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  1. Rate Thread Yet another jetpack plugin for sourcemod. I know there are already some jetpack plugins and this one is just an edited version of [CS:GO/ZP] Jetpack by gubka & FrozDark. BUT without the need of zombie, for [ANY], with some more configs, translation and for me the importants different to others: Two different ways to use the jetpack Code: jetpack_cmd "0" press DUCK & JUMP jetpack_cmd "1" you must bind +/-jetpack Only tested on CS:GO, should work on [ANY]. Please test and report other games. ConVar Code: // Admin flags to access to the JetPack. // - // Default: "b,r" jetpack_admins_flag "b,r" // Only admins will be able to use JetPack. // - // Default: "0" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" jetpack_admins_only "0" // Allow admins to have unlimited JetPack. // - // Default: "0" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" jetpack_admins_unlimited "0" // The angle of boost to apply to JetPack. // - // Default: "50" // Minimum: "10.000000" // Maximum: "80.000000" jetpack_angle "50" // The amount of boost to apply to JetPack. // - // Default: "400.0" // Minimum: "100.000000" jetpack_boost "400.0" // 0 - DUCK & JUMP, 1 - +/-jetpack // - // Default: "0" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" jetpack_cmd "0" // 0 - disabled, 1 - enable effect & particle // - // Default: "1" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" jetpack_effect "1" // Enables JetPack. // - // Default: "1" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "1.000000" jetpack_enabled "1" // Time in seconds of using JetPacks. // - // Default: "10" // Minimum: "0.000000" jetpack_max "10" // Chat prefix for first spawn message // - // Default: "[SM]" jetpack_prefix "[SM]" // Time in seconds to reload JetPack. // - // Default: "60" // Minimum: "1.000000" jetpack_reloadtime "60" // Which team should have access to jetpack? 1 - CT/Blu only / 2- T/Red only / 3 - both // - // Default: "3" // Minimum: "1.000000" // Maximum: "3.000000" jetpack_team "3" Installation Quote: jetpack.smx -> addons/sourcemod/plugins/ jetpack.sp -> addons/sourcemod/scripting/ (optional) jetpack.phrases.txt -> addons/sourcemod/translations/ Config file cfg/sourcemod/jetpack.cfg will be generated after first startup Have Fun! Give feedback! Github Credits :bacon!: All credits to gubka & FrozDark for the previous work on original! Also big thanks to all sourcemod & metamod developers out there! You like my work for the community? Buy me a beer! Attached Files (15.9 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (jetpack.sp - 12.6 KB) jetpack.smx (11.2 KB) jetpack.phrases.txt (357 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  2. This sourcemod plugin will play Arabic Radio when the player joins your server. This plugin support insurgency game only! Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (arabic_radio.sp - 1.5 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł

    [L4D] Block Vote

    Hi all. It is unpleasant when dead players spam any vote, the plugin will block "vote" while the player is dead. PHP Code: 15.08.2018 - Release. Attached Files l4d_block vote.smx (4.2 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_block vote.sp - 988 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  4. Rate Thread Be quiet, please! - but for admins This plugin is almost the same as Fastmancz Be quiet, please! But instead of mute terrors when warden talks, this plugin mute all player while an admin speaks. Only tested on CS:GO, should work on [ANY]. Please test and report other games. Commands for Overriding Command Access Code: "talkover_access" - access to talkover feature "talkover_immunity" - immunity against mute on talkover or adminflag ADMFLAG_CHAT 'j'. Support mutes by basecomm & sourcecomms. Requirements DHooks (Dynamic Hooks - Dev Preview) [ANY] VoiceannounceEX (VoiceHook) Installation Quote: admin_talkover.smx -> addons/sourcemod/plugins/ admin_talkover.sp -> addons/sourcemod/scripting/ (optional) admin_talkover.phrases.txt -> addons/sourcemod/translations/ Have Fun! Give feedback! Include file for compile Github Credits :bacon!: again allamo for the idea, commissioning & permission to share! thx so much :up: Dr!fter for dhooks! Franc1sco for voiceannounce_ex! Fastmancz for original Be quiet, please! Also big thanks to all sourcemod & metamod developers out there! You like my work for the community? Buy me a beer! Attached Files (22.0 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (admin_talkover.sp - 3.5 KB) admin_talkover.smx (4.4 KB) admin_talkover.phrases.txt (89 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł

