_pause_offered_t = false; new bool:g_pause_offered_ct = false; new bool:g_paused = false; new Handle:sv_pausable; new Handle:g_h_auto_unpause = INVALID_HANDLE; new Handle:g_h_auto_unpause_delay = INVALID_HANDLE; //new Handle:g_h_pause_freezetime = INVALID_HANDLE; new Handle:g_h_pause_comfirm = INVALID_HANDLE; new Handle:g_h_pause_limit = INVALID_HANDLE; new g_t_pause_count = 0; new
  8. you can do something similar like get_user_name ? Przeczytaj cały wpis
  9. There are some players who like pranks, constantly opening and closing doors, blocking other players from the safe room and not letting in. This plugin will kill the prank players Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_anti_playdoor.sp - 2.8 KB) l4d2_anti_playdoor.smx (4.9 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. Forum: Unapproved Plugins Posted By: xerox8521 Post Time: 07-23-2021 at 14:04 Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. Found this idea on the L4D2 Steam Forums. When a survivor dies there is a random chance (60% by default) to spawn a special infected where the survivor has died. This includes tanks and witches (although they have a seperate chance 10% and 5% by default). If a tank spawns it will be frozen for 2 seconds where it will also be immune to any damage. Note: This plugin does not check if there is already a tank or witch in play so you might get another tank. Optionally a special infected may also spawn everytime a survivor becomes incapacitated. (Disabled by default) This plugin will
  12. Molotov cocktail 3.30 https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=80745 This plugin works for both CT & T teams. Can someone make this plugin work only for Team T. Thanks Przeczytaj cały wpis
  13. About: :: Color Correction ControllerUnlike CS:S, we can't change mat_colorcorrection to 0 in CS:GO without sv_cheats 1. This plugin allows players to use an alternative to mat_colorcorrection 0. Requirements:None Commands:sm_cc - Open Setting Menu ConVar:sm_cc_enable [0/1] - Enable/Disable the feature Repository:https://github.com/Xectali/ColorCorrectionController Changes: Code: 0.1 (7/23/2021) - Initial release Attached Files ColorCorrectionController.zip (17.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  14. How to make a warcraft mod, the levels to rise more slowly than usual. That is, in case of murder, to give less accuracy to the race. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  15. Please help me with plugin that shows Players stats at the end of map like, Top Killer, Top Frags etc. Przeczytaj cały wpis
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