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RSS [L4D & L4D2] Tank Pass

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Allows the Tank to pass control to another player.

  • Pass the Tank (player to player).
  • Confirmation menu for new Tank owner.
  • Flexible configs.
  • Admin menu: Pass the Tank (without confirmation)
  • Admin menu: Takeover the Tank (AI to player)
  • Supports both left 4 dead games.
  • Don't break game behavior.
  • Supports En,Ru languages.

Сonsole Variables:

PHP Code:

// "Tank Pass plugin version."
// "Execute command according convar value on old_tank and new_tank to close 3d party HUD."
l4d_tank_pass_command "sm_tankhud"
// "0=Kill the alive player before the Tank pass, 1=Replace the alive player with an infected bot before the Tank pass."
l4d_tank_pass_replace "1"
// "0=Allow to pass the Tank when taking any damage, 1=Prevent to pass the Tank when taking any damage."
l4d_tank_pass_damage "0"
// "0=Allow to pass the Tank when on fire, 1=Prevent to pass the Tank when on fire."
l4d_tank_pass_fire "1"
// "If l4d_tank_pass_fire convar set to 0: 0=Ignite the new Tank when passed, 1=Extinguish the new Tank when passed."
l4d_tank_pass_extinguish "0"
// "Sets the Tank passed count according convar value when taking control of the Tank AI. If >1 the tank will be replaced with a bot when the his frustration reaches 0."
l4d_tank_pass_takeover "1"
// "0=Off, 1=Display pass command info to the Tank through chat messages."
l4d_tank_pass_notify "1" 

Сonsole Commands:
HTML Code:

// Player Commands:
sm_pass/sm_tankpass // Pass the Tank control to another player.

// Admin Commands (ADMFLAG_KICK):
sm_forcepass <#userid|name> // Force to pass the Tank to target player.
sm_taketank <#userid|name> // Take control of the Tank AI.

Plugin Forwards:
PHP Code:

 * Called whenever plugin replaces a players tank control with another player
 * @param old_tank    the player who was a tank
 * @param new_tank    a player who will become a new tank
 * @noreturn
forward void TP_OnTankPass(int old_tankint new_tank); 

Plugin Requirements:
Left 4 DHooks Direct

Source Code:


29 July 2020
- Released on alliedmods.net.

v 2.1 (24 July 2020)
- Added the tank pass/takeover cmds to admin menu.
- Added more convars.
- Bug fixes.
- Phrases grammar fixes.

v 2.0 (23 July 2020)
- Updated SourcePawn syntax.
- left4dhooks migration.
- Added l4d2 support.
- Added confirm menu.
- Added sm_tankpass, sm_tankfpass commands.
- Removes tank_pass_button convar.

v 1.1 (14 February 2014)
- Added TP_OnTankPass forward.
- Added tank_pass_button convar.

v 1.0 (somewhere in 2013)
- Released privately for some l4d1 servers.

Attached Files
File Type: zip l4d_tank_pass.zip (22.1 KB)

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