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[CS:GO] Szukam Team'u/graczy na MM

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Siema ! Szukam ludzi do grania turniejówek w cs go ! jestem sam mam range Gold nova 2, lecz gram jak kalach bo ciągle trafiają sie mi jakies trole itp... Szukam kilku osób do grania. 

Dodawać na Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/marekszparekxd 

dzisiaj bym chciał grać tak od okolo 21 do późna ! 


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    • By MYGO.pl
      Lately there has been a mass amount of reports of clients being kicked from servers due to having inconsistent files compared to the server. The kick message reason will look similar to this:

      "Pure server: file [GAME]\pak01_065.vpk does not match the server's file (76)"

      Normally this means that the clients game files have been modified. When the sv_pure convar is set on a server the connected clients will send 1000's of messages to the server of each file it currently has cached in memory. This message includes a files path and it's checksum (a series of digits that will uniquely identify large amounts of binary data in a compressed format). The server than reads its own local file of the given path and compares the checksum given to the value it determined the file should be. If there's a miss-match the server simply kicks the client. This can happen in many different ways from clients deliberately modifying the files to gain an advantage to a corruption occurring. You simply have to validate your clients game integrity cache.

      However after an influx of reports recently of this happening much more frequently I decided to look into a possible cause. Somewhere within the last 2 months valve added a new check which causes false positive kicks. They simply added a check which limits the amount of messages a client can send to the server within 1 second. This limit is 75 and most likely added as an anti DOS safe guard mechanic. Through my testing with this limit removed, I was unable to reproduce any server lag exploits.

      Here's where the false positives come in. If a client starts to have network issues such as packet loss or FPS lag, these network messages get added to a queue until the game frame is allowed to send the updated messages. This queue then gets sent out to the server in bulk when the connection returns. This means if a client just freezes for 3 seconds due to having a slow hard drive and loading a file from disk or a slow CPU, they will then spam the server with more than 75 packets of file checks and immediately be kicked from the server with the message above. This is kick is not due to them having modified game files but due to them simply lagging or being on a bad wifi signal.

      This plugin removes the limit to prevent these false kicks while keeping the normal sv_pure file inconsistencys checks which will still kick those clients.

      This Plugin is written differently than most sourcemod plugins. It modifys ASM instructions directly and is prone to breaking much easier in future updates. If your server crashes as soon as a player connects after a csgo update, please start debugging by removing this plugin.

      Supported OS's are Windows and Linux.

      Place PureFilePatch.txt inside your "addons\sourcemod\gamedata\" directory (and the .smx inside your "addons\sourcemod\plugins\" directory...).
      Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (PureFileFalsePositiveAntiKicker.sp - 2.0 KB) PureFilePatch.txt (571 Bytes) Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By MYGO.pl
      Other Versions
      Quote: Powerind's version - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2656979
      Original Version - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=252392 Add to database:
      "driver" "sqlite"
      "host" "localhost"
      "database" "kzjumpstats-sqlite"
      "user" "root"
      "pass" ""

      This has been a long time coming, thinking if I should release it at this early stage, at this point of time (ver 2.1.0) there are no CVars I am planing to add these in ver 3.0.0.

      What I added/fixed:
      Quote: *sm_resetjumpstats bug with BlockLJ
      *recoded how stats are registered
      *added ownages
      *added blues
      *added 3x and 5x ownage sounds Wyświetl pełny artykuł
    • By @Someone
      Ta ta ta jakieś mvp music przepisane w wolnym czasie z pluginysm jakby czegoś tutaj brakowało to piszcie xD
      Jak będę miał więcej czasu to jeszcze coś się niebawem pojawi 😉
    • By MasakraPL
      Szukam paczki DeathRun+Klasy CSGO
      Zawartość takiej paczki
      - Jackpot
      - Ruletka
      - Klasy
      - AutoBH
      - Noże i skiny do nich
      - Wybór freerun/deathrun dla tt
      - Timer z czasem, prędkością i pokazanym najlepszym czasem na mapie 
      - Wybrane przeze mnie modele postaci do VIP'A 
      - Komendy dla graczy takie jak - !rtv !nominate !vip
      - Komenda dla admina !admin z całym panelem (do dogadania na pw) 
      - Komenda dla vipa !vipmenu również z całym panelem wyboru 
      - Sklep z różnymi postaciami i zwierzakami 
      - Sprawnie działające przyznawanie kredytów ,za zabójstwa jak i czas spędzony na serwerze (będzie można za nie kupować rzeczy w sklepie)
      - !vipmenu ma mieć - zmniejszoną  grawitacje, speeda, armor, +50hp, 2x zycie 
      - Komenda !wr dla wszystkich która pokazuje top 50 czasów na serwerze i nicki graczy którzy je zrobili 
      - Zgodność z najnowszym SM 
      - Spolszczenie komend 
      Cena do ugadania
      Zainteresowanych proszę o kontakt https://steamcommunity.com/id/masakrapl/
    • By jaros
      Witam szukam pluginu H2K_Rangi posiadam plugin ale przestał on działać 
      Otwierało  się  go pod komendą !lvl 
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