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[ANY] BETA SQLite Bans

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I didn't finish testing bugs but I doubt any will appear.

This is similar to other ban systems except that this one is not designed for connetion between multiple servers.

Command List:

sm_ban <#userid|name> <minutes|0> [reason] - Works like all ban commands in all plugins.
sm_banip <#userid|name> <minutes|0> [reason] - Works like all ban commands in all plugins.
sm_fullban/sm_fban <#userid|name> <minutes|0> [reason] - Bans a client on both his steam ID and his IP Address.
sm_addban <steamid|ip> <minutes|0> [reason] - Works like all ban commands in all plugins.
sm_unban <steamid|ip> - Works like all ban commands in all plugins.
sm_banlist - Shows you a menu with all bans that were issued in the past.
sm_breachbans - A possibly useful debug command that allows all banned clients to join the server for the next 60 seconds.
sm_kickbreach - Kicks all banned clients from the server ( whether it's sm_addban or sm_breachbans )

Cvar List:

sqlite_bans_url - Url to show to banned clients to check. If you don't have an URL I suggest setting up a discord server for your server.

No database is required to be set-up.

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