    [L4D] Block Vote

    Hi all. It is unpleasant when dead players spam any vote, the plugin will block "vote" while the player is dead. PHP Code: 15.08.2018 - Release. Attached Files l4d_block vote.smx (4.2 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_block vote.sp - 988 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  6. Introduction This is just a simple plugin I wrote because I was bored. Basically, server owners can set what loadouts each player starts with. Bots share the same loadout since their "ID" is just "BOT" so there's no point in even setting a loadout for each of them. How It Works When a player joins, the plugin looks for their Steam ID in the config file. If it's not listed, they will be given the default pack. When the plugin is reloaded, the plugin will give players the same loadout again. Command sm_starter <#userid|name> "item1,item2,item3,item4,item5" Example: sm_starter @me "smg,pistol,pain_pills" (Character limit for loadout is 325 including commas.) KeyValues Settings PHP Code: "Survivor Starter Pack" { "General" { "Plugin Enabled" "1" // 0: Plugin is off, 1: Plugin is on "Default Pack" "smg,pistol,pain_pills" // This loadout is used when the player's Steam ID isn't listed below... } // This is my Steam ID as an example... "STEAM_0:1:48199803" { "Starter Pack" "autoshotgun,knife,molotov,first_aid_kit,adrenaline" } } Bugs I'm not sure. Let me know. Notes 1. The config file will be generated in the default cfg/sourcemod folder. 2. Use the sm_starter command to add new Steam IDs to the config file. (You can still manually add Steam IDs yourself out of the game.) Requirement SM 1.9 Installation 1. Place survivor_starter_pack.smx inside plugins folder. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (survivor_starter_pack.sp - 5.8 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  7. Rate Thread Parachutes for [ANY] Store by Zephyrus With this plugin you can add different parachutes to the Store by Zephyrus. Nothing more to say?! This plugin doesn't provide any parachute models! You can find CS:GO parachute models here: Only tested on CS:GO. Please test and report other games. Installation Quote: store_parachute.smx -> addons/sourcemod/plugins/ store_parachute.sp -> addons/sourcemod/scripting/ (optional) open your \addons\sourcemod\translations\store.phrases. txt and add following part: Code: "parachute" { "en" "Parachute" } open your \addons\sourcemod\configs\store\items.txt and configure your models like following example: Code: "Parachute" { "Rainbow" { "model" "models/parachute/parachute_rainbow.mdl" "price" "1" "fallspeed" "80.0" "type" "parachute" } "Blue" { "model" "models/parachute/parachute_blue.mdl" "price" "1" "fallspeed" "100.0" "type" "parachute" } "Gargoyle" { "model" "models/parachute/gargoyle.mdl" "price" "1" "fallspeed" "50.0" "type" "parachute" "flag" "a" } } Have Fun! Give feedback! Include file for compile Github Credits :bacon!: allamo for the idea, commissioning & permission to share! we need more like you! :up: Big thanks @Zephyrus for his great store! zipcore for his HG parachute code! Also big thanks to all sourcemod & metamod developers out there! You like my work for the community? Buy me a beer! Attached Files (36.2 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (store_parachute.sp - 5.3 KB) store_parachute.smx (18.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł


