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Nowy szablon forum


Stworzyliśmy dla Was nowy wygląd forum. Z pewnością znajdziesz rzeczy, które wg Ciebie mogą zostać zmienione - wspomnij o tym w specjalnym wątku.

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Jak założyć własną sieć

serwerów CS

Zastanawiasz się nad prowadzeniem własnej sieci serwerów? Przeczytaj podstawowe informacje, na które należy zwrócić uwagę, przy takim projekcie.

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Tworzymy spis sieci

dodaj swoją

Dodaj sieć do której należysz, pozwoli to na promocję i budowę ogólnopolskiej bazy sieci CS.

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    • By MYGO.pl
      Hello i receive the title error in console when i bind sv_restart 1 in OciXCrom's Simple Menu Builder.

      in the ini of the mod, the command is correctly written and i talked to OciXcrom and told me the problem is my server.

      Anyone has any idea how to enable SV commands like restart, or commands like retry to the Simple Menu?

      Thanks Przeczytaj cały wpis
    • By MYGO.pl

      This is stable version of this. I took this project because author is banned + he had no time to update the plugin or even reply.

      Verification of players whether they're in your discord or not. Gives discord role to the player on verification. Map Notification. Call Admin Player Reports. Bug Report Reports. Sourcebans and/or Sourcecomms Logs. Game server <=> Discord Server Chat Relay. Admin Chat. (When say_team's first letter is '@', the text lands on a channel.) Admin Logs. (Which Admin used which command at which time will be logged in a channel)(Works only if command has LogAction.)
      Discord API SMJansson SteamWorks
      CallAdmin BugReport Sorucebans++
      Install Requirements and Optional Requirements Put discord_utilities.smx and discord_utilities.phrases.txt in addons/sourcemod/plugins and addons/sourcemod/translations respectively. Change map once. A config file named discord-utilites.cfg should be created in cfg/sourcemod/discord-utilites.cfg. Enter the details as you please! Add a new section to the databases.cfg called 'du'. Both SQLite and MySQL supported! Change map once again and Enjoy!~
      Collect Required Things Setting Up a BOT Account Troubleshoot


      Attached Files Discord Utilities-2.0-BETA.zip (57.8 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      I used the knife menu made by OciXCrom, then I got a problem, the problem is "SV_StartSound: weapons / classic_hitwall.wav not precached (0)".
      is there anyone can help me?
      Attached Files KnifeModels.ini (1.9 KB) Przeczytaj cały wpis
    • By MYGO.pl
      This plugin has been compiled with sourcemod 1.11
      It is an update ofhttps://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2047117

      The previous website has been changed for a responsive one based on boopstrap 4 and the datatables plugin

      image web

      Chat commands:
      !rank or !ranks - Shows a menu with a list of current players and a top ten submenu, if you select a player it will tell you their ranking number, round point amount, and total point count.
      !rank <name> or <steam id>
      !rankme - Displays your current standing vs other players on the server.
      !top - Displays only the top twenty-five players on the server.

      pr_reward - Rewards the selected target or targets the specified amount of points. BAN flag
      pr_revoke - Does the opposite of the above command. BAN flag
      pr_dumpinfo - Shows all connected client info, this is a debug command that you shouldn't need. BAN flag
      pr_forcesave - Saves all connected client scores, this is a debug command that you shouldn't need. BAN flag
      pr_forcecleanup - Forces the plugin to clean old records from the system. BAN flag

      Spoiler Download playerranks.smx, and playerranks.phrases.txt below. Do not download playerranks.sp unless you are a developer or you want to compile the plugin yourself. Move playerranks.smx to your sourcemod/plugins folder. Move playerranks.phrases.txt to your sourcemod/translations folder. Developers: This plugin requires More Colors in order to compile successfully.
      Go to your sourcemod\configs\database.cfg file and add the following lines anywhere inside the "databases" key:
      Quote: "playerranks"
      "driver" "mysql" // If you planned on using SQLite, then you don't need to do any of this step. Configuration not required for SQLite.
      "host" "" // Leave it as is if you're running on the same server as the game server, else put in your MySQL server's IP.
      "database" "playerranks" // Your database name.
      "user" "root" // Put in your username between the quotes.
      "pass" "" // Put in your password between the quotes.
      "port" "3306" // If your port differs, fill this in.
      } Run the MySQL query below to create the database and table:
      Quote: CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS playerranks;USE playerranks;CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `players` (`steamid` TEXT, `nickname` TEXT, `points` FLOAT DEFAULT 0.00, `seen` INTEGER DEFAULT 0);
      webpage install
      Quote: copy the files to the main folder of your web server
      Enter to basesdedatos/conexion.php and remplace to:
      define('servidor', 'host');
      define('nombre_bd', 'DB');
      define('usuario', 'USER');
      define('password', 'PASSWORD');

      Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (playerranks.sp - 140.1 KB) playerranks.smx (55.8 KB) playerranks.phrases.txt (21.0 KB) web.zip (1.40 MB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl

      Description Players will be able to give honor votes to friendly, cooperative and veteran users, it also has support for SQLite database and a full menu to display ranking in-game. In theory it could be ported to other Source games by editing some parts of the code. Vote is only allowed between players that spent more than 10 minutes (or different CVAR time) playing together.
      Admin Commands (ROOT FLAG) sm_honor_reset --> Reset all stats from database sm_honor_player_reset <STEAM_1:0:0000000> --> Deletes a player from database based in STEAMID
      CVARS (.../cfg/sourcemod/nmrih_honor_ranking.cfg) sm_honor_enabled --> Enable or disable NMRiH Honor Ranking sm_honor_debug --> Will spam messages in console and log about any SQL action sm_honor_timeshared --> Minimum time shared required between players (in seconds) to pop up honor voting menu sm_honor_multiple_votes --> Set to 1 if you want players to use all their votes in one single user
      Features SQLite support Full !honor menu to display ranking info in-game Votes only allowed between players with more than X minutes spent together Translations available in english and spanish Chat messages to announce votes
      Changelog 1.0.0 - (13/08/2020)
      First release
      - autoexecconfig.inc (compile)

      Install Simply copy and merge /addons folder with the one in your game directory Edit configs/databases.cfg --> Insert a new keyvalue set like the following example: Quote: "nmrih_honor"
      "driver" "sqlite"
      "database" "nmrih_honor"
      } Future plans To do
      Attached Files nmrih_honor_ranking.zip (30.7 KB) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
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