    wrong forum Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  9. Tested only on CS:GO. Features: - sm_t command: anyone can ask to become terrorist. - Always a bot at Terrorists: if no one asked to be a terrorist, then this bot will take the place. If the terrorist will move to another team or disconnect, then this bot will block the round end. Don't kick the bot! - Strip all weapons on round start with game_player_equip entity. Recommended cvars: - mp_autoteambalance 0 - mp_force_pick_time 0 - mp_force_assign_teams 0 - mp_limitteams 0 These cvars are changed automatically by the plugin. Just don't change them while playing (with sm_cvar). To do: - Multi language on sm_t command responses. GitHub: Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. Description Change radio sounds by model. Install Upload plugin to your server. Add your models and sounds to kento_radio.cfg, and don't forget to upload sounds to both server and fastdl. Here's a list of available radio commands. Spoiler affirmative agree blinded bombsiteclear bombtickingdown clear clearedarea commanderdown coveringfriend coverme ct_bombexploding death decoy defendingbombsitea defendingbombsiteb defusingbomb disagree endclean endclose endsolid enemydown enemyspotted fallback flashbang followingfriend followme friendlyfire goingtodefendbombsite goingtoguardhostageescapezone goingtoguardloosebomb goingtoplantbomb goingtoplantbomba goingtoplantbombb grenade guardingloosebomb heardnoise help hold incombat inposition killedfriend lastmanstanding letsgo locknload lostenemy molotov needbackup negative negativeno niceshot noenemiesleft noenemiesleftbomb onarollbrag oneenemyleft onmyway peptalk pinneddown plantingbomb query regroup reportingin requestreport scaredemote smoke sniperkilled sniperwarning spottedbomber spottedloosebomb takingfire thanks theypickedupthebomb threeenemiesleft time twoenemiesleft waitingforhumantodefusebomb waitinghere whereisthebomb Cvars This plugin doesn't have any cvar. Commands This plugin doesn't have any command. Changelog Spoiler 1.0 Release. Known Bugs Github Issues To Do Nothing to do now. Donate If you apreciate my work, you can donate me via steam trade offer or paypal. Credits iNewsekai - I take idea from this best anime theme server in my country. Git Repo Download Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  11. Note I've just finished off first release of my plugin. Over time, there will be some enhancements, such as ConVars. For now I release project, that hasn't appeared on any server, which is the reason I would like you to help me catching some bugs, if there are any Description This addon gives admin (default: ROOT flag) an opportunity to run his own 'mailboxes', that other players can send messages to. There are various ways to use this plugin - a tool for cheaters reporting system, announcements system, informing about incoming competitions and ultimatively - its results, a special award for VIP - his own mailbox (if you have any interesting ideas write them down in the comments please!). Everything is based on SQLite. As you can see, admin can control a lot of things - he can set description, password, mailbox capacity (max 50 messages each) and mailbox type: Public - everyone can send messages to it Limited - only VIPs can send messages (default: CUSTOM1) Announcement - a typical announcement mailbox - everyone can read it's content, but only admin can manage it What's important, boxes can be created only by admin, but for managing purposes the only requirement is password, which means, that we can hand it over a normal player, or admin without ROOT flag. After we have logged-in, we can browse messages, delete them and change mailbox parameters (description, password). Root admin can also see SteamID of player, that has sent the message. All the text operations are based on chat insertion - made in an intuitive way. Each message has its title and can hold up to 5 lines with 50 characters each ConVars There will be for sure ;) Instruction Transfer the package content to the compiler and...compile it Attached Files (18.9 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  12. Hey guys, i'm HaoJun0823, This is my first time to write a plugin with sourcemod. You can use it to change survivor bot's health,weapon attack speed(Melee and Weapon),move speed,gravity, and decide if can use infinite ammo. All values can modify in l4d2_cheat_bot.cfg, sorry for can not support to console command. Maybe it can use in l4d1, but i am not tested. If you want to improve this plugin, you can aceess github: Thanks to every player and modders. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_cheat_bot.sp - 6.1 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  13. [L4D2] Custom Melee Weapons + Hud Icon ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||| Original Mods: 1 Boxing Gloves (Author: Splinks) + [Pan] Magic fist HUD icon (Author: Alex_D_Vasilkov) 2 Table Tennis Racket (Author: Prophet) + Table Tennis Racket HUD Icon (Author: CCPD) 3 Some Old Cleaver (Author: Prophet) + Some Old Cleaver HUD Icon (Author: CCPD) 4 Panic! Chair (Author: Rex The Impaler) + Chair HUD icon (Author: Alex_D_Vasilkov) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||| [EXTENSION] [L4D2] Melee Spawn Control (Author: V10, update sm 1.9 dr_lex) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||| Boxing Damage - 200 Ping Pong Damage - 70 Panic Chair Damage - 60 Old Cleaver Damage - 70 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||| Installation: 1 Download My Archive 2 SM File/Folder Downloader and Precacher 3 Install Fast DL. (Enternet Guide) Content-Host (Web Host) [L4D2]DownloadsTable Black Screen Fix [L4D(2)] Remove Lobby Reservation (When Full) server.cfg: sv_allow_lobby_connect_only "1" // Fix Black screen sm_cvar sv_allowdownload "1" sm_cvar sv_downloadurl "http://*******.****.com/left4dead2/" sm_cvar l4d_melee_weapons "fireaxe;frying_pan;machete;baseball_bat;crow bar;cricket_bat;tonfa;katana; electric_guitar;knife;golfclub;riotshield;box ing;ping_pong;old_cleaver;panic_chair" 4 Install My Archive Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Server + Content-Host) 5 Restart Server Attached Files PART (8.66 MB) PART (7.94 MB) PART (7.80 MB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  14. Description: Before i was looking for something like this but i haven't found one so i created one. This plugin will basically catch several events and play musics to client, events like planting the bomb, taking a hostage, last 10 seconds to bomb explosion or last round's 10 seconds, deathcams, MVP sounds , start actions and ... i don't think this plugins is against valve's rules because all you use is more like custom musics you create your self. Configuration: You have to do 2 things to make the plugin work properly: 1- You need to setup a new section for plugins's database in sourcemod/configs/database.cfg under the name MusicKits: Code: "Databases" { "driver_default" "mysql" // When specifying "host", you may use an IP address, a hostname, or a socket file path "default" { "driver" "default" "host" "localhost" "database" "sourcemod" "user" "root" "pass" "" //"timeout" "0" //"port" "0" } "storage-local" { "driver" "sqlite" "database" "sourcemod-local" } "MusicKits" { "driver" "sqlite" "database" "MusicKits" } "clientprefs" { "driver" "sqlite" "host" "localhost" "database" "clientprefs-sqlite" "user" "root" "pass" "" //"timeout" "0" //"port" "0" } } 2- You need to properly configure music.txt to let the plugin work it's way, to do so you will need to set several music's path for the plugin to play: Code: "musics" { "MusicKit_Manse" { "name" "I'm Not The One | Manse Remix" "Bomb_Planted" "music_kits_custom\Manse\bombplanted.mp3" "Bomb_TenSeconds" "music_kits_custom\Manse\bombtenseccount.mp3" "RoundEnd_Lost" "music_kits_custom\Manse\lostround.mp3" "RoundEnt_Won" "music_kits_custom\Manse\wonround.mp3" "RoundStart_Action" "music_kits_custom\Manse\startaction.mp3" "Round_TenSeconds" "music_kits_custom\Manse\roundtenseccount.mp3" "Round_MVP" "music_kits_custom\Manse\chooseteam.mp3" "Deathcam" "music_kits_custom\Manse\deathcam.mp3" } } Notes: - You need to use a custom file downloader/precacher because the plugin will not do it automatically. - Feel free to report bugs or ask for new features if you want. Quote: Change logs: * 8/6/2018 - Initial Release Attached Files CustomMusicKits (6.41 MB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł

    [any] Get client Cvar

    Usage: sm_cvar <client> <cvar> Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (getcvar.sp - 1.6 